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Safest Hair Clipper Oil Alternatives that are Easily Accessible to You

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There are moments when the hair clipper oil runs out, and when it comes down to it, I have to explore options I can use comfortably and efficiently. I will tell you all about the hair clipper oil alternatives I use to keep a neat hairstyle.

First, what do all the hair clipper oil alternatives have in common, and what do I look at when choosing the hair clipper oil?

Best Oil Alternatives to Use when your Clipper Oil Runs Out

The following oils will meet the features we have described in this article. The oils will function similarly to the hair clipper oil, and your shaving sessions will go on as intended.

a) Olive Oil

Olive oils come in handy in a lot of scenarios. I can say olive oil is one of the most versatile oils you can use for many purposes. When you run out of clipper oil, you can pass by the kitchen cabinet and pick olive oil, and you will be good to go.

There are different types of olive oils, including extra virgin olive oils and others with different names—none of these matter. Any olive oil will be a quick fix to your problem. (It is important to note that extra virgin olive oil is not as resistant to high temperatures as normal olive oil is. Therefore, you can avoid the extra virgin option).

Olive oils can withstand high temperatures and will not clog up your blades. Once you are done shaving with the olive oil, you can rinse it off the clipper surface and wipe the clipper down with a clean cloth.

Unlike other oils, olive oils are colorless and do not emit any smells. As a result, olive oil is the best vegetable oil you can choose to get the job done.

b) Baby Oil

The other oil type you are likely to run into when looking for clipper oil alternatives is baby oil. I can say baby oil is your safest option on this list. Baby oil checks almost all the boxes that hair-clipper oil alternatives need to check at no extra cost.

Baby oil is thin, a great feature when looking for hair-clipper oil alternatives. The thinness ensures the clipper blades are not clogged up. The oil further has good resistance to high temperatures, making it a great alternative to hair-clipper oils.

c) Essential Oils

Essential oils are some of the best oils we can have in our arsenal. They come in handy in different situations, including being options for clipper oil. Essential oils are not only good to use as hair clipper oil, but they will make your hair healthier.

You can use essential oils with other oils like baby oil to make your normal hair clipper oil alternative potent.

d) Sewing Machine Oil

Sewing machines use oil to lubricate their parts. Unfortunately, this oil might be relatively hard to come across unless you have a machine in your house. However, if you can lay your hands on a bottle of sewing machine oil, you will be in luck.

My mother was a tailor, and the one thing I noticed with the sewing machine oil was how lightweight it was. One drop will go a long way in lubricating the hair clipper.

Sewing machine oils like Singer machine oil are probably one of the most used hair-clipper oil alternatives because it lubricates other moving parts.

e) Mineral Oil

Mineral oil forms the base of many other oils, and you can use it. When the hair clipper heats up, the oil maintains its consistency and low viscosity. This makes mineral oil your best bet for beard trimmers and regular hair clippers.

f) Wahl's Blade Oil

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Wahl clipper oil is designed for Wahl electric hair clippers and should be your first go-to oil if you own the Wahl blades. I use this oil on other clipper blades because of the advantages it brings to the table. The advantages include high heat resistance. In addition, the premium oil prevents rust and prolongs the blade life on your trimmer.

Oils You Should Not Use as Replacement for Hair Clipper Oil

While it is tempting to use the next oil you can lay your hands on, there are some oils you should avoid at all costs. Here are the oils to avoid when looking for oil alternatives for hair clippers.

1) Canola Oil

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Canola oil is not a great alternative to hair-clipper oils. The oil is too thick, which is one of the things you should avoid when looking for a hair-clipper oil alternative. In addition, the oil can go bad, making it a hazard to your skin. Avoid using canola oil at all costs.

2) Vegetable Oils

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Canola oil is vegetable oil, and other vegetable oils will behave similarly. However, vegetable oil is too thick to use on the clipper. As a result, the loose hairs become trapped on the blades, making it harder to trim the hair.

Cooking oil is readily available but should not, at all costs, be used as clipper or beard oil.

3) Coconut Oil

Clogging is one of the major problems hair clippers face when the wrong oil is used on the clipper. Once the blades clog up, they tend to heat up, which is not good for the clipper. In addition, vegetable oils trap dirt and hair clippings, making it harder to use the hair clippers.

4) Jojoba Oil

Just like vegetable oils, jojoba oil is highly viscous. This makes it hard to make neat trims because of the inefficiency that the oil brings to the blades.

5) Silicone Oil

While silicone oil is a great option to use as a clipper oil alternative, the oil has one downside. It traps dirt and dead skin cells. For this reason, I can not recommend silicone oil as a regular clipper oil replacement. Dirt is not good for your skin.\

What Hair Clipper Oil Alternatives Have in Common

There are some features the hair clipper oil has. Therefore, if you are going to find alternatives to clipper oil, it only makes sense to find alternatives with the same features as the hair clipper oil. Here are the things you should look at.

1) Thin

Regular clipper oil is thin enough to let the blades work effectively. Heavy oils like motor oil or greases may end up clogging the cutting blade, making it a pain to use. A lot of harm can happen to the human skin when the hair is not cut properly. You can get bumps and rashes after shaving if you do not use lubricated blades. This is the pain you do not want to go through.

2) Slippery

Hair clipper oil is specially designed to be slippery. The goal is to prevent as much friction on the clipper as possible. Unfortunately, low-viscosity oil alternatives do not provide the required amount of lubrication, thus making the movement a bit more difficult than it should be. Therefore, a slippery option is better when going for a hair-clipper oil alternative.

3) Resistant to High Temperatures

Oils react differently when exposed to heat and high friction. Some oils might harden when exposed to certain environments. The best hair clipper oil alternatives should resist heat caused by the blades moving fast and rubbing against each other.

Getting blades that reduce friction will ensure less heat, which is an added advantage.

4) Safe

We are not going for infections every time we trim our beards or head. Using substances such as penetrating lubricants may cause great discomfort when our main goal is to look confident and comfortable. Look at the description boxes before using any oil alternatives. You can choose the options we have provided in this article because they have been proven to work well.

How to Oil Your Hair Clippers

Once you get your hair clipper oil replacement, you need to apply it correctly. Here are some steps I follow to oil my hair clipper properly.

  • I use a dry cloth to wipe the clipper oil residues from the previous use. Wiping removes dust and dead skin cells to make the clipper more effective.
  • Next, I turn on the clipper so that the blades vibrate before adding the oil to each side of the blades. I can place oil on the blades' center to ensure proper oiling.
  • Some oils may demand that I use my fingers to apply the oil to the blades.
  • Once the clipper oil alternative has seeped into the blades, I wipe off the extra oil on the blades using a paper towel.

Final Thoughts

I have to look good always with neatly tailored suits, good hair, and matching shoes. I must use the appropriate clippers to get the best hairstyles that match my fashion sense. Clippers only work well when properly oiled, and lacking clipper oil should not keep me from getting a good routine cut. I have discussed the best options for you above.

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