Does Cider Run Small? (Shop Cider Review 2022)

Does Cider Run Small? (Shop Cider Review 2023)

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If you’ve been on social media recently, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Cider, whether it was via targeted advertisements, Tiktok, or your favorite Instagram influencers posing in that really popular and adorable orange sweater.

No, we are not referring to the hot apple drink, even though it is also well-liked.

In this article, we will evaluate the sizing of Cider clothing and see whether they run small.

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Introduction to Shop Cider Clothing review

Understanding the sizes of the clothing you purchase from an online retailer is crucial because it affects how often you can return items and how long it takes for them to send them back. Therefore, before purchasing a product, you should always take various measures to ensure you get the right size.

Although the decorations on Cider’s clothing are cool and beautiful, some of the carvings are somewhat unsettling.

Different Cider Sizes

There are two different sizes of Cider that you should be aware of. They include the “regular” sizes and the plus size, sometimes known as big sizes.

There are no additional sizes than these two categories. Plus sizes range from XL to 4XL, while standard sizes go from XS to XL.

How to Determine Your Cider Size

Take the following actions to select your size in Cider without any issues.

  1. Take Your Measurements. First, measure the circumference of your breast, the distance between your shoulders, the width of your waist, the width of your hips, the width of your thighs, the length of your arms, the length of your legs up to the navel