Indochino vs. Black Lapel: Which One is Better?

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People say you can wear 5 suits in 75 different ways, but they never mention where you should get each of your suits or which cologne you should wear. Whenever I wear a suit, something important goes down, and I have to show up like a real gentleman. I came across two very competitive suit companies in my quest for a good quality supply of suits.

Today we will compare Indochino vs. Black Lapel. By the end of this article, we will have a scorecard for the best suit company between these two giants.


Indochino has been around and probably has the best reputation regarding off-the-rack suit choices. When an off-the-rack option is that good, you can be guaranteed their made-to-measure suits are even better. Custom garments are very competitive, and Indochino stays at the top of the market.

Indochino Suit

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So what does Indochino offer, and why did I like them?

a) Online Made-to-Measure

While going to the tailor to run the tape measure across your shoulder is the most Kingsman thing to experience, sometimes you have no time. So Indochino came up with an option in 2015 where you never have to set foot inside the store, and it worked for them because no one wanted physical contact during the lockdown period when they saw a lot of growth.

Online Made to Measure

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While I can take my measurements at home using video guidance, Indochino offers me an option for a physical visit to one of their stores where I can have their skilled tailors work on me.

b) Customization Options (for Weddings)

A friend of mine was having a wedding, and I had the honor of being one of the boys. The suits turned out great, and all he had to do was send in a mood board of the designs he wanted. After that, we were each called in for an appointment where our individual fit preferences were taken care of.

Customization Options (for weddings)

I never had to go to great lengths to create a mood board, as Indochino has a dashboard for this on its website. The section enabled me to manage the status of each order. For example, I further scheduled appointments for each person.

c) Outerwear

Sometimes, I need that extra piece of clothing to complete my look. However, wearing expensive suits without a sense of style will leave you out of the best-dressed picks. For this reason, the company has an outerwear collection offer.


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Indochino offers trench coats, raincoats, overcoats, and mac coats to fit my needs. The choice by the company to have outerwear ensures I have a complete look without having to visit another clothing store. I can choose my preferred jacket length and other small details that suit my taste.

d) Repairs

Indochino cares about my satisfaction. Ordering a suit from online made-to-measure companies is difficult as I am not a professional tailor to get the best measurements. Luckily, Indochino has made it very easy for me to get the repairs if I got the measurements wrong.


Having the option to repair is vital when getting slim fit options.

e) Options

Indochino gives numerous fabric options to choose from. After all, not all occasions call for the same suits. I will need a tuxedo, a heavy suit jacket for the winter, a lighter one for summer, an option for dinner, and more. Indochino has all the options I need, including the classic suit to wear with my tan shoes for work at the office.


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f) Chinos

Chinos are not pleated pants, have no extra seams, and are made of 100% cotton. The chinos come in various colors and come in handy when I want pants that give both casual and official vibes.

Chinos are right in the Indochino name and are one of the best offers Indochino has in its lineup. The chinos give me a sense of belonging without burdening me by having me wear the conventional suit. Additionally, the chinos are suitable for all climates and occasions. All you have to do is wear them with the other accessories and clothing options that Indochino offers.

Black Lapel Suit Company

Black Lapel is all about class. The company offers the best service from the comfort of your home. The suits fit better, and their fabric choice for each suit is unmatched by a huge margin. Here are why Black Lapel is my favorite of all the suit companies.

Black Lapel Suit Company

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a) Handcrafted

The hand stitching by the professionals at Black Lapel is nothing short of mind-blowing because the suits turn out classy, especially if I get the right shirt to go with my suit.


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Even better is the fabric that Black Lapel offers. The suits have everything from a half-canvas construction to pure cotton.

b) Highly Customizable Suits

I had the chance to choose the materials I wanted, and the suit turned out perfectly. Black Lapel has a website where you can fill in your profile to get extremely personalized suits. For ten years, the company has been my go-to whenever I have an upcoming talk or a cocktail event.

Highly Custom Suits

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c) Free Shipping

Black Lapel does not compromise on delivery, offering the best yet. Even better, the shipping is free. The company’s reliability is one reason I will stick with Black Lapel for a long time.

d) Options

The Black Lapel company offers three cuts to choose from, including tailored, standard, and slim fit. The made-to-measure suit does look good on you regardless of the choice you go with.

e) Construction

suit Construction

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The evolution of men’s styles has been gradual, and Black Lapel tries to stay ahead of the competition with quality offers. The company offers half-canvassed suits as the default choice. However, you can get the full canvas one at an additional fee. The latter option might take about two weeks, but the results will be better.

There is tremendous attention to detail when it comes to suits. Some classy details include hand-stitched boutonniere, bull-horn buttons, and a floating canvas finish at the lapel and chest regions.

You are getting hand-stitched arm-holes, heel guards, reinforcement around the pocket areas, and more detail that makes the suit stand out.

f) Return Policy

suit Return Policy

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There was a time I got a full refund because I was unimpressed with the suit. The company will accept returns and help you make repairs and adjustments. In addition, I got a concierge service that paid attention to everything I had to say. Money is only a distant second to Black Lapel’s interest after your satisfaction.

Black Lapel is a brand that fully understands the fact that self-measurements come with many challenges, including the suit not fitting or the sleeve length being slightly off.

g) Durable

Black Lapel suits are durable, and the company’s success showcases the long-lasting options. Black Lapel is a company that has been around for over ten years. This supports the reliability of their service, especially in a highly competitive market such as New York.

It is also important to note that in this comparative article of Indochino vs Suitsupply, we will assist you in making an informed decision about which brand to select, taking into account your specific preferences.

Final Verdict

Black Lapel and Indochino focus on men’s style with a lot of passion and dedication. But if you were to buy a suit, you would need to choose between these two companies.

Final Verdict

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Black Lapel takes about three weeks to a month to fully process your suit, while Indochino takes a month to six weeks to deliver. In some instances, certain orders take a shorter time compared to others in both companies.

The price points are competitive. For example, to get a suit from Black Lapel, you will pay between $500 and $1100. On the other hand, you can get a suit for $399 at Indochino. The quality of suits from both companies is superb. However, I found the suits from Black Lapel to have a better slim fit. However, I wouldn’t say I liked the shoulder padding on the Black Lapel suits.

I loved the outerwear options that Indochino provided. Their emphasis on style across the different seasons in the year makes me order from them often. However, while Indochino might not have the superior fit, Black Lapel is better at fitting their suits.

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