Can You Put Yeezys in the Washer? How to Clean Yeezys

Can You Put Yeezys in the Washer? How to Clean Yeezys

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Yeezy sneakers are Kanye West and Adidas‘ line of shoes, among the most popular footwear brands worldwide. However, their price is on the higher end, and when you purchase a pair, the last thing you want is to damage them.

The thought of any scuff, stain, or blemish on your Yeezys is enough to give you some serious stress disorder. Luckily there are many ways you can clean and protect your sneakers. However, due to their delicate nature, some cleaning methods and tools may not be appropriate, with the washing machine being the most doubted. So can you put Yeezys in the washer?

This article answers all the questions on machine washing Yeezys and other methods you can use to protect and clean your Yeezy sneakers before pairing them with cotton sweatpants for a comfortable casual outfit. Delve in!

Can You Put Yeezys in a Washer?

Yes, you can put Yeezys in a washer. Kanye West’s popular Yeezy sneakers are not exactly cheap. While there is a misconception that machine washing will damage them, there are a few issues to consider before putting your Yeezys in the machine.

Can you put Yeezys in the washer

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Note that not all Yeezys are created the same. Some are made of more delicate materials than others and cannot withstand the heat and agitation of a washing machine. So if you choose to clean your Yeezys in the washer, do so in the correct settings; cold water and gentle wash cycle. You should also place the Yeezys in a laundry bag or pillowcase and use laundry detergent for delicate clothing.

In addition to getting a deeper clean, machine washing also deodorizes shoes. So it is a good idea to check the care instructions that come with your shoes to see if you can machine wash them. 

How to Clean Yeezys Using a Washing Machine

Surprisingly, your washing machine is not just for cleaning your clothes. You can use it to wash your Yeezy boosts as well. Machine washing Yeezys is a much speedier process, but it’s not recommended for too many washes. It is less gentle on your shoes, and you might look for shoe repair or buy new pairs sooner than expected. 

Yeezys boosts

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Here are the basic steps to keep your boosts as safe and clean as possible using the washer

Step 1. Carefully remove the laces and insoles from your Yeezy. Ensure you remove the insoles before putting your Yeezy into the washing machine. The shoe’s inside will dry better without the insole.

Step 2. Remove as much grit and dirt as you can from your shoes, especially the soles and the window. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe off any loose dirt gently.

Step 3. Place the laces inside a laundry bag or pillowcase and knot the bag closed to prevent the laces from escaping and getting tangled.

Step 4. Put each Yeezy in its separate pillowcase. The pillowcase color you use depends on your Yeezy’s color. For instance, use a black pillowcase for dark-colored Yeezys and a white pillowcase for light-colored Yeezys. Knot the pillowcases closed to ensure the shoes don’t fall out.

Step 5. Place the pillowcases inside the washing machine.

Step 6.Add a small amount of cleaning detergent into the washing machine. Use less than half of what you’d use for a small load of washing.  

Step 7. Set your washing machine to cold.Machines running at temperatures higher than 30 degrees Celsius can melt the glue and Primeknit material in your Yeezys. It could also damage Yeezy’s sole.

Step 8. Set the cycle to gentle wash and press start.

Step 9. Remove the pillowcases from the washer and take out your Yeezys and lases from the pillowcases.

Step 10. Give your shoes at least 24 hours to dry properly. Let the Yeezys air dry in a cool breezy spot with a lot of air to allow for the best drying conditions. Replace the insoles and the laces once your Yeezys are completely dry. Finally, you can pair your clean pink Yeezy with ripped jeans and a white t-shirt for a dapper casual look.

How to Clean Yeezys by Hand

How to clean Yeezys by hand

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When it comes to cleaning Yeezys, there’s always a common ground for all models. As much as each model looks different from the other, they have one thing in common, the outsoles. All Yeezys have rubber outsoles. Additionally, cleaning the laces and insoles follows the same process.

 Here is how to clean Yeezys

i) Cleaning Outsoles and Uppers

Step 1. Carefully remove the laces and insoles from your shoes. Pull the laces slowly from the shoes to avoid causing wear and tear to the eyelets.

Step 2. Make a solution of 1 part water and 2 parts white vinegar in a bowl. Alternatively, use a specialized shoe cleaner instead of the vinegar and water solution.

Yeezy's outsoles

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Step 3. Dip your hard-bristled brush in the vinegar and water solution and scrub the soles. Don’t be too gentle because the sole is usually the dirtiest part of any shoe, so you might need to scrub hard to remove the dirt.

