Is Cupshe Fast Fashion? All You Need to Know

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Outdoorsy people often search for a swimsuit that complements their style while on the beach. If you are one of them, you might have encountered Cupshe Swimwear. Although it is now a famous brand due to its wide array of swimsuits which also are pocket friendly, you might have wondered, is Cupshe fast fashion?

Cupshe is a fast fashion brand. They offer insanely cheap swimsuits, which are super cute and surprisingly high quality. Their swimsuits are trendy and come in different styles and sizes up to 4X.

What Is Cupshe?

Cupshe is a swimsuit brandcreated for all women worldwide. It was designed to reach a wider audience, not just the young Generation Z. The brand started in 2015 and has, over time, gone from strength to strength. To date, the company boasts over 1 million customers across the world. 

The company came into the limelight when it created stylish, affordable swimwear for women. As time went by, the company started producing beach coverups, high-waisted bikinis, and swimsuits. Today, they have an entire swimsuit season, with several bathing suits, a vast collection of athleisure clothing, and various gorgeous day or evening dresses that are excellent for beach vacations.

You will be spoilt for choice with the Cupshe bikini styles, sizing, and the endless collection of attires such as beach blankets and swimsuits. Cupshe bikinis and bathing suits are also good quality and will fit your style and body shape. Cupshe’s mission is to empower every woman to look exquisite in high-quality yet affordable Swimwear.

Is Cupshe Fast Fashion? 

Cupshe, like the Adika brand, is a fast fashion company.You will recognize a Cupshe swimsuit by some common factors shared by fast fashion brands. For instance, a fast fashion swimwear brand carries hundreds or thousands of styles related to the latest fashion trends.

These brands also have a limited turn-around time between when apparel is seen on the catwalk and when they get on the racks. Cupshe brand does everything to quickly bring celebrity and ramp designs to your nearest retail shop.

In fast fashion brands, you will get affordable prices, cheap clothing, and low-quality materials, which may only last for a while. Due to their high quality, Cupshe costumes will last longer.

What Makes Cupshe a Fast Fashion Brand?

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Cupshe, like Adidas brand, is a fast fashion brand because of the following factors:

  • Cupshe is quick to release clothes after it sees a trend by social media influencers or the catwalk.
  • Some of their products are made using cheap and poor-quality materials, though most are high-quality.
  • While they produce huge volumes of clothes in their factories, their workers are not remunerated fairly.
  • Products are made in limited quantities. This pressures the buyers to buy before they get out of stock.

Is Cupshe Legit? 

From our honest Cupshe review, we have concluded that the Cupshe website is not a scam. It is legit because they always ship your products whenever you order. They deliver good quality products in a timely manner. However, the Cupshe brand is a relatively new company that started in 2015.

It’s famous for its pocket-friendly swimsuits, clothes, coverups, and accessories. Its headquarters are in China, and they have a warehouse in New Jersey.

Cupshe’s motto is to “empower women everywhere to look and feel their best in quality, stylish, affordable swimwear.” Their products are designed for every body shape, with up to 4x sizing so that every woman can access quality swimwear at an affordable price.

Advantages of Purchasing from Cupshe Fashion Brand

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1. Speedy Production

Cupshe, a fast fashion brand, constantly introduces new products to the market. They have made their clothes innovative, imaginative, and stylish, encouraging customers to buy quickly as soon as they are available on shelves. As a fast fashion brand, Cupshe produces high volumes of the trendiest clothes in anticipation of fast-shifting user demands.

2. Availability

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Cupshe fashion brand includes new popular bikini products such as Cupshe swimsuits made in a month. Therefore, any woman, despite their income, can shop for their favorite new products.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

You can shop at Cupshe for many products for less money, meaning you are less likely to overspend but buy many products over time. Even with limited resources, you may still purchase Cupshe styles and products and put on something different daily.

As a result, Cupshe’s production leverages trend replication and use low-quality materials such as synthetic fabrics to bring expensive styles to the consumer at low cost. Though the fast fashion swimsuit brand is a Chinese company, it has outlets worldwide, including the US, to reach a wider customer base who buy them cheaply.

4. Democratizes Fashion

Cupshe bathing suit constantly manages to hypnotize and fascinate buyers. Cupshe swimsuits are comfy, simple, and highly fashionable. They have individual anatomy that is unique with every purchase. It is accessible to many people, including older women and mothers, allowing them to enjoy a great beach time.

