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These days, if a guy wants to go short, he’s more likely to get a faded haircut. One of the shortest haircuts is a zero fade since it trims the hair to its smallest potential length. However, in most cases, a shadow remains, indicating that this is not a completely shaved appearance but rather a slight fuzz.

The zero fade is one of the best hairstyles for men and is available in high, mid, and low bald fade styles, among others. The high and low fade is frequently combined with a stylish quiff, comb-over, pompadour, side part, faux hawk, or crew cut to produce a highly relaxed style.

Knowing what you want in a fade is the most crucial step. Nothing is worse than asking for a certain fading and receiving something different. Here is all you’ll need to know about the zero fade haircut, one of the more popular ones.

What is a Zero Fade Haircut?

A fashionable and well-liked men’s taper fade haircut is the zero fade, sometimes coming in the form of a skin fade and bald fade.

Men who often wish to experiment with short hairstyles choose fades. The term “zero fades” refers to a style in which the hair is shaved down to its absolute most petite length, making it one of the shortest haircuts available.

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Typically, there is still a small amount of shadow, giving your hair a bit of a stubble appearance rather than a clean-shaven appearance.

The main benefit of zero fade haircuts is that they require no upkeep. When giving this haircut, the stylist will start with an attachment-free clipper near the ear and gradually increase the number of clippers used to produce a subtle shadow as they reach the crown.

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The length of the remaining hair in zero fades is roughly 0.4 mm. Nearly an inch above the ear is where the low zero fade begins to transition. The high fade transition begins around temple level above the ear, while the mid-zero fade transition begins about an inch.

14 Unique Zero Fade Haircut Ideas

Here are some ideas for trendy haircuts that go well with a fade now.

1. Caesar Haircut

The Caesar Haircut

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The well-known Roman ruler Julius Caesar inspired the Caesar haircut’s stylish similarity. The product develops a series of fine ridges that extend from the crown of your head to the top of your forehead. If your hairline is receding, the layers can hide it.

The ultra-modern zero fades go perfectly with this haircut’s stylish look. This results in a chic appearance.

2. Trendy Mohawk

Mohawk Zero Fade

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Your hairline can be dramatically defined with a zero fade mohawk hairstyle. This makes you look more stylish and polished. With this cut, you can rush out the door without worrying about ruining your hair.

It adds layers, volume, and length while helping you reduce unwanted hair. Your scalp will be able to breathe more easily. Additionally, the hairstyle will give you a new, casual appearance.

3. Mullet Fade

The Mullet Fade

Image Source:

There is no doubt that mullet haircuts are back in style, and everyone loves them. It has a bright appearance and can liven up even your everyday attire.

This can always be your go-to hairstyle if you want something dramatic. This bold haircut is sure to draw attention wherever you go. Its unique beauty is difficult to ignore. This cut has the better potential to become a viral sensation due to its unparalleled glitz.

4. Designed Fade

Bald Fade with Design

Image Source:

You might have elaborate designs covering your entire head or just two simple lines on the side. Step outside your comfort zone to seem cool and effortless.

The cost of the custom fade may be somewhat expensive and require professional talent and experience, depending on your personalization. However, if you think about it, it’s a small price to pay for a remarkably different haircut.

5. Hard Side Part

Bald Fade with Part

Image Source:

A straight shaved line is made on the side to create the hard part or hard side. The aesthetic value of this undercut for thin hair is that it increases substantially when zero fades are applied.

This haircut may require more upkeep to keep it tidy and current than the others. But you can’t deny the appeal of its artistic beauty, which makes all the effort worthwhile.

6. Flat Top Fade

The Flat Top Fade

Image Source:

From 1947 to the 1960s, the flat-top was the most popular men’s haircut style. However, this could make a comeback, especially because modern consumers are increasingly interested in vintage and antique clothing.

The top of the hair is flattened yet with more volume, as the name would imply, while the sides are fading. Everybody will be amazed by the striking contrast between the modern and vintage retro.

7. Top Braid

The Top Braid

Image Source:

Your zero fades look beautiful with the top braid added. The ends of the braids can be made into a man bun, a Viking braid, or little braids that can be made into a ponytail. There are countless opportunities for innovation.

This kind of hairstyle typically combines braids and high-zero fades. As a result, it leaves most of the head bald and gives the crown volume. Using them for a specific event is possible.

8. Wavy Top

The Wavy Top

Image Source:

The best way to keep your long hair out of your face fashionably is to combine a wavy top with zero fades. Simply press out the top of your hair with gel, draw it back, create a wave with a comb, and style as usual. Everywhere you go, you will undoubtedly make a memorable impression.

9. Highlight Fade

Highlight Fade

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Changing your highlight color is a lot of fun. As a result, you will feel more confident and youthful. And if you feel bored, you can swap them out.

Highlights in platinum or blonde can improve everything while providing a foundation for future color. To make it seem beautiful, be careful to match it to your warm or cold skin tone. In addition, highlights will draw attention to your attractive features without fades.

10. Curled Bangs

Curly Hair Fade

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Paring down your curly bangs with no fades can help you project a more dramatic atmosphere. Unquestionably, this is one of the timeless haircuts that suits both sexes.

With this hairdo, compliments are bound to flood in. Whether you are planning to wear a suit or jeans, this will look amazing and add to the drama you’re going for. With this hairstyle, you’ll stick out among the crowd with style.

11. Textured Messy Top

Textured Messy Top

Cut the sides into a high zero and experiment with a longer top and back. Lift your straight hair into a messy, voluminous hairstyle if it’s straight. If you want a more glam appearance, you can color your hair a rich burgundy color that will stand out more in the sunshine.

12. Braided Top

zero fade haircut with braids

Image Source:

Combining braids with zero fades is already a spectacular combination of style and elegance. Combined with no fades, the box braid, which is always in style, becomes even more powerful and masculine.

The combination of these two hairstyles has amazing visual quality. It will immediately enhance your confidence. If you combine it with cornrows, dreads, goldilocks locs, crocheted locs, etc., the same powerful aura will radiate.

13. Afro Hair

Skin Fade with Beard and Quiff

Image Source:

This haircut is straightforward to care for and style. The top is longer using your fingertips, and you can make spikes resembling those on an Afro. Roll a little portion of hair between your fingers. Several times, repeat the process.

14. Zero Low Fade

Mid Skin Fade

Image Source:

A zero fade for the lower sides is ideal if you want a haircut with a greater volume on top. For the curl to form, layer the hair and maintain the bangs longer. Apply hair gel to the top and tousle the hair.

Zero Fade Vs. Half Fade Haircut

The gradual transition from hairlessness to stubble abruptly terminates at the point where the zero fade begins. A half fade is slightly longer than a zero fade because it employs a 0.5 guard (about 1.5 millimeters) as its last gradient.

Things to Consider When Asking for a Zero-Fade Haircut

1. When Fading Out, How High Do You Want it to Go?

Discuss your facial shape, the style you’re going for, and your lifestyle with your barber to get their opinion. Different fade heights will complement various facial forms and fashion trends.

2. Which Ultimate Goal Do You Have in Mind?

The fade is not a unique hairstyle but rather a means of identifying the back and sides’ style. Decide the style you want for the top as well.

3. Which Length Do You Prefer?

A fading is the ultimate fashion statement. However, it is not a length by itself. Like with any other haircut, you’ll need to decide how short you want the fade to be: skin fade (total baldness), 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, or 3?

man in white dress shirt cutting hair

If you’re unsure, start with a number two to be safe, and if you want it shorter, ask your barber to cut it shorter as he goes. Creating out longer is preferable to going too quickly and not liking it.

However, if you let your barber know that you’re unsure of the length you want, they can perform a test area on your head so you can see. The last thing you want to do is finish the fade with your barber and then request to cut it short.

4. Consider Getting a Picture

If you feel overwhelmed, just look for an image online. Showing a photo or a few diverse pictures is the simplest method to get what you want, and never worry about the description.

man in white dress shirt cutting hair

By doing this, you may avoid asking for a high skin fade without fully understanding what it is or what it will look like and ensure that you and your barber are on the same page.

Frequently Asked Questions on Zero Fade

1. Is a zero fade similar to a skin fade haircut?

A skin fade is not the same as a zero fade. Zero fades will leave your hair down to your neckline. However, a skin fade will keep shaving until the skin is visible.

2. How long will zero fade last?

It usually lasts for about one to two weeks. The fades typically begin to enlarge after this period. Therefore, you may just cut your hair at home once every week to keep it neat.

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