Does Forever 21 Run Small or Fit True to Size?

Does Forever 21 Run Small or Fit True to Size?

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Forever 21 is a multinational brand that sells fast fashion for men, women, and kids. It has about 450 stores in the US and has some of the most affordable options in the fashion industry. Before ordering new clothes from Forever 21, you need to know the right size. So, Does Forever 21 run small or fit true to size?

This post will discuss the various sizes of Forever 21 clothes. This will help you avoid any issues with vanity sizing to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. Let’s get to it!

Does Forever 21 Run Small for Women?

Forever 21 offers a wide variety of options for women. The brand sells tops, jeans, jackets, lingerie, dresses, and other forms of women’s clothes. Finding the perfect fit can be tricky when numerous items are available. Some customers say these garments run small, but how can you be sure that’s the case for you?

Using a measuring tape, you can quickly determine whether your forever 21 picks will fit. By taking measurements of different body parts, you can assess whether a garment will fit you or not. Here’s a short guide on how to take body measurements for an accurate fit. Keep in mind you should get another person to help you out because it’s challenging to maintain proper body posture while taking your own measurements.

Bust – wrap the measuring tape around the fullest point of your bust. Your arms should be relaxed, and the tape should be parallel to the floor.

Waist – Measure around the narrowest part of your waist, right under your ribs. The measuring tape should run along your belly button. Add a finger or two between the tape and your body to account for ease.

Hips – keep your feet shoulder-width apart and let the measuring tape go around the fullest part of your hips.

1. Women’s Clothing

Depending on what you are familiar with, your measurements could either be in inches or centimeters. We’ve included size charts for both to ensure you have an easy time translating your dimensions into a clothing size.

Forever 21 Women's Clothing Size Chart in Inches

You should compare your body measurements with the information in the charts to determine which size is best. Remember, if you fall between sizes, take the larger one to avoid fit problems.

Forever 21 Clothing Size Chart in CM

Some people are more familiar with international sizing standards. If you know the size that usually fits you according to your country’s sizing system, you can look for the ideal equivalent using the international conversion chart below.

Forever 21 women's International sizes

2. Women’s Denim

Forever 21 jeans run small, and you need to take a larger size if you want the right fit. To find the best size, you should measure your waist, hips, and preferred length.

Size Chart in Inches

Forever 21 denim size chart in inches

Size Chart in CM

forever 21 denim size chart in CM

International Sizing

Forever 21 denim International Sizing

A quick comparison of your body measurements with these charts is the fastest way to determine which jeans will fit you perfectly. Different body types require different fits for a flawless look. As such, you should also consider the shape of your body when choosing your jeans.

3. Women’s Swimwear

Forever 21 also features bikinis and one-piece swimsuits for women who love the beach or pool. Fortunately, most swimwear options are made using elastic fabric that easily stretches to fit the body. Nevertheless, we’ve placed all the size charts you need to find the right size below.

Size Chart in Inches

forever 21 swimswear sizes in inches

Size Chart in CM

Forever 21 swimwear sizes in CM

4. Bras

If you don’t know your bra band or cup size, don’t worry. Your ideal bra size depends on two measurements; your bra cup and band. Forever 21 has a collection of bras and bralettes which come in different designs, including sheer, floral, and lace.

You can measure your bra’s band size by measuring around your underbust, which is across your ribcage. That’s not all, you need to add 5 to the value you get, and you’ll have your band size. For instance, if you have an underbust measurement of 27, adding 5 will give you 32, which is your band size. You can round up or down to get your ideal fit if you get an odd number.

Your bra cup size comes from subtracting your band size from the bust measurement. Every inch of difference affects the cup size.

Bra Sizes in Inches

forever 21 bra size in inches

Bra Size Chart in CM

forever 21 bra size in CM

5. Shoes

Footwear is also available at Forever 21. Depending on your style, you can choose anything from heels and boots to flats and sneakers. If you are familiar with your regular US shoe size, you should pick a pair of the same size. The international conversion chart below will show you the best options.

Forever 21 Shoe Sizes

Does Forever 21 Run Small for Plus-Size?

You don’t have to look to other fashion brands for stylish plus-size options. Forever 21 features a Plus Section for people with larger body frames. Here’s what we know about Forever 21 Plus sizes.

1. Clothing

Whether you need sweaters, jackets, tops, or dresses, you can find a plus-size option at Forever 21. According to customers, even plus-size outfits run small. As such, you need to size up to ensure you get a good fit. Here are some charts to help you make the best choice.

Size Chart in Inches

Forever 21 Plus Sizes in Inches

Size Chart in CM

Forever 21 Plus Sizes in CM

International Sizes

Forever 21 Plus Sizes International Conversion Chart

2. Denim Size Charts

Even jeans are available in plus sizes to help you bring out your curves in a stunning way. Use a measuring tape to get the circumference of your waist, hips, and thigh. After recording your measurements, check out the suitable size and take a full size.

The size charts below contain the information you need to find the right size of denim jeans.

Forever 21 Plus Size Denim Chart in inches

Plus Size Denim Sizes in Centimeters

Forever 21 Plus Size Denim Chart in CM

International Sizing

Forever 21 Plus Size Denim International Conversion

Does Forever 21 Run Small for Men?

There are various clothes for men at Forever 21. You’ll find everything from pants and t-shirts to jackets and shorts. Like most of the options from the brand, the men’s clothes also run small.

1. Tops

You can find stylish t-shirts, pullover shirts, sweaters, and dress shirts that match your personality at Forever 21. These tops are available in different sizes, and you can play around with various fits to get mind-blowing results. Some people won’t mind wearing a shirt that’s a bit small because it could help showcase their physique.

There’s no limit to how you can style your outfit. You can even wear a shirt over a t-shirt if you want.

Your chest measurement is the circumference of the highest part of your chest. Ensure the measuring tape goes under your arms and across your shoulder blades for better accuracy.

Here are the size charts you need to find a fitting pick.

Size in Inches

Forever 21 Men's Tops in Inches

Size in CM

Forever 21 Men's Tops in CM

International Sizing

Forever 21 Men's Tops International Conversion Chart

2. Bottoms

There’s no shortage of variety regarding Forever 21 men’s pants. This brand features everything you need whether you are going to work, for a run, to bed, or on a dinner date. Did you know you can wear a polo shirt with dress pants? Here are some combinations you can try.

You need your waist and inseam measurements to get your ideal pant size. If you fall between sizes, try a half size up or down, depending on the look you want. You can measure your inseam measurement from the highest point of your inner thigh to your ankle.

Size in Inches

Forever 21 men's bottom sizes in inches

Sizes in CM

Forever 21 Men's Bottoms in CM

International Sizing

International sizing for men's bottoms

3. Shoes

If you want to get a pair of men’s shoes from Forever 21, you need to know your foot length. Using the chart below, you can take your regular US size or find something close to it. The Japanese measurement is in centimeters; you can use it against your foot length to choose a shoe size.

Here are some ways to pair loafers with your shorts if you need styling inspiration.

Forever 21 Men's Shoe Sizes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it better to size up or down in clothes?

You should size up when the available size is smaller than what you wear and size down when the outfit is larger than usual.

2. Are Forever 21 skirts true to size?

No, they aren’t. They tend to run small, and you may have to size up to get a good fit.

3. What size is forever 21 size 31?

Size 31 is equivalent to a European size 46 or a waist size of 31 inches.

4. Does Forever 21 boots run small?

No, they don’t. Unlike Forever 21 clothing, the boots run large, and you should size down for a fitting size.

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