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The Number 10 Haircut and Styles that Work Perfectly with It

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Having a shaved head means a lot, and there is a lot that a haircut means. My haircut is my image, and unless I am trying out a new barber or a new cut, my resident barber knows which number to go for whenever you walk into the shop. What are the different hair lengths, and what is a number 10 haircut? Does a number 10 mean the hair looks good on a scale of 10, or is it a length size? Let us discuss.

Haircut Numbers

There are haircut numbers from 0 to 12. This number represents hair clipper sizes and clipper guard sizes. Here are the hair length sizes in relation to the clippers.

Haircut Numbers


  • ku8haircut- no guard
  • Number 1 haircut- 1/8 inch
  • Number 2 haircut- 1/4 inch
  • Number 3 haircut- 3/8 inch
  • Number 4 haircut- 1/2 inch
  • Number 5 haircut- 5/8 inch
  • Number 6 haircut- 3/4 inch
  • Number 7 haircut- 7/8 inch
  • Number 8 haircut- an Inch

These hair heights are based on the sizes of hair clippers used, which determine the haircut lengths, which vary with each guard used.

How Long is the Number 10 Haircut?

The number 10 haircut is one of the longest hair clipper sizes you will get. The length is 1.25 inches, which has a wide guard to limit the amount of hair cut. So in case you have long hair and want to keep it neat without ending up with thinning hair, this number is the one to go for.

How Long is the Number 10 Haircut?

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You can go as high as number 12 guard comb, but 10 is an ideal spot. Number 12 is half an inch more than number 8, and 10 is right between these two numbers.

How to Choose Hair Clippers

Regardless of the clipper guard numbers, choosing a clipper correctly is the first step to having a neat cut. This is especially the case when you are buying a hair clipper to do your own hair cuts. For example, during Covid, I was forced to get my own hair clipper because of the lockdown. As a result, I had to go looking for a clipper and discovered a few things.

How to Choose Hair Clippers

Here are ways to choose the right hair clipper for you.

a) Types of Hair Clippers for Personal Use

Depending on how they function, there are two main types of hair clippers.

  • Manual clippers
  • Electric clippers

1) Manual Clippers

As the name suggests, the manual clipper is operated by hand, and you do not need any power source. I have had this clipper used on my head before. This was a while ago, but it is worth the mention. The haircut number on this clipper is fixed, and you would have to use a different clipper instead of choosing different hair clipper guard sizes.

Manual Clippers

These clippers are still in use today. My barber uses these clippers alongside the electric clipper to eliminate the slightly longer hair on my head.

These clippers have a huge advantage when used in places with no electricity, which is rarely the case, but a reality in some parts of the world. However, there is a need for skill to use the clippers properly.

2) Electric Clippers

The only difference between an electric and a manual pair of clippers is that the former uses electric motors. The motors similarly move the clipper blades as the manual hair trimmer.

Electric Clippers

Electric hair clips use three different types of motors. The motors are rotary mortars, magnetic and pivot mortars. These clippers can use either electricity or batteries that are charged to power the clippers.

b) Corded or Cordless Clippers

While this is not a big deal, whether clippers are corded or not might make be a huge factor in how the clippers work. I personally like shaving boy out in the yard and not indoors. For this reason, I went for a cordless set of clippers.

With the corded version, you are not time bound on how long you can clip hair. This is why the corded clippers are preferred in most haircut shops.

c) Accessories

Clippers come different accessories that aid in shaving. For example; plastic combs, different clippers for different hair types, guard combs, clipper oil, and more.


d) Extendable Blade

Some clippers have the first two clipper guard sizes on an individual blade. All you should do is extend the blade and end up with different haircut lengths. In such cases, the clipper size is limited to two options for thin hair. However, you can still attach different clipper guards.

Different Hair Styles with the Number 10 Clipper Size

We rarely see the number 10 hair clipper sizes being used independently. Instead, the clipper guards are combined with other numbers to achieve different hair length options and cuts. Therefore, you will see the number 10 hair clipper sizes used in fade haircuts.

Here are some styles to try out with number 10.

1) The Buzz Cut

Perhaps one of the most used haircut numbers and hair choices of all time. The beauty of the buzz cut is that it works across genders and hair types. The cut will work for you if you have thin or thick hair. The buzz cut works for different haircut numbers and hair clipper sizes.

The Buzz Cut

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The buzz cuts see very few hair strands left on the sides of the head. The part where the number 10 clipper comes in is when using it at the top of the head, as this style leaves some hair at the top.

2) Fade


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Fade haircuts are popular worldwide, with varying hair clipper sizes used on the head. You can start from zero to 10, depending on the amount of hair you want to be left on your head. I have a medium-length cut on my head, which is the perfect haircut.

Regardless of what inch of hair length you have on your head,fade cut can work out for you. It works for most hair types and sizes, and you can hardly go wrong.

3) Crew Cut

The crew cut might be one of the haircuts you have seen most. The cut involves an even cut at the top of the head, then fading on the sides using the respective clipper guard sizes. The clipper guard sizes used in this style do not matter if you keep the concept. You can work with a skin fade or leave some hair on.

Crew Cut For Men

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If you have a beard, you can maintain a length from the side of the head and use the same styling comb on the beard for a uniform finish.

4) Taper Styling

Taper styling means the haircut length reduces towards the side of the head. This is because the hair ideally tapers down. Women’s and men’s haircut lengths at the top of the head in this style do not matter, which is why it works well with the number 10 hair clipper size. This style works for any hair type and any guard size.

Classic Taper Haircut

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The style is famous among models as it complements the face nicely. The hairstyle works for any face type and as long as the hair is of a reasonable length.

5) Different Neckline Cuts

Neckline Hair Designs and Patterns for Any Cut

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This style is basically how the tapered style or the fade ends at the back of the head around the neck. You can have your desired cut by choosing one of the different styles. The styles can include fading, an arrow, boxed-out cuts, a rounded cut, and more. When you cut hair, the style should complement your face, and back and neckline cuts are what make cuts neat.

6) Caeser Cut

Timeless Caesar Haircut

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This haircut is timeless and perfect if you have a strong sense of fashion. The cut is memorable and one of the best short haircuts if you ask me. You can use a number 10 blade to give you the desired length. This style works better for short hair because it mimics what might have been the Roman haircut lengths during Caesar’s time.

7) Undercut


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Undercut is for all hair types. This haircut looks perfect with a cigar and a neck tattoo. The cut is not limited to a classic style as it is versatile and can work in many situations. The undercut emphasizes the face, and the attention is on the eyes. You will therefore look magnificent with shades on. If not, the color of your eyes will pop. This hairstyle works whether you have a shaven beard or not.

Final Thoughts

In most cases, your hair (if not your shoes) will catch the attention of the people you are interacting with. You need to know the right clipper guard number for your hair to get the perfect cut. Number 10 will never go wrong if your hair is long enough. Whenever I keep my hair, I feel insecure using the lower blades. In such moments, the number 10 works perfectly for me.

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