Is Legit and Safe, or Is it a Scam?

Is Legit and Safe, or Is it a Scam?

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You're a Yezzy fan and have just come across a website with crazy discounts! You want to place an order, but something about the prices makes you think again...

One of the most sought-after partnerships between American rapper and designer Kanye West and the German sportswear brand Adidas is Yeezy. This line's premium limited edition Yeezy shoe selection has made it famous.

As a fan of Yeezy shoes, you must have heard of the online store. However, if you have not heard of the online store, we got you. is an online store claiming to sell all types of Yeezy slides and sneakers at steep discounts, and they offer to ship worldwide. However, the problem is not with the discounts but with the website's authenticity.

So, is legit? No, the website is not legit for several reasons, which we will discuss below.

How Does Yeezy Official Net Work? website claims to sell high-quality products at affordable rates, but is it legit? They are too good to be ignored since they have generously slashed their product prices.

Yeezy Official uses a compelling website layout, which gives the online site a trustworthy appearance. It also accepts credit, debit card, and PayPal payments.

In addition, the website uses HTTPS security, which guarantees that sensitive data submitted to the site, such as passwords and payment card information remains hidden. This does not, however, mean that the platform's administrators won't alter your information.

What Is the Real Yeezy Website?

Suppose you want to purchase a pair of Yeezy shoes from the official website,, which Kanye West and Adidas run. The site posts the latest Yeezy clothing and sneakers, and Kanye West also gives insights into the brand and its design process. With every new release, people flock to the internet and try to cop with a pair of Yeezys, and when there are out of stock, you can join a waiting list.

However, due to the pair's rising popularity, Yeezy has now made it possible for offline retailers worldwide to purchase a selection of the brand's sneakers and sell them in their stores.

Yeezy Supply is where Kanye West released the Yeezy shoes, which were created to give every customer a fair chance to purchase them. When there is a new Yeezy release or a restock, you will notice that most of the stock will go to Yeezy Supply and the Confirmed Adidas app.

Although Yeezy Supply has generated many heated discussions in 2018 and 2019, it is not about the genuineness of its products. According to many unhappy customers, news reports, and review sites, the online store is legit. This internet shop received so many complaints that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) was forced to investigate it.

Is Legit?

At first glance, seems authentic, but appearances can be misleading. website will usually get you a fake pair of Yeezy shoes, you will get scammed, or the site will not deliver anything to you.

Although some buyers claim to have received authentic pairs of shoes from this domain, the shoe company has scammed many customers.

In addition, claims to have an exchange policy and a 30-day return, but no customer has reported an actual return of their parcel back to the website. The website doesn't also allow a store credit or cash refund.

What Makes the Yeezyofficial.Net Seem Like a Scam Online Store?

After we checked the website, we noticed some common red flags from sites that use the same method of operating.

1. Lack of Reachability

Most trustworthy online stores use social media platforms for advertising their products and connecting to customers. These stores will even listen to and try to solve customer complaints through social media handles. lacks a social media presence making it look like a scam website. This happens with most scam stores since a victim of their scamming and fraud can easily tag and expose them there to warn other potential buyers.

Since the online store has anonymity for its owners, there is zero accountability and no one to connect to if you get scammed. As a result, we can conclude that is not a legit website, and it was created intentionally to defraud people.

2. No Original Content

The content on the Yeezy official site is not original, and most of their web pages have been copied from other sources. Most of the details and website design have been matched with several problematic sites selling the same brand products.

Its content is essential for a website to rank well in search engines. Therefore, reputable companies often use content writers to generate fresh content for their websites and not copy others. and related websites don't try to generate fresh or unique content. Instead, they created their website to trick people rather than obtain a good reputation.

3. Discount on Branded Items

People tend to follow the crowd and think online shopping will yield good deals. It is somewhat accurate because affordable prices are available, but they are not "too good to be true prices." Ironically, many people know these deals are impossible, but they still gamble because the risks are small.

As much as discounts are good, there is no site apart from the real one that will sell you branded shoes. Yeezy Official presents its website name as Yeezy, but they are selling Adidas Yeezy shoes with no association with the Adidas Yeezy partnership.

Since they won't deliver your order, it doesn't matter if you get an 80% discount or not because chances are you will lose your money.

4. Lack of a Tracker lacks a reliable tracking system on its website to help customers track the progress of their ordered products. Most reliable online stores will have a tracker showing when your product is packaged, shipped, and on the way.

4. Lack of Reviews

A huge factor that makes Yeezy shoes look fake is there are no positive reviews but only so many complaints with many dissatisfied customers. Generally, authentic positive reviews are a sign of reliability with online stores, and even the best businesses usually have unhappy customers and complaints.

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Conclusion on is Yeezy Official Net Legit? is an unreliable online store, so we don't recommend you shop for your shoes here. Furthermore, when shopping here, there is a chance you will risk losing your money and also might now get your products in return.

We don't suggest using the website to purchase Yeezy shoes, and you avoid giving your information to an unauthentic or scam website. If you want to cop a pair of Yeezy shoes and cannot pay the high cost of buying Yeezy shoes, wait for the Yeezy Day Sale instead of buying fake shoes at 50% off. 

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