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If you are a fan of shopping for clothes online, there is no doubt you have come across online stores like Dolls Kill. However, when choosing the right fit, most people do not know their correct body sizes, thus asking this question, “Does Dolls Kill run small?”

Our article discusses whether Dolls Kill runs small, plus the sizes they offer as a guideline for you to follow before you make an order. Let’s get started!

Overview of Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is an online store with a consumer rating of 4.58 stars. In their 2685 reviews, we found that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. However, there were a few instances of customer dissatisfaction due to sizing.

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Consumers satisfied with Dolls Kill mentioned their customer service in their reviews and feedback. They also mention store credit and their cloth sizing as confusing. All in all, Dolls Kill still ranks 1st among the Clubwear sites.

Although ordering from the site can be overwhelming, you may experience some delays in delivery due to the number of orders they take. The staff also must sort out products before shipping them to ensure they ship what is ordered, thus taking a lot of time.

Dolls Kill website is easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. They have fantastic products plus their staff is quite professional in handling deliveries. Their items are well made and are interestingly packed compared to other companies.

Does Dolls Kill Run Small?-With Instances

Dolls Kill has a lot of accessories ranging from stylish clothes to fancy shoes. Let’s say you want to shop for shoes and are worried if their sizes will fit. For a person who is a biggest small and the smallest medium, and does not want to order small since it can be too tight. Also, a medium can end up being too big.

Dolls Kill shoes don’t exactly come true to size. However, the models in Dolls Kill wear a size small since you can tell from the images on their page that the small size fits snugly on them.

An image from the Dr. Martens x Dolls Kill campaign.

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If you are not keen on ordering, you can take a small and find that your right fit is a medium. However, it can be hard to pick a size, especially if you choose clothing or shoes that have a stretch.

For instance, when choosing bottoms with a rigid waistband, their size small too might not fit some people, although if you fit with other high fashion brands, you might get a fit at a medium size.

Models posing wearing Dolls Kill clothes

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You can base your size on the models and see what shoes to wear with cropped jeans. If the fit looks tight on the model and they are already wearing a size small, it will be too tight on you. You need to order a medium. It applies to snuggly wear such as lingerie, skirts, tops, and stretchy pants. However, it should be fine if you order things like t-shirts.

1. Does Dolls Kill Tops Run Small?

You should size up if you are going for soft, stretchy materials. If you are an extra small for tops, you can stay true to size, but if you have a bigger bust, you need two sizes up. Also, you should check the description of the clothes to see if the top is a body con; you should go one size up.

Sugar Thrillz Floral Print Sweetheart Crop Top - Pink Ombre

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Their tops run small, so if you are a size small, you should go two sizes up. The clothes are comfortable but too tight for a small-sized person.

Dolls kill also has in-house brands called “current mood” and “nasty gal.” The tops are meshy and stretchy, so they fit true to size. They also have basic turtle neck tops made of high-quality fabric. However, it would be best if you sized up when ordering the turtle neck tops since they are too tight when you order true to size.

2. Do Dolls Kill Skirts Run Small

Current Mood Chill Dress Code Wool Skirt

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If you order skirts from Dolls Kill, you should order a size up since they run small. Also, the skirts are short, so you must wear something inside for extra comfort. However, if you are into short clothes, they may interest you.

3. Does Dolls Kill Pajamas Run Small

Delias Dolls Kill Bug Pajama Set Blue

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Dolls Kill pajamas run small, so if you are an extra small, you must order a small or medium. If you are into styling, you can wear the pajama top with skinny jeans, but the pants are too tight and made from see-through material. However, there is no issue with their sizing if you wear them as pajamas.

4. Do Dolls Kill Shoes Run Small?

Dolls Kill heels

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Dolls Kill shoe sizes are true to size, which means that if you wear a size 6, you should order that size. The company’s shoe size chart is accurate and reliable when choosing shoes. If you are still determining the size to order, you can go through the customer reviews and know if people who have purchased shoes from them say it’s accurate.

For more clarity, you can ask a question on their website, and one of their customer service representatives will respond quickly.

5. Does Doll Kill Boots Run Small?

Club Exx Fur Trim Wedge Platform Pocket Boots - Red

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Dolls Kill boots are true to size. They are available in both men’s ad women’s styles. Th women’s boots sizes range from 5 to 11, while the men’s range from 7 to 13. The boots are also available in unisex styles. Their width can be either standard or wide, depending on your feet width.

Since the boots are true to size, always go for your normal fit. However, if you are in between sizes, you can group or down depending on how snug or tight you want the shoe to fit.

The same sizing procedure applies when you want to order flats, sneakers, or sandals from them. Since all their hoes are true to size, you should keep that in mind.

Dolls Kill Shoe Sizing

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Dolls Kill shoes are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. The women’s sizes range from 5 to 11, while the men’s size range from 7 to 13. The brand also has a few unisex styles. The width of the shoes is both standard and wide widths. The standard width suits most people, but if your feet are wide, it is best to go the wide width.

Dolls Kill shoes are true to size, so when ordering, you should go for your normal size. However, if you are between sizes, you can go up or down depending on how tight or loose you want the shoe to fit.

What Factors Affect The Sizing of Dolls Kill Shoes?

As much as Doll Kill shoes are true to size, some people find they run small. The shoe’s fit depends on many factors, such as the shoe’s style, the shoe, the width of the shoe, and personal preferences.

For instance, different shoes are made smaller or wider depending on their designs. The width of the shoe also affects how it will fit; if you have a slim foot, a wide shoe will be loose on you. Also, how a shoe fits will depend on your preference; you can choose a snug or tight shoe depending on how comfortable you want to feel.

Frequently Asked Questions On Does Dolls Kill Runs Small?

1. How can I buy clothes on the Dolls Kill website that fit perfectly?

Before you buy any clothing online, ensure you match your measurements to the brand’s size chart since different companies base their sizes on different measurements. Choose online clothing stores that offer free shipping and returns to make it simple to return a product if it does not fit.

Dollskill BNWT Club Exx Black Harness Bra Top size L, Women's Fashion,  Tops, Sleeveless

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It can also help if you read online reviews to see how others rate those items and if they are worth a try. You can visit sites where customers upload photos to see how the clothes look and fit different body types. If you are still looking for your fit, you can make many trials since it takes trial and error to get the perfect fit.

2. How would you rate Dolls Kill?

Dolls kill one of the online clothing stores that have consistency and a lot of reliability. They ship their products quickly. Their sale category can also land you a lot of lucrative deals. They have a 4-star, maybe because they charge you shipping fees or offer store credit when you want to exchange their products for a different size.

Dolls Kill Reviews and ratings according to sitejabber

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Their outfits rock, but you need to have your measurements right and follow their sizing charts to get the right fit.

3. Do Dolls Kill shoes come in half sizes?

No, Dolls Kill shoes are often true to size. However, you can get the shoes in standard and wide widths, and if you are a half size, you can size up or down depending on how tight or snug you want the shoe to fit.

If you want to determine whether a pair of Dolls Kill shoes will fit you perfectly, you can consult their size chart on their website to know what size you are. If you are unsure, you can go through the customer reviews to see what other consumers say about the sizing of their shoes.

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