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When it comes to acquiring good watches and accessories, there are multiple physical and online stores to choose from. Additionally, if you have invested in affordable watches and accessories, you are most likely familiar with the Fossil brand. Fossil has been around for a few decades, and its products are some of the best price-to-quality ones on the market. They are durable and stylish. But despite its growth and high rank, you might still wonder, is Fossil a good brand?

Yes! It is, and this article goes into detail concerning this renowned affordable watch brand. Dive in!

About Fossil Brand

In 1984, Tom Kartsotis created the brand Fossil to sell affordable fashion watches to everyone who needed a piece from a stylish collection. With the increased sales over time, Fossil started manufacturing and selling other products such as jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, and other accessories.

About Fossil brand

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Fossil currently employs over 7,000 people and has 450 retail stores in addition to 30,000 distribution points. They are also currently located in 150 countries, but their main headquarters remain in Richardson, Texas. Fossil products are therefore deemed affordable, wearable luxury.  It is a go-to brand for anyone looking for high-quality products with precision designs at affordable prices.

Fossil is popular for its licensed watch lines in partnership with other popular fashion labels and brands.  It designs and produces watches and chronometer technology on behalf of big brands. Some of the popular brands Fossil works with include:

    • Emporio Armani

    • Michael Kors

    • Skagen Designs

    • Adidas

    • DKNY

    • Burberry

    • Diesel

    • Armani Exchange

    • Starck

Is Fossil a Good Brand?

Fossil is a good brand that ranks high among the brands that produce and retail high-quality and trendy products. It is one of the most affordable watch brands in the fashion industry. The company uses high-quality materials to produce a collection of sophisticated watches, jewelry, and accessories.

Even though Fossil is not considered a luxury brand like Givenchy or Prada, it has thrived in the fashion business because of its high-quality materials. Their items cannot be overlooked when placed side by side with those from other top watch brands without the name tags.

Let’s have a look at various reasons why Fossil is a good brand.

Why Is Fossil a Good Brand?

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With reference to style, quality, and value, Fossil is a reputable brand that stands out from other top-tier names. Here are some arguments in favor of Fossil as a good brand:

1. Quality Products

Fossil watches are top-notch when it comes to quality and uniqueness. Fossil uses high-quality materials from trusted sources, ensuring its customers get the best quality finished products. Most Fossil products are made of leather and stainless steel, which are very durable materials.

Fossil also focuses on the products they know best. These include jewelry, watches, and other accessories. Therefore as opposed to companies that spread themselves too thin, they are able to concentrate on the fashion and quality of their specified lines to give their customers the best products at affordable prices.

Customers often link Fossil to quality and style, and with varieties to choose from, be sure to find an item that fits your personality. You can expect your Fossil product to last for many years with proper care. For example, many of their watches are durable, and you can wear them anywhere, including mountain climbing, underwater, or basketball.

2. Wide Variety of Styles

Fossil takes all ages and genders into consideration. It features men’s and women’s watch lines, bags, jewelry, and wallets. The brand ensures to include all personalities through its plenty of options. Although Fossil has trimmed down its products since the early 2000s, it still offers various quality products for its customers.

Men's chronograph quartz watch

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Their watches and other accessories range in materials from stainless steel to leather to silicone, whereas watch faces come in different sizes and shapes. Along with the innovative technology of smartwatches, this brand also offers its classic traditional styles. Watch bands and faces are also interchangeable, so you can sort them to make a perfect watch for yourself.

From sophisticated to sporty to student watches, Fossil got you covered. For example, their quartz watches are known for their refined and polished look. So if you are looking for a Fossil watch, you will have plenty of designs and styles to choose from. They are constantly inventing new designs, so there’s always something new and unique to choose from.

3. Strong Global Presence

With the partnership with other companies worldwide, the Fossil brand gets the upper hand in the global marketplace. This company structure has made Fossil one of the most publicly traded US companies. You can access Fossil watches and other accessories in several physical and online stores. This makes it easy to find the perfect product for the value of your money.

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To serve its customers better, the company has acquired various companies globally, including Fostim, Zodiac, Michelle watches, Relic, Skagen Designs, Ltd., and Misfit. Additionally, Fossil has created global subsidiaries ensuring their successful growth, including Skagen Denmark, Fossil France SARL, Europe GmbH, Fossil BV, and Fossil Italia SRL.

Furthermore, Fossil has partnered with several companies, including Diesel, Georgio Armani, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Adidas, and DKNY. By spreading out as much as possible, Fossil can efficiently create and sell more products to its global customers.

4. Personalization

Fossil is not only devoted to giving its customers quality and fashionable products but also allows them to make it personal. The brand offers free embossing and engraving on its watches, jewelry, and leather bags. Personalizing items makes them much more unique and a keepsake to be transferred through generations.

Fossil product personalization

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Fossil’s adorning service offers a variety of styles and colors. For leather products, customers can choose from gold, crimson, hot pink, rose gold, marine, silver, and blind embossing. The item will determine font and font size.

Depending on size, customers can choose from various font styles to engrave on their items. This add-on service makes Fossil products unique and adds priceless value to your chosen pieces.

However, engraving and embossing may cost additional two or more days to your waiting time, but the wait is worth it. Personalization and customization also make Fossil products great gifting options.

5. Affordability

Fossil brand is an excellent option if you want something of high quality without the hefty price tag. The products are stylish and durable but sell at an affordable price.

6. Diversity in Hiring

Fossil Group is committed to hiring people of all gender and races. With over 7,500 employees globally, it has an excellent reputation for employee retention. Even though the brand’s employees are majorly white, Fossil consists of other ethnic groups, including 12% black, 22% Latino, and 6% Asian.

