Is Bonobos Fast Fashion or an Upscale Brand? Find This Out and More

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Bonobos is one popular e-commerce store making waves in the fashion world. With the obsession with the latest trends dominating the fashion market, is Bonobos fast fashion since it keeps up with the trends?

Bonobos is not a fast fashion brand but an upscale one. So, their items might be costlier compared to most fast fashion brands.

Why Is Bonobos an Upscale Brand?

Why is Bonobos an Upscale Brand?

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1) Rarity

Since Bonobos is a relatively luxury brand, not many people can afford it. This makes the brand somewhat of a rare fit each time you put it on. You will spend slightly more money on Bonobos than you would on other brands.

2) Price

As we have established earlier, Bonobos will cost you slightly more to own than other brands. The price difference is not by a huge range, but the difference is considerable.

However, does the price match the quality?

3) Item Quality

Quality clothes hold up nicely and look well put together, and Bonobos has better quality than most other brands. This can be attributed to Bonobos making well-constructed clothes that fit true in most instances. The fabric Bonobos uses to produce its clothing is made of durable and good-looking material. The jeans from Bonobos are the kind of jeans that every man must have.

4) Service

Bonobos have amazing customer service that most brands aspire to. The service can be attributed to the fact that most customers agree to use Bonobos over and over. There are positive customer reviews, which is a sign that Bonobos has managed to satisfy its users.

5) Style

Bonobos is a trendy clothing line, and adding Bonobos apparel to your wardrobe adds to your general aesthetic. Bonobo has a great fit, which gives you the results you envisioned when ordering the cloth.

The Bonobos brand is stylish and has a sense of individuality. Furthermore, the brand offers status and exclusivity because of its price. You can find a wide variety of differently colored hoodies, shoes, official clothing, and more.

Bonobos keeps coming up with new and imaginative ways to keep up with the latest trends and has since introduced options for women in the clothes they are selling.

Sometimes, when you order clothes online, you may not get what you hoped to get. In such instances, you hope the brand has a great return policy.

6) Well Thought-Out Return Policy

What is Bonobos' Return Policy?

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Just like any other product, buying clothes can sometimes not fit their purpose than initially imagined. This may call for a return, and Bonobos have one of the most accommodative return policies. Here is Bonobos’ return policy.

a) Return Period

To be liable for a return, you need to have owned a product from Bonobos for not more than 45 days. When you make a return during this period, you can get a cash refund. However, if you return a product within 90 days, you qualify for a store credit refund.

A store credit refund is a form of refund that is in kind and not cash. In the case of Bonobos, you can buy something similar in price to the item you are returning.

b) Item Condition

The items you are returning need to be unworn at all costs. Many customers do not prefer to buy already worn clothes as that takes away the novelty experience of wearing new clothes. Furthermore, they would not feel comfortable thinking that someone had already worn the clothes before.

If you have washed the clothes, it is not viable for a return. Washed clothing is not new anymore.

The clothes you are returning need to be unaltered. Altering may include trying to widen or make the clothing slim, washing, removing tags, and doing anything that would leave the cloth in a state different from the one you bought it in.

c) Return Policy Price

The return is always free for domestic orders, using the prepaid return label on the order. Furthermore, if the return label on the product is no longer available, you can generate a prepaid FedEx return shipping label at the Bonobos website. These offers make it so that you do not need to spend any money when making a return. There is

d) Third-Party Retailers

Bonobos do not accept returns from third-party retailers. Unless you buy the cloth on the Bonobos site, you will not make a return. The third-party retailers can be Nordstrom, Trunk Club, and more.

The return policy of third-party stores applies when you buy your Bonobos from a third-party store.

e) Shipping/Handling

In case of any shipping or handling fee charges that may come as a result of a return attempt, Bonobos will not be responsible for covering the costs. Since making a return involves the use of courier services, the store would stand at a huge loss should they cater to such costs.

f) Return Notification

Bonobos will notify you of your return via email. You should expect to hear from Bonobos within 14 days concerning your return. Your bank should take some time to post your refund, and this period varies from bank to bank, depending on the one you use.

One of the things that makes Bonobos upscale is the sustainability goals they have put in place.

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Bonobos’ Sustainability Goals

Bonobos Sustainability Goals

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i) Eco-Friendly

Compared to the crazy consumerist culture that fast fashion encourages, Bonobos slow down fast fashion by offering quality apparel that can be worn over long periods. Slow fashion ensures there are fewer chemicals in the environment, as there will be no unnecessary use and misuse when buying clothes.

ii) Durable Materials

Modern fast fashion brands make substandard apparel to keep clients coming back often. This creates a blur on how many clothes a person should own. However, Bonobos are made from high-quality material and are made to last longer than fast fashion options that are not as quality.

iii) Second-Hand Trading

Other than the fact that there are Bonobos made from recycled polyester, you can take old and worn-out Bonobos to the store for recycling. This encourages second-hand culture, which is one ethical way to go about fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bonobos

Frequently Asked Questions About Bonobos

1) Is Bonobos a luxury brand

Compared to other fast fashion brands, Bonobos is a relatively upscale brand.

2) What Can I Buy From Bonobos?

Bonobos has an assortment of clothes to choose from, including;

    • Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

    • Soft Everyday Socks

    • Stretch Washed Chino

    • Shorts

    • Stretch Washed Chino Shorts

    • Tech Chino Shorts

    • Premium Stretch Jeans

    • Foundation Chambray Suit Jacket

    • Jetsetter Stretch Wool Suit Jacket

    • Suits

3) Is Bonobos still owned by Walmart?

Bonobos has been owned by Walmart since 2017. DTC was sold to the Walmart company for $310 million, hence Walmart’s default ownership of Bonobos. However, while Walmart owns Bonobos, the clothing brand has not been incorporated into any Walmart stores.

4) Do Bonobos run small or big?

Most Bonobos run true. However, you may need to size up chinos and shirts to get a correct fit, which is a bit tight compared to other clothes. Generally, Bonobo clothes fit true.

5) Do Bonobos use eco-friendly materials?

Bonobos are made of organic and sustainable materials. Furthermore, the materials are made with renewable energy to produce higher-quality clothing. Loyal customers can take back worn-out clothes to be remanufactured, which is possible because Bonobos only uses sustainable fabrics.

Bonobos’s efficient supply chain ensures environmentally friendly energy use until the customer gets their cloth.

6) Do Bonobos have physical stores?

Like many fashion brands, Bonobos is a fully online store. This is a move to help Bonobos be eco-friendly by using less energy.

7) Are there Bonobos for women?

Bonobos are well known for their men’s clothing. However, they now have a huge variety of women’s clothing that is just as stylish as the men’s options.

Final Thoughts

Bonobos are trendy; one would confuse them for fast fashion because of how contemporary they are. However, the brand has more to offer than fast fashion companies, including reduced negative environmental impact. Bonobos gives various options, from slim fit to swim trunks, clothes with vibrant colors, golf wear, navy blue jeans, and more. The cruelty-free practices Bonobos champions make it a better choice in the fashion market today.

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