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Is Dior Fast Fashion? Ethical and Sustainable Practices

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If your taste in clothes borders on chic, trendy, and exquisite, then you must be a Dior lover. The brand has had a massive influence on the fashion scene for a long time. It boasts of producing trendy, timeless garments that are show-stoppers. The fast rise of fast fashion has made people raise eyebrows even on exquisite brands like Dior. But many people cannot help but wonder, ‘Is Dior fast fashion?’

Dior is not a fast fashion brand. It is a luxury brand that releases fewer collections in a year. This contrasts significantly with fast fashion retailers who produce large quantities of an item.

In this article, we will learn more about Dior and the ethical and sustainable practices that the clothing company upholds.

About Dior

Inside a Dior Store

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Dior is one of the most influential luxury fashion houses in the world. It is a French brand established by Christian Dior in 1947 when they first displayed their collection. The fashion house was built on the ideal of feminine beauty and creating timeless pieces. Over the years, the brand grew and started producing bold and powerful pieces for the modern woman.

Dior has continued to create beautiful garments for the international market, ranging from cocktail party outfits to red-carpet dresses. The company also ventured into accessories, making classy handbags and shoes that help you ace your style.

The brand has stood the test of time over the years with different designers after Christian Dior passed on. You can read more about the evolution of Dior here.

What is Fast Fashion?

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Fast fashion refers to the mass production of inexpensive designs replicated from catwalk trends and the high-fashion industry. These designs are reproduced rapidly and at a low cost. Fast fashion aims to get the latest trends into the market, get buyers to wear them while they are still popular, and discard them after a few wears.

Fast fashion brands play into the idea of repeating a fashion faux pas. Therefore, an outfit or accessories should only be adorned when they are trendy. Here is how to spot fast fashion retailers:

  • Stock garments made from low quality that wear and tear after a short while.
  • There is a short turnaround time between when styles are seen on the catwalk and when they are displayed in stores.
  • Outsource manufacturing in places with unfavorable labor conditions, such as slave labor, long working hours, and poor working environments.
  • Inexpensive clothing.
  • Production of limited items of a particular style prompts buyers to rush to the stores to avoid missing out on the outfits.

Is Dior Fast Fashion?

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Unlike other fast fashion brands such as Urban Outfitters, it does not fit the description of fast fashion. Dior remains a luxury brand competing with other luxury fashion houses such as Gucci. It releases fewer collections in a year. Also, Dior produces a few pieces per collection annually. This contrasts significantly with fast fashion retailers who produce large quantities of an item.

More importantly, Dior uses high-quality textiles to make their clothes. This ensures that an item does not wear or tear quickly. Additionally, they maintain state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, which result in long-lasting garments. Street trends and styles such as these have also influenced the brand. This has enabled them to serve a wide base of clientele around the world.

Even though Dior is not a fast fashion brand, some of its practices have been questioned.

Is Dior Ethical?

Is Dior Ethical?

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Many have raised the question of whether Dior is ethical or not over the years. Dior has been criticized for some of the following unethical practices:

1. Environmental impacts

Dior is accused of not caring enough about the environment. Factory waste from Dior’s manufacturing process finds its way into water bodies. The waste is untreated, thus polluting water. Besides, the water from factory waste is laden with hazardous chemicals used when dying textiles.

Additionally, the brand does not minimize textile waste. Even though they use low-impact material in production, it does not contribute significantly to reducing negative environmental impact.

2. Harming animals

Dior is among the numerous luxury fashion brands that continue to harm animals. In its first production stage, the clothing company still uses exotic animal skin, hair, and leather. This is despite having a basic formal policy to protect animal welfare.

With more animal-free materials being innovated, we hope that Dior and other luxury brands embrace their use to protect animals. Dior can afford to go animal-free since they have enough cash to keep the business afloat and invest in new, ethical ideas.

3. Labor practices

Dior is accused of relying on cheap labor to produce their garment. They have defended themselves by stating that the final production stage is done in countries at low risk of labor abuse. However, the company was rated between 21 and 30 percent on the Fashion Transparency Index.

Moreover, no evidence proves that the company supports inclusivity and diversity in its supply chain. There was also no evidence to show that they ensured payment of living wages.

Nevertheless, the company continues to make strides in becoming ethical. Here are some ethical practices that Dior has taken up.

1. Banning The Use of Fur

Dior is committed to banning the use of fur in its designs. The brand has recently released a sustainable cotton collection. This is a step in the right direction for this fashion house in protecting animal welfare.

2. Minimizing Waste From Factories

Dior is keen on minimizing waste by using recycled materials in their production process. This will help to reduce waste material that pollutes the environment.

3. Engaging a Variety of Supers

Dior prides itself in providing its clients with a variety of clothing options. This is as a result of working with different suppliers from dissimilar countries. It engages suppliers from countries that protect their employees and provide safe working conditions.

Dior’s measures to be ethical are like a drop in the ocean. There is room for improvement for Dior, given that they have the resources to do better.

Does Dior Practice Sustainable Fashion?

Is Dior Sustainable?

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The question of whether Dior is sustainable or not is quite tricky to answer. Many have frowned upon Dior’s use of plastic packaging bags. Clients may litter the environment with these bags if not properly disposed of. Besides, they are non-biodegradable.

Furthermore, Dior has also been accused of destroying unsold clothing to protect exclusivity. They also do this to avoid devaluing their image. Instead of destroying the clothes, they should donate or sell the clothes at a discount to clear the remaining stock instead of destroying them. This practice is off-putting and gives the brand a poor image. Additionally, it adds to more textile waste in landfills.

Nevertheless, Dior does take several measures to be more sustainable. The company has an initiative called ‘Dream in Green’ which is based on these three pillars:

1. To Protect and Care for Natural Resources

The company has embraced the use of better textiles when manufacturing its garments. For example, the brand uses silk instead of cotton and cashmere instead of wool. Additionally, Dior has changed the packaging used in their stores to a more sustainable one.

It has also embraced the use of recycled materials in its production. What is more, Dior also plants trees, which are important in protecting the environment.

2. To Work for Positive Climate Change

Dior is focused on improving their environmental impact. They are working towards reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. This will go a long way to lowering the environmental pollution. The brand has begun renovating its boutiques and getting the necessary environmental certifications.

3. To Create an Inclusive Work Environment

The daily commitment to be part of our employees by creating an inclusive work environment for all. Dior’s love for their employees has allowed them to be involved in the brand and projects at their initiative.

Christian Dior Couture obtained Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark Certification. This certification attests to the authenticity of its sustainability strategies. The company still has a long way to go to achieve full sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Is Dior considered a high-fashion brand?

Yes. Dior is high fashion. It is a French luxury fashion house controlled and managed by Bernard Arnault under the LVMH umbrella. Dior holds 42.36%of the timeless9.01% of the votifashionableVMH. The brand prides itself on producing elegant and timeless pieces that are fashion statements.

2. Is Dior a sustainability brand?

Yes. Dior is a sustainability brand. Its sustainability culture is influenced by the ‘Dream in Green’ initiative under LVMH. The initiative is based on three pillars: to preserve and protect natural resources, contribute to a positive climate change, and create an inclusive work environment. Even so, the brand still has a long way to go to achieve full sustainability.

Final Thoughts

Christian Dior, the founder of Dior, was driven by the fact that he could make high-end garments for women and make them stand out. The company has continued to live up to this legacy by establishing a luxury brand that makes timeless and elegant pieces. That said, the brand releases a few collections and a few garments in a year. For these reasons, Dior does not fit the definition of fast fashion.

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