By measuring factors such as ethnic background, gender identity, and language skills, organizations such as Zippia, Human Rights Campaign, and Corporate Equality Index have ranked the Fossil brand as the best place to work. It’s also worth noting that it is not only the diversity that makes this company a great place to work. It is also the trust and respect the employees receive when doing their jobs.

7. Warranty

Unlike other cheaper watch brands that are typically after the sale, Fossil is quite confident in its products that they offer a warranty against defects in material or craftsmanship.

If your Fossil watches are still under warranty, the company will repair or replace them free of charge. This takes the stress of spending on repairs off your shoulders. So you can buy with confidence knowing your products are protected.

Fossil also has a return policy in case you are unsatisfied with your item for any reason. This includes online and in-store purchases.

Are Fossil Brand Products Good?

Let us dive into Fossil brand products to analyze whether they are good or not.

1. Watches

Most Fossil watches are good, and they rank top when it comes to the selection of trendy, high-quality, and stylish watches. Originally, Fossil was created primarily as a watch brand until the gradual involvement of other items and accessories, which has made the company grow bigger and better in the fashion industry.

Fossil watch

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Additionally, the company makes available different types of watches for each occasion and season, from dress watches to stylish yet simple looks for all-time wear by all genders.  Furthermore, Fossil watches boast easygoing, jump-propelled, moderate smartwatches and chronograph-include watches.

For example, Townsman watches come in either automatic or quartz movement. You will also notice a few instances of the Curve multifunction system. Additionally, Mechanical watches usually boast a skeletonized dial with noticeable haggles.

Mainly furnished with authentic earthy-colored cowhide, the Fossil watches are often accompanied by a 3-hand dial and chronograph capability. Also, Roman numerals are often used rather than Arabic ones, associating modern and traditional styles with a unique appearance.

2. Wallets

The Fossil brand wallets stand out because of their worth. They are made of natural cow leather that is soft to the touch, making them strong and not damaged with continuous use due to wear and tear.

Fossil wallet

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The outer part of a Fossil wallet exhibits a sturdy design, showing its high value, while the inner part has a spacious compartment for your valuables that you need to keep safe. Additionally, affordability is the primary purpose of Fossil Wallets, so anybody can access one since you don’t have to break the bank to own a stylish Fossil wallet.

The wallets have a good hold that doesn’t allow inside items to spill out once closed. You can place the wallets in your cloth’s back or front pocket or even hold them by hand. Whatever style you choose to use is okay with the Fossil wallets.

3. Handbags

Fossil handbag collections are trendy, fashionable, and long-lasting for the present-day woman. They stand out among handbags from other top brands for their innovative designs. Fossil handbags are easy to carry around with solid and beautiful colors. The handbags’ colors are available in a wide range, and you can make your choices depending on your color palette.

Fossil handbag

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Fossil uses genuine leather, which is of high quality, to make their handbags. Therefore, their handbags are attractive and well-designed for present-day women. The company sells a variety of handbags, including shoulder bags, crossbody bags, work bags, tote bags, and backpacks. The bags are available in various solid and bold colors and designs for a trendy and sophisticated woman.

4. Sunglasses

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Sunglasses and eyewear are increasingly becoming household items among fashion enthusiasts due to their quality and durability. Fossil sunglasses are on-trend, styled with well-crafted rims, plastic hands, and clear glasses.  Most customers praise Fossil sunglasses for their beautifully crafted frames and designs. Fossil sunglasses are designed in a sophisticated yet simple style and are available for sale in modern and vintage styles.

5. Jewelry

Fossil is well-known for its watches, ranking relatively high among users. However, the company also sells jewelry and other accessories. Fossil is a good brand for jewelry, and it is highly sought after by many customers, who eventually recommend the brand to others.

Fossil jewelry

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Fossil jewelry is affordable and fashionable. The brand retails fashion accessories and jewelry for women and men. Fossil is among the most popular jewelry brand, and they have other jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, and belts.

Frequently Asked Questions

i) Is Fossil a luxury brand?

Fossil is not considered a luxury brand as it is not rated among the top-tier fashion brands in the industry because of its affordability. However, this doesn’t mean that Fossil brand products are of poor quality or fall below the quality standard check. Fossil is one of the most popular and affordable watch brands. It is known primarily for its wide range of unique and stylish designs that sell at affordable prices.

The company manufactures and sells watches, jewelry, and other accessories made of durable materials and are considered designer brands but not identified as luxury items. These items are not highly-priced compared to other brands in their category, making it an excellent brand for fashion-forward customers looking for affordable items.

ii) Are Fossil watches good quality?

Fossil sells watches and other accessories in just about every price range, but each item is carefully created from high-quality materials. Most of Fossil’s watches are made from leather and stainless steel materials, which are durable and easy to repair. With proper care, you can expect Fossil watches to last for many years.

iii) Are Fossil watches expensive?

Fossil watches are less expensive than luxury watch brands like Rolex and Breitling. The most expensive Fossil watches cost around $300. However, the Zodiac brand, which is part of the Fossil Group, sells some of the most expensive Fossil watches. For a Zodiac watch, expect to pay an average of $1000. The brand also offers Swiss smart watches for discerning customers who only want the best.


Based on this review, Fossil is a good brand for many reasons. This company offers high-quality products at affordable prices. Apart from watches, Fossil sells well-designed jewelry, bags, and other fashion accessories to give its customers the best value.

From stylish choices and quality of their products to their diversity in employment, they undoubtedly care about their practices. So if you are looking for a new watch or other accessories, Fossil is unquestionably worth considering.

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