    • Avoid the upper parts (knitting and stitching) with the hard-bristled brush.

    • Ensure you frequently dip your brush into the mixture.

Step 4. Use a clean wet cloth to wipe off the soles. Thoroughly rub the Yeezy’s soles to remove excess dirt. Wipe the sides, too, to ensure they are as clean as possible. When cleaning your Yeezy’s soles, ensure you clean the triangular-shaped area on the sole (Boost window).

Step 5. Scrub the upper part of the Yeezy with a soft-bristled brush. Put your hands inside the shoe to anchor it. Dip the brush into a cleaning solution and gently scrub the shoe from heel to toe.

Step 6. Ensure you frequently dip the brush into the mixture as you continue to brush until your Yeezy gets clean.

Step 7. Place the Yeezy in a cool place with plenty of air to dry. Do not place the shoes near fireplaces or heaters because the heat could melt Yeezy’s material.

ii) Cleaning Laces


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Step 1. Remove the laces from your Yeezys. Be careful when removing shoelaces not to fray the eyelets and damage aglets.

Step 2. Make a solution of 1 part cleaning detergent, for example, dish soap, and 5 parts water. Pour the solution into a bowl and mix well.

Step 3. Place the laces into the solution and soak for 20 minutes. You can run your hands along the laces as they soak to remove any dirt.

Step 4. Dip the brush into the bowl of cleaning solution. Gently and slowly scrub the laces with the soft brush, not damaging or fraying them.

Step 5. Hang the laces out in a cool place to dry.

iii) Cleaning Insoles

Step 1. Carefully remove insoles from the shoes.

Step 2. Prepare a cleaning solution in a bowl.

Step 3. Dip a soft bristle brush in the solution and gently scrub the insoles.

Step 4. Wipe the insoles with a damp clean cloth to remove the excess cleaning solution and dirt.

Step 5. Lay them to dry in a cool place.

How to Clean Yeezy 500

Yeezy 500 features upper parts made of premium leather, cow suede, and lycra. Therefore, Cleaning Yeezy 500 requires a little bit more attention and care because those are three different materials that you cannot treat the same. Here is how to clean the different surfaces

Adidas Yeezy 500

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a) Suede

Step 1. Brush or rub with a suede brush or a thin cloth towel.

Step 2. Remove any excess and visible scuffs using a pencil eraser.

Step 3. Brush the suede surface once more, and you are done.

b) Leather

Step 1. Make a solution of lukewarm water and a mild detergent or dish soap.

Step 2. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth dampened in the solution.

Step 3. Wipe off the soap using a clean damp cloth.

Step 4. Leave to air dry.

c) Lycra

Step 1. Make lukewarm water and mild detergent solution. Do not add chlorine or bleach.

Step 2. Dampen a soft cloth in the mixture and gently rub the surface.

Step 3. Rinse the cloth with clean water and rub the lycra surface again.

Step 4. Leave to dry.

Frequently Asked Questions on Whether You Can Put Yeezys in the Washer

Cleaning Yeezys

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1. How do I protect my Yeezys from stains?

One of the easiest methods to keep your Yeezys from stains is to spray them with Water and Stain Repellent. For Yeezy 350s or any knit shoe, use a water-based repellent. However, an aerosol repellent would be preferable for suede or nubuck shoe material. 

2. How do I remove odor from my Yeezys?

There are two ways of removing odor from your knitted shoes. The first method is regularly using a spray deodorizer on the shoes, and the second method is deep cleaning the shoes in the washing machine with a disinfecting detergent. Either way, your Yeezys will smell great.

3. How can I clean Yeezy 350 without it fraying? 

To clean Yeezy 350 without it fraying, use a soft-bristle brush. This also applies to the Yeezy 380 because they both feature Primeknit uppers.

4. How do I clean Yeezy foam runners?

Yeezy Foam Runner may be the easiest yet hardest Yeezy type to clean. Their body is entirely constructed of algae foam. Therefore, the best way to clean this shoe is using a soft bristle brush and soapy water.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, whether or not you can put your Yeezys in the washer depends on the specific sneakers you own and the care instructions that come with them. The key issues to consider when machine washing your sneakers is to use cold water and mild laundry detergent and set the machine at a gentle wash cycle.

However, if you are not sure about cleaning your Yeezy boosts in a washing machine, you can clean them by hand using the appropriate tools for appropriate shoe materials.

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