Is ASOS a Good Brand? (Shipping, Discounts, and More)

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ASOS is not only one of the most popular global fashion brands but also among the most successful. However, is ASOS a good brand, and what makes a fashion brand good? Is it popularity, ethics, fashionable clothing, pricing, policies, or sizing? Let us look at some vital factors to help us answer this question.

1) Does ASOS Run Small?

One way you know if a fashion brand is legit is if the clothes sizes are categorized correctly. New fashion brands miss out on locking down their clients because their clothes either do not fit or look nothing like what you see in photos. So, does ASOS run small?

Generally, ASOS runs slightly larger, and you might need to make your first purchase as a standard for future purchases.

Does ASOS Run Small?

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There are ways you can go around the sizing issue. To begin with, you can look at the models ASOS is using and gauge whether the size will be larger or smaller for you. The other more reliable way is to look at ASOS reviews online and at what buyers say.

The one thing that sets ASOS apart from other fast fashion brands is that you can send back clothes for being too big or small, and they will consider that the next time you make a purchase. This way, you will not run into a similar problem.

2) Does ASOS Sell Authentic Clothing?

Luckily, all the 850+ brands sold by ASOS are legitimate. There are many knockoffs in the market today, especially in fast fashion, where trends do not last a minute. This makes it a big deal to have the real deal regarding clothing. Sometimes, a buyer does not know better.

ASOS buys directly from the brand they are stocking and will not put you in a bad position by selling you a fake. There is no need to worry when it comes to buying ASOS clothing.

3) ASOS Return Policy

ASOS has a fair return policy that ensures you, as a buyer, are satisfied with the product you are trying out. You can return products for up to 28 days after making a purchase. Every package you get from ASOS comes with a return label that you can use to make a return if the clothes do not fit.

ASOS Return Policy

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There are some exceptions when making returns. For instance, items labeled “final sale” are not eligible for a return since they are heavily discounted. Unless you have a very exceptional situation, you can not make a return on a final sale product.

ASOS allows installment payments, and a return can also be made in such situations. As long as it is within 28 days, you will get a full refund.

There are certain expectations when it comes to returns, including;

a) Fair Use

There are humans of all characters, and you will always find people who move differently. If ASOS suspects that you are making orders to use only to return the clothing, you might not be legible for a return. These situations are rare as customers rarely do that.

b) Original Condition

Most ASOS clothes can be returned for a refund. However, ASOS does not sell clothing alone, as it has beauty products in its inventory. Once a beauty product is opened, it can not be returned. This policy is not unique to ASOS, as most fashion stores use the no-return policy to open beauty products. The policy protects the next user.

Other products that fall under this category include swimwear, jewelry, face coverings, and underwear. Most of these products have hygiene seals that should stay intact upon return.

c) Making an Exchange

You can make an exchange on a product if, say, you want a different color. The product has to be legible for a return first. Then, you must follow the normal return process and place a new order afterward. You can find these instructions on the ASOS website, and your best interest as a buyer is always taken care of.

d) ASOS Marketplace Return

If you order from the ASOS marketplace, you can still make a return. All you have to do is contact the seller and ask for a return address and further instructions.

Returns on ASOS are now simpler, as you can do all your transactions online without any paperwork involved. ASOS is taking online shopping to the next level and is competing favorably with other online stores.

e) Return Responsibility

Note that it is your responsibility to ship the product back to ASOS, as the store will not foot any costs during the return process. It is upon you to ensure the product you are returning does not get damaged along the way, as ASOS will not be of much help in such an instance.

The ASOS brand takes good care of its clients, and the return procedure will not be tedious.

4) ASOS Account

ASOS lets you create an account to make your next order easy and fast. Once you fill in the details within the ASOS account, you no longer have to do it again the next time you make an order.

ASOS Account

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Other benefits come with having an account, including order tracking and getting the latest newsletters on the latest trends. ASOS is one of the few fast fashion brands with a client account.

The ASOS account makes you legible for promos, special offers, and discounts.

5) ASOS Student Discount

If you are a student, you can get a 10% off promo code to enjoy using the ASOS brands. What’s better is that there are days a student can enjoy up to 15% discounts. All a student has to do is open an ASOS Beans account and start enjoying great discounts.

6) Variety

ASOS has everything for everyone. From dresses, jeans, shoes, graphic tees, and men’s and women’s clothing of excellent quality. You will hardly find ASOS clothing of low quality since they work with well-known brands such as Nike and other brands.

ASOS has many fashionable accessories like sunglasses from different brands, bags, shoes, and more, setting it apart from other fashion lines. The ASOS design and style are geared towards adding confidence to everyone who wears the brand at affordable prices. ASOS has a range of pricing from very affordable to more expensive fashion brands.

There are hardly any negative reviews from clients who buy clothes from ASOS. This is not to say that the brand is perfect, as you will find genuine negative reviews occasionally. It is hard to get good quality, fitting clothes when you buy online. However, with your ASOS account set up, your history should help you find the right clothing.

7) ASOS Ethics

ASOS Ethics

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Is ASOS an ethical brand? ASOS is known to be open about issues like supplier policies, gender equality, forced labor, freedom of association for its employees, audits, and more. The production processes of different fashion brands are riddled with a lot of forced labor issues and unethical tendencies.

While ASOS might claim to be an ethical company, most other companies do, too, contrary to their actions. However, every indicator so far makes ASOS ethical, and no issues have been found on the brand.

The ASOS supply chain ensures every worker gets the right living wages and has their rights protected. While there is no evidence to show any high labor standards for employees, there is no evidence to show otherwise.

8) ASOS Animal Welfare Policy

One of the biggest ethical issues with fast fashion brands is animal welfare, and ASOS has a policy stating that it does not use exotic animal skin, fur, or hair. The ASOS formal animal welfare policy also bans feathers, cashmere, bone, horns, and other animal parts.

9) Environmental Impact

Fashion brands are at the center of many negative environmental impact issues, including poor waste disposal, water contamination, carbon emissions, and chemical contamination. However, ASOS has made public commitments seeking to be a net zero emissions company.

While all we have is their word, there is no evidence for water reduction initiatives or efforts to reduce carbon emissions by ASOS. We hope that actions will prove ASOS trustworthy.

10) Shipping

Shipping is one of the main factors when making an online purchase. Online fashion is no exception. ASOS has a 3-day delivery period in the UK, cutting across all working days, excluding Sundays and holidays.


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In most cases, the average shipping period is about a week, which is a long time for most people.

You can track your shipping after making a purchase, making the process easy and more assuring. You can expect UPS or Nordstrom when purchasing from ASOS suppliers.

Final Take

In conclusion, ASOS is a popular and well-established brand that offers a wide range of clothing and accessories, from casual wear to formal attire, with affordable prices and trendy designs that cater to different tastes and preferences. While some customers have reported issues with sizing or quality, ASOS has generally received positive reviews from shoppers.

When compared to GUESS, another fashion brand that is known for its stylish and high-end clothing, ASOS provides a more accessible and affordable option for those looking to update their wardrobe.

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