Socks for High-Top Sneakers and How to Style Them

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High-top sneakers are fun to wear. However, the socks that you combine with the sneakers will either make or break the look. While socks primarily prevent your feet from chaffing, they play a big role in adding to your look.

So, which are the right socks for high-top sneakers, and how can you pull them off? In this article, you will learn how to style high-top shoes with socks.

How to Choose Socks for High-Top Shoes

1) Thickness of Socks

Thickness of Socks

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If you are going to show socks on a cold day, they better be thick. While thick socks are rarely worn with high-top shoes, they come in handy when you have to style the shoes while staying comfortable. The ankles and calf area are vulnerable to catching cold faster if exposed, and thick socks come in handy in such situations.

2) Socks’ Length

Socks Length

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The socks’ length determines the vibe you are going for. Long socks work well if you have shorts on. Otherwise, no one would see the socks under long pants. Long socks can enhance your look if you know the colors to use and how to style them.

More often than not, knee-high socks are monochrome, with most being black, white, or both. Still, knee-high socks are more difficult to pull off for men. However, it is possible.

Ankle socks are mainly used for comfort, which is the primary reason for wearing socks for most people. Shoes can be a bit uncomfortable around the tongue, and socks come in handy to avoid bruising.

3) Socks’ Color

Socks Color

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Socks come in different colors and patterns. You will find happy socks and plain socks of all kinds. However, when you intend to have visible socks, it is best to consider their color.

The color of your socks will depend on the ones in your entire outfit. If you have bright-colored clothes and pants with patterns, brightly colored socks might make you look like a clown.

If you have plain clothes on, it is a good chance to try on a colored pair of socks. You can pick your colors depending on the color of the sneakers. Plus, if you have plain sneakers, colored socks can work.

The occasion you are going for can determine the kind of socks you are putting on. For instance, if you are headed for a wake, brightly colored socks might not be the best idea.

4) Patterns

Socks Color

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Patterns work alongside the color of the socks to bring the right vibe. For example, if you are wearing a business casual fit, you can break the monotony by having patterned happy socks.

Patterns work great in ways other than matching your outfit. They can determine whether your legs look rounder or straighter, especially when wearing knee-high socks.

5) Grip


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Every time you wear socks that slip every other time, the discomfort is quite unsettling. Furthermore, sagging socks do not look that good unless they are intentionally designed to sag. Slouch socks are an example of sagging socks.

6) Price


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There is a chance Nike socks are more expensivethan regular socks. When buying socks, your budget determines the quality of socks you will get. When it comes to fashion, expensive is not synonymous with stylish.

How to Style Socks with High-Top Shoes

a) Mini Crew Socks

Mini Crew Socks

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Crew socks are the most worn alongside the high-top Converse because they blend right in with the shoes. Crew socks are great because they will keep your feet comfortable while looking stylish when visible. Plus, you can wear them with long pants and shorts as well.

Crew socks work for men and women, making them popular among people with high-top shoes.

b) Fun Printed Socks

Fun Printed Socks

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Printed socks are popular among people who style high-top shoes. The socks come in handy when working with shorts or high-cut pantsAlso, a baggy fit will work nicely with printed socks.

Pairing printed socks with plain shoes will create an interesting contrast between the socks and shoes.

c) White on White and Black on Black

Fun Printed Socks

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When styling socks, the color of the shoes matters. If you have black Vans, having white socks will not look as good as styling them with black socks. Advisably, brightly colored shoes are better styled with brightly colored socks.

d) Retro Knee Socks

Retro Knee Socks

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If you are going for a 70s vibe, knee socks are the one for you. You can wear long socks with a dress, shorts, or hot pants and still be stylish. These pairs work well with bright or plain colors as long as you have great legs going for you.

It is easy to style knee socks during hot weather. During a cold season, you will still look stylish with a fur coat on.

e) No-Show Socks

No-Show Socks

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Ankle socks on your foot will not be visible, especially if you have a high-cut shoe on. However, fashion works well when you are comfortable, and comfort is what the invisible socks bring to the table.

f) Thin Socks

Thin Socks

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If you must wear sneakers on a hot day, thin socks will keep your feet fresh and comfortable. After all, wearing thin socks on a hot afternoon would be more comfortable than, say, slouch socks.

Thin socks work well when going for nude colors that blend in with the skin. You would not be able to pull that off easily with thick socks compared to pant socks.

g) Footed Leggings

Footed Leggings

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Footed leggings look great and are easy to pull off with almost any style. You can wear leggings with long pants or hot pants. Leggings look and function just like regular socks as they wrap around the feet, preventing chaffing of any kind.

h) Socks with Shorts

Socks with Shorts

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High-top sneakers and shorts are a great combination. However, socks are the it-factor to the combination. Whether the socks reach the mid-calf area or are no-show sock options, having them is a better option when wearing shorts.

i) Differently Colored Socks

Differently Colored Socks

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Pulling off differently colored socks is a bit hard, but possible nonetheless. If differently colored shoes look stylish, socks too can be.

j) Slouch Socks

Slouch Socks

Slouch socks look warm and welcoming and are great for cold days. Plus, the socks look good in both neutral and bright colors. Still, a slouch is not ideal when wearing long pants. Other styles, like shorts or high-cut pants, will work well for people who wear slouch socks.

k) Stripes


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Striped socks break plain pants and shoes for a stylish look, especially when choosing shoes to wear with ankle pants.

l) Net Stockings

Net Stockings

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Just like the leggings, net stockings work great with high-top sneakers. You are more likely to see net stockings with hot pants or rugged jeans. The stockings are stylish and subtle.

m) Branded


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Having those Nike socks on adds to your general vibe.

n) Themed Design

Themed Design

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Socks designed for a fanbase are conversation starters, and wearing them with high-cut shoes is the best way to style them. You can have physics-themed socks, chemistry, Spongebob, musical, visual illusions, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Socks for High-Top Sneakers

Frequently Asked Questions About Socks for High-Top Sneakers

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i) Can I wear socks and shoes of different brands?

You would get a bunch of different reactions from people if you wore Nikes with Adidas socks. However, it all boils down to personal preference and how much other people’s opinions affect your approach to fashion.

ii) Can I wear high tops without socks?

You can but shouldn’t. The primary reason for wearing socks is to protect your feet from chaffing or getting bruises from shoes. Furthermore, socks keep your shoes fresh by absorbing sweat. It is only an added advantage if the socks look good on you.

If you want a look without socks, you can get tiny ankle socksthat ensure your feet are cared for.

iii) How many times can I wear socks?

You should wash socks after every wear. Wearing socks or any form of brief twice in a row might not be the best idea. Wearing socks without washing them puts your feet at risk of foot infections and irritation.

Since washing shoes daily might damage them sooner, you should avoid wearing them two days in a row.

iv) What is the best material for socks?

While there are many socks materials to choose from, like cotton, polyester is the best material to go for. Polyester is durable, which is great for shoes that have a lot of friction in them. Furthermore, the material is soft and regulates moisture better.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

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High tops are great to style, and socks are one accessory to add to them. There are many ways to look fun, dapper, welcoming, easy, and chill with socks and sneakers. All you have to know is how to combine the two.

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