5. Varieties

There is a lot of diversity in Cupshe products. Therefore, every season, you have many options to use their collection as your favorite swimsuit. With Cupshe products, such as bathing suits, swimsuits, high-waisted bikinis, bikini tops, piece swimsuits, etc., you can quickly experiment with the many latest trends and styles.

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You can explore, refresh, and tweak your style at an affordable cost. Cupshe tries to fulfill customer demands by providing low prices and a variety of trendiest clothing.  Hence customers are persuaded to purchase more items at once. You can have different attires whenever you meet with your friends.

Disadvantages of Buying From Cupshe

 1. Inadequate Quality

Due to their low quality, fast fashion products last only briefly. This means when you buy products from Cupshe, the products will wear out after a couple of washing compared to a few wears from a slow fashion brand.

2. Uniqueness

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Fast fashion products are not as distinctive as slow fashion, such as up-cycling or thrift shopping. Cupshe fashion is so unique that you can hardly get the same swimsuit style twice. This is why people rush to buy them once they hit the shelves.

3. Leads to Throw-Away Customer Mindset

Fast fashion is commonly referred to as throw-away fashion. Most Cupshe consumers are teenagers or people in their early 20s. This age bracket admits that they put on their purchases once or just twice.

4. Fast Fashion Is Linked to Exploitative Labor Practices

Though Cupshe is located in China,most of its fast fashion manufacturers are headquartered in underdeveloped nations. These manufacturers are not transparent in the oversight of subcontractors. Their factories have terrible working conditions, including poor remuneration and exploitative behaviors.

Is Cupshe Ethical?

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The short answer to this question is no. However, that is when you are talking in terms of sustainability. You should understand that this brand, just like Bershka’s fast fashion brand and Adidas has its hands on the pulse of fashion.

Cupshe produces clothes that people buy, given that they are trendy. For this reason, their designs come in all ranges, and given that trends could come and go instantly, sustainability is not guaranteed. Soon after, the customer may feel like the cloth is worn out after several uses. They may also feel that the fashion is fading quickly and chuck the Swimwear out for another trending one.

1. No Sustainability Policy

There is no official sustainability or formal policy on their website. This means this brand is not keen to conserve the environment by going green. Fashion brands in the 21st Century are interested in making you feel good about your purchase and taking care of the environment. This is not the case with Cupshe.

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It is indicated on their website that they use high-quality material, which makes their products last long. While this is an attempt to paint itself as sustainable, it is still enough for a company with a presence in various continents.

A brand like TenTree pledges to plant up to 10 trees for each of their product you purchase. On the other hand, examples such as Levi’s prides itself on using recyclable denim and ethically sourced cotton.

When it comes to the raw materials they use, Cupshe uses synthetic materials like spandex and chiffon. Chinlon is a nylon fabric that is among the materials which detrimental environmental effects. Its production is energy-intensive in that it causes massive greenhouse emissions that contribute to global warming.

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On the other hand, when you wash nylon or plastic-based textiles, plastic microbeads are released into the ocean, further contributing to marine pollution.

A brand that in the 21st Century still uses nylon, a non-biodegradable material that will remain on earth for many years, cannot claim to be sustainable. 

2. Factories

When a company claims to be factory ethical, it ensures safe conditions for its workers. This is what Cupshe claims to be. A factory ethical company must declare that it adheres to environmentally conscious practices.

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Despite its efforts to demonstrate this, it does not detail the said practices. However, being a BSCI-certified company, it claims that it does not use child labor in any form.

3. Packaging

Considering that this fashion brand is a $150 million business and ships all its products individually packaged in non-recyclable plastic, then you can see the tight strain it puts on the environment. They claim that their packaging is designed to be reusable.

The bags used for packaging Cupshe costumes can be reused for carrying stationeries and toiletries. The bottom line is that these packages are only plastic, and plastic is not eco-friendly.


Cupshe is a Chinese fast fashion brand founded in 2015 and owned by the former Alibaba CEO David Wei. From what we have covered above, it is clear that the fast fashion business offers a wide range of size-inclusive trendy styles, most of which run true to size. Use their search bar to find pocket-friendly products before the fashion ends. Nonetheless, the Chinese-based brand is legit and works hard to improve its sustainability and ethical ratings.

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