Does Patagonia Run Small? How to Find Your Perfect Fit

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When it comes to outdoor wear, Patagonia needs no introduction. It is one of the best-performing brands in the industry and a well-known brand whose products are renowned for their durability. So, does Patagonia run small?

The answer is yes; Patagonia tends to run small, especially the non-technical ones. However, given that Patagonia has numerous manufacturers of various goods, it’s possible that this won’t be the case for you. As a result, the size may be ideal for one model while being too small for another.

Patagonia provides a variety of sizes, and knowing how those sizes relate to those of other companies is essential. Therefore, if you want a more detailed response for various body types, keep reading the post.

How Does Patagonia Fit?

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Patagonia creates a wide range of clothing with a wide range of “fits.” For example, while Patagonia shorts are said to run large, Patagonia coats are said to run small. The four fit descriptions provided by Patagonia can be used to determine whether your item will fit you correctly.

Depending on the design you choose, Patagonia clothing may fit true to size. While the slim fit and normal fit products run small, the relaxed fit items are true to size. Also, this is quite significant considering Patagonia’s popularity in the outdoor gear industry.

If you’re already wearing a jacket that’s too small for you, adding layers underneath it is going to be a huge hassle. This may not seem like a major deal, but it can prevent you from wearing the necessary layers in really cold climates.

Does Patagonia Run Small?

Does Patagonia Run Small?

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Patagonia does tend to run small. The majority of their jackets are designed to be form-fitting, so if you want a looser fit, go larger. Most pant styles are made to fit closely around the waist and legs. There are a few instances where this rule does not apply.

That is our straightforward response; however, as you are aware, the company makes jackets for the entire market rather than just individuals, considering the latter’s body type, weight, and height.

The sleeves and the length of a garment with a small slim fit tend to be shorter than usual.

Why Do Patagonia Clothes Run Small?

Patagonia sizes its gear this way because they want it to be warm and snug. Patagonia is made to be a more tailored fit that helps keep in your body heat rather than a fit of a shirt over a t-shirt. We always recommend going up a size if you prefer a looser fit.

Which Patagonia Items Run Small?

1. Jackets


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Patagonia’s relaxed-fit jackets are true to size. However, its slim fit and standard fit jackets tend to run small. Patagonia is best renowned for its clothing, particularly its coats, so its size may occasionally be downright awful.

There is no room for layering t-shirts under slim-fit hoodies because they are so tight. So, scaling up is essentially required.

2. Sweaters


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If layering is considered, Patagonia sweaters frequently run one size small. Therefore, sizing up is crucial if you reside in a colder climate.

Patagonia makes many various sweaters, and they are all of the highest calibers. Therefore, even though you will have to deal with the discomfort of sizing up, I advise you to go for the pieces.

3. Shirts


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Anybody who bought a Patagonia shirt knows they tend to run small and snugly. This is especially true if you carry extra weight around the midsection. We’re not sure why Patagonia shirts fit this way, but for some people, it can be annoying.

Their jackets and shirts are a little snug, so you should expect the same if you buy one. However, it is best to buy a larger size if you know that replacing them would take a while due to your current location.

4. Fleeces

Patagonia fleece

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Patagonia is known for its fleeces and uses the material in its sweaters, shirts, and even coats. Most of their fleece clothing runs true to size; however, if you layer heavily below, the narrow fit may feel slightly constricting around the armhole area.

Due to this, only size up if you want to wear the fleece with layering underneath. There is no need to size up if you reside somewhere like Arizona.

What Are The Different Sizes Of Patagonia?

Patagonia provides customers with four main fit options to choose from.

1. Form-Fitting


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The first is a style of Patagonia sizing that does exactly what its name implies: it forms the wearer’s body. Patagonia’s form-fitting clothing will conform to the body’s shape.

Since they are designed to be worn as the base layer or sole layer, they tend to run on the smaller side. Therefore, you should only get the form-fitting style if you intend to wear it directly next to your skin, as it will not allow for any other layers.

2. Slim Fit

Patagonia Slim Fit

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Although more relaxed than form-fitting, the slim fit will embrace your shape. Patagonia jackets run small and have a thin cut. The breast and sleeves consistently receive the most online feedback.

Consider ordering one size higher if the jacket you have your eye on has a slim fit. This is particularly true if you have broad shoulders or lengthy arms.

3. Regular Fit

Patagonia Relaxed Fit

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The normal fit of Patagonia’s coats follows a similar pattern. It might be wise to get big if you typically wear a medium. You should leave enough room in your jacket for a sweater, as you’ll likely be wearing one.

If you want to layer up with a sweater or flannel but don’t want to be too hot or restricted in your motion, I suggest going with this cut. However, if you choose your size carefully based on height and width, you should comfortably find a relaxed fit.

4. Relaxed Fit

Relaxed Fit

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If you buy the item in question, you can expect a relaxed fit to be true to size with some space to spare for layering.

Patagonia’s relaxed fit jackets are a great choice for people searching for a roomy outer layer that is still lightweight and can be worn with layers like nano puffs and flannels without compromising on warmth.

Most buyers of Patagonia jackets who opted for the relaxed fit found it too big, but those who opted for the slim fit found it too small. If you are 5 feet 7 inches tall, weigh roughly 190 pounds, and want to wear a medium or small Patagonia jacket, you need not worry about the fit.

Selecting the Appropriate Patagonia Size

Selecting the Appropriate Patagonia Size

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The Size Chart and the Fit Guide are helpful elements on the Patagonia website that can help you choose the appropriate size. Both options are available on the individual product pages because they could vary based on the kind of goods you want.

For those who are curious, they do provide sizes from XXS to 3XL, but not for all of their product styles. Although they don’t currently provide small or tall sizing options, that doesn’t mean they won’t as they increase the range of products they offer.

Knowing your measurements can help you choose the correct size Patagonia. Measure the chest, waist, and inseam of Patagonia jackets and pants. Be aware of your bust, waist, and hip sizes for coats.

Selecting the Appropriate Patagonia Size

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Use the sizing guide on the Patagonia website to get the size that will fit you the best after taking your measurements.

A general sizing recommendation can be found on the product page for any item on their website. The size chart guidance is placed directly above the button that allows you to add items to your cart.

This Nano Puff jacket, for example, claims to run true to size in the “Size & Fit” section of its product page; however, measuring yourself is always a good idea. You can choose your jacket based on the sizing table by comparing your measurements to those stated for each size.

Things to Consider When Buying Patagonia Clothing

1. 100% Pure Cotton

Patagonia gear

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Patagonia has pioneered the sustainable business movement and strives to be “as environmentally responsible as possible” in every step of its operations. Patagonia, on the other hand, is frequently criticized because it shrinks.

As a result of the fact that Patagonia garments are made from one hundred percent cotton, shrinking is an accepted and even expected occurrence. If you’re having trouble with their products, try not to get a slim-fit shirt and instead get a size that fits you well.

2. Natural Shrinking

Buying clothing that doesn’t fit is among the biggest mistakes people make. As widespread as the issue is, so is the potential for its resolution, thanks to the efforts of many customers. Unfortunately, the common belief that washing clothes won’t cause them to shrink is incorrect.

Some materials will shrink more than others after washing, but on average, you can expect roughly a five percent decrease in size. For instance, wool, polyester, and cotton all shrink differently, with cotton shrinking by roughly 10%. You should always prepare for shrinking as it’s rather common.

3. Sentiment Analysis

Based on our analysis of online reviews for Patagonia products, most customers report that their shirts shrank after washing.

This is something that many people have encountered before, so it’s highly probable that you will as well. To prevent any issues in the future, it is best always to ensure that you purchase Patagonia shirts in your true size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Patagonia Sizing

1. Does Patagonia Make Plus-Size Clothing?

Even though Patagonia does offer some plus-size options, the selection is extremely restricted. Patagonia’s plus sizes reach up to 2XL or XXL, much larger than the rest of the fashion industry. Even well-known companies like H&M and Zara, which have a poor selection of plus-size items, offer sizes up to 3XL.

2. How Do You Take Accurate Jacket Fit Measurements?

Taking precise measurements is essential for a well-fitting jacket purchase. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Keep the measuring tape level with the floor as you measure the largest part of your bust.
  • Write down the result after rounding to the nearest inch.
  • Take your waist measurement in the area where your jeans sit on you, again with the tape measure parallel to the floor.
  • Round up once more and record the result.
  • Round up your measurement of your hips from their widest point to the nearest inch.
  • To determine your size, compare these figures to the Patagonia sizing tables.

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