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For menswear, companies like Spier and Mackay, and Suitsupply are very popular. After all, suits are the perfect accessory for boosting a man’s confidence. It is recommended to opt for a suit in a business setting. However, a handful of well-fitting suits will go a long way.

Follow along on our Spier and Mackay vs. Suitsupply rundown and figure out which one is better for the budget conscious.

How Did These Menswear Companies Begin?

Spier and Mackay started crafting high-quality and affordable shirts in Canada in 2010. It later went on to explore jackets. However, high-quality suits ended up launching the company into success.

After launching, the company quickly grew a reputation for affordable suits. As a result, they could now compete with other companies on the market.

Suitsupply, on the other hand, is a Dutch company founded in 2000. It has achieved massive success and has been named one of the best menswear stores. The impeccable and affordable suits are why this company has achieved a lot of success in recent years.

Spier and Mackay Vs. Suitsupply

First, I started by purchasing individual suits from each company. Then, of course, I had to make my order online. In the next sections, I will go through each suit, the fit, the price difference, the fabric quality, and the customer experience.

1) Fabrics

Spier and Mackay started by selling sports coats. Therefore, I noticed that their selection of fabrics is not as broad as Suitsupply’s. However, their supply of fabrics contains all the basics.

The Spier and Mackay shirt has superb attention to detail. I paid mind to the rolled button-down collar with an S-style is found in most high-end wear. I had to pair the shirt with brown shoes; since I was unsure, I had to research what color shirt goes with brown shoes.

Basic textiles for formal wear

Image Source: Jimsformalwear.com

The timeless button stance is perfect since it is not too high nor too low. Additionally, the sleeve cuff buttons are non-functional to allow custom tailoring. The Spier and Mackay coat and pants are made from pure Australian wool. I loved the classic twill weave with a sheen.

A depiction of pattern and texture

Image Source: Thesuitconcierge.com

On the other hand, Suitsupply has many fabrics in every color, pattern, and texture. For example, dress shirts are made from Egyptian cotton. Additionally, the cutaway collar sits well on the neck in a classic style.

The Suitsupply coat and pants are made from premium Italian wool. The versatility of each suit is remarkable. You can wear the suit to an interview, but research what shoes to wear to an interview. As long as you land on a suitable pair of shoes.

2) Fit

Fitting remains one of the biggest issues I have regarding business suits. If the fit is right, I won’t have a problem with my arm movement being restricted. At first glance, the suits look very sharp. They are the perfect formal suit. I wore the Suitsupply fits first.

Slim fit Suitsupply suit

Image source: Misiuacademy.com

The fit on these suits is exactly what you pay for. They are a perfect slim fit. The sleeve length is cut slim, so it emphasizes the silhouette. Additionally, the coat length runs short and barely covers the rear. It is meant to emphasize the length of one’s legs. If you are slender, these suit types are for you.

However, I prefer longer coats. The coats fit. But, there is not much wriggle room for the arms since they run tight around the back. Next, I wore the Mackay suits. The ready-to-wear button-down custom shirts are quite sharp, and having them in your wardrobe is a must.

Well-fitting armholes with fitted buttons

Image Source: Lanieri.com

The arm holes in the contemporary fit were raised by 2cm. This gave ample space to the upper arm and back on the Mackay shirts. The coats have a smooth shoulder line that fits well. In addition, they have light padding on the shoulders to give you a natural look.

The trousers are finely tailored, and wool is made to perfection. They also fit remarkably well.

3) Sizing

I was first attracted by the sizing variety that Mackay offers. Other variations in sizing are well calculated.

The Mackay shirts and suits are ranked from contemporary fits to extra slim. Additionally, their contemporary fits are the widest, while an extra slim fit is the slimmest. More options include the slim size and custom suit.

Image Source: Reddit.com

The entire size range ensures quality and is consistent throughout the suit line.

On the other hand, Suitsupply collars fit smaller. For example, I wear 15-inch collars without difficulty; however, the Suitsupply shirts were tight. Sizing up by half an inch didn’t help because the shirt collar fit, but the sleeves were too large.

Tight Suitsupply collar

Image Source: Propercloth.com

However, Suitsupply has a size passport. The size passport and MTM program help to get you the perfect fit. Additionally, all your measurements are saved online, which makes it easier to get the right size. Any alterations you might require are updated in your size passport. Therefore, there is little margin of error, and you get good quality in size and fit.

4) Price

For Spier and Mackay suits, I spent between $399 (for their cheapest Napoleon suit) and $600 (for a Sienna suit).

With a Spier and Mackay suit, you get what you buy. The Napoleon feels a little boxy and a little uncomfortable for my frame. However, it would be a pretty good fit for someone with a slightly larger body frame.

Image Source: Dappered.com

The Sienna suit was a good fit. However, I had to make a few alterations to the sleeve buttons to make more room for my wrists. The changes were made for a lower button stance. Right off the bat, a Spier and Mackay suit would be the perfect first suit.

The Suitsupply menswear habit has its cheapest suit for $650-$700. However, the custom program has suits beginning at $600. With the higher-end suit fits, you should be willing to part with $999 per suit. Their lower-end jackets cost $400. Not bad for your first jacket.

The main suits are the Suitsupply Lazio, Havana, Napoli, Washington, and Sienna. Washington has wider notch lapels and is single-breasted. I especially liked the fit on the shoulders.

Their most popular suit, Havana, is their only double breast pocket suit. The rest of the suits in the same line are also pretty decent. However, they have more padding on the shoulder.

5) Customer Service

From personal experience, the customer service was average. The orders went without a hitch, and both companies’ fittings were almost perfect. However, Spier and Mackay’s response times to emails could be better.

Customer Service

Image Source: Knowledgecity.com

When the suits arrived, they were each packaged above average. The Suitsupply suits came in a coffin-sized box, and Spier and Mackay delivered their suits folded.

Despite that, all the suits were roughly the same size. However, Suitsupply nailed the fitting. With Spier and Mackay, I had to make a few alterations. Nothing major, though.

6) Biggest Problem

The biggest problem I had with the Spier and Mackay suits was how quickly they ran out of stock. The problem is worse with common sizes. Additionally, if, let’s say, you like a yellow polo shirt, and it runs out of stock, it is not coming back next season.

Image Source: Dappered.com

Suitsupply, on the other hand, has slim fitting across all sizes. This might not be as inclusive as I would like. On the other hand, the flat front trousers are different. However, they just started selling pleated trousers that I and many others prefer.

Additionally, most Suitsupply jackets are tighter on the back and arms. This is not very comfortable when you stand or cross your arms. Of course, you could try other Mackay and Suitsupply alternatives and brands, then draw your comparisons.


i) How many suits should I own?

You should own at least three good suits. You can then easily pair them with an odd jacket for a casual setting. But, of course, it would help if the suits were complete.

The three main colors of suit every man should have are Black or charcoal color, Navy blue or dark blue, and mid grey. These suit color options will never disappoint you since they go with everything.

Of course, you have to know what color shoes to wear with a black suit, but not to worry since most shoes pair with black.

ii) Is it necessary to wear a tie with a suit?

The answer depends on the occasion. However, suits are made to be worn with a tie. Without a tie, a suit might lose balance.

However, some less formal occasions wouldn’t need a tie. For example, in instances such as a casual meeting with colleagues, you can remove your tie.

iii) What is the average price of a men’s suit?

You can get suits for very cheap if you know where to look. However, a high-quality and well-tailored suit requires at least $300 upwards. This is a solid start for a suit, especially if you are shopping for your first.

iv) Should I tuck my shirt when wearing a jacket or blazer?

Yes. If your shirt or dress shirt fits well, tucking it in would look good. Additionally, you can incorporate a tie or a pocket square to bring the look together.

The Bottom Line

A good suit will keep you looking at the top of your game. There is a high chance of getting what you want with hundreds of fabrics available.

Our review of two of the best affordable suit companies should help you to navigate the menswear department.

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