Is Anthropologie Fast Fashion? Reasons Why It Is

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Fast fashion brands like Anthropologie have gained popularity in recent years. Of course, everyone wants to look their best, and fast fashion works to provide its customers with the trendiest items. But, is Anthropologie fast fashion? Well, yes! Let’s examine the brand, its history, and why the American fashion retailer is a fast fashion outfit.

History of the Brand

Anthropologie was founded in 1992 as a full-fashion lifestyle shopping destination. The brand has operations worldwide with 200 stores that sell shoes, accessories (like watches), furniture, clothing, bridal, and garden accessories, including in Canada and the UK. Its headquarters are in Wayne, Pennsylvania, and the brand works hard to connect with consumers who prioritize self-expression and style.

Additionally, the brand has customers who want to be and look like themselves. Additionally, the brand also leaves its customers with a sense of adventure. Everything about the brand takes a thoughtful and personal approach.

Anthropologie is owned by Urban Outfitters Inc. (you might know them as URBN). Urban Outfitters also owns Terrain, Nuuly, BHLDN, and restaurant concept Menus and Venues. In its pursuit of adventure, Anthropologie has developed a personal approach to dealing with customers by listening and exceeding expectations.

Is Anthropologie a Fast Fashion Brand?

Yes, it is. Anthropologie is one of the many fast fashion brands that exist. Fast fashion brands are known due to the production speed and the number of clothes they sell. While a key feature of fast fashion is affordability, Anthropologie does not have competitive prices. In fact, some of its designs and pricing are the same as Louis Vuitton. This has cast doubt on whether or not it is a fast fashion brand.

Fast fashion brands

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Just like the Brandy Melville fashion house, Anthropologie has jumped on the fast fashion wagon due to increased profits and low manufacturing costs. The company does use sustainable fashion fabrics like organic cotton made in the USA. However, many other products of this brand are sourced outside the USA.

Additionally, they have recently introduced a recycling program in collaboration with Cotton Incorporated in the Blue Jeans Go Green program for denim jeans. While this is a step in the right direction, there still isn’t enough information on where they source most of their raw materials and how ethical the process is.

What Makes Anthropologie a Fast Fashion Brand?

There are a few things that make a brand fast fashion. Fast fashion is rooted in cheaper operations and manufacturing costs, gratification for consumers, and the democratization of stylish clothing. However, there are also downsides to fast fashion, and Anthropologie is in the midst of it, especially with summer approaching and new and trendy styles coming in.

Here are some factors why Anthropologie is a fast fashion brand.

a) Lack of Transparency

A simple check on their corporate website shows that there is an obvious lack of transparency, especially when it comes to its suppliers. Additionally, none of their supply chains is certified by labor standards, contrary to what ethical brands practice and preach. Furthermore, the labor act protects workers’ safety, health, and living wages.

Lack of transparency

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All this indicates that we don’t know if the brand’s beautiful dresses, high tops, and shorts are being made in the right conditions. Additionally, their vendor code of conduct states that employees must be the minimum working age, or 15 years old. This has left many consumers wondering if their clothes are made by 15-year-olds.

b) They Aren’t Doing Enough to Reduce Environmental Impact

While most brands advocate for sustainability and ethically sourced raw materials and labor, no evidence exists that Anthropologie does the same. Additionally, there are no pointers from Anthropologie that it reduces textile waste or avoids hazardous chemicals in its supply chain.

Reducing environmental impact

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Of course, if there is no sustainability in operations, there are no water reduction initiatives from the brand. Additionally, even with great quality outdoor leather wear, the brand has never affirmed its support for any sustainable fashion alternative and environmental policies.

c) Human Rights Violations

Apart from being named one of the top wage theft violators, Anthropologie has never endorsed the Garment Worker Protection Act. In addition, in 2020, at the height of Covid-19, Anthropologie stopped paying its garment workers, citing the pandemic as the issue.

Human rights violations

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While Anthropologie could pay their textile workers a fair wage, they have not been doing it. Furthermore, the store has also been accused of racially profiling its customers.

d) Frequent Release of New Designs

On the Anthropologie website, there are over 2600 designs of clothing. Keep in mind they have to be stocked in all sizes. That’s too much clothing. Additionally, Anthropologie has sister brands that produce more clothing. In general, there is too much clothing being produced in a short amount of time.

Selling too many clothes

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Anthropologie garments are made with a certain aesthetic in mind. However, customers have complained that the clothing quality has decreased in recent years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Anthropologie as a Fast Fashion Brand

i) What kind of brand is Anthropologie?

Anthropologie is a unique shopping destination that includes clothing, bridal wear, garden accessories, beauty, and home décor.

ii) Who is the designer of Anthropologie?

Julie Gwin is the lead designer of the brand. Additionally, Anthropologie derives most of its designs from the creations of Vera Neumann. Her bold prints have inspired most of the brands’ unique prints.

iii) Where is the largest Anthropologie store located?

The largest store was opened in Portland in March 2016.

iv) Who is the target market for Anthropologie?

The brand’s ideal demographic is affluent women in their 30’s and 40’s, with an average family income of at least $200,000 a year. Anthropologie sells all its products at premium price ranges—for instance, $250 sundresses and $700 tables.

v) How much does an Anthropologie display artist make?

An Anthropologie display artist makes $21 per hour.

vi) Is Anthropologie a luxury brand?

It is a high-end brand that caters to an affluent demographic. It also limits the number of items it makes. Things are more expensive when they are in limited stock.

vii) How much do Anthropologie employees earn?

The hourly rate at the retailer is $11.04-$24.82. The highest-paying job (director of sales) earns $225,082 annually, and the least-paying job (sales associate) earns $25,000 annually.

viii) Is Anthropologie Sustainable?

While there is no evidence that Anthropologie is a sustainable brand, its prices might lead you to believe so.

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The Bottom Line

The addiction to shopping can place unnecessary pressure on anyone. Additionally, with summer approaching, there will be some pressure to experiment with new and exciting fashion trends, like flip-flops and shorts. However, remember that there are sustainable alternatives for fast fashion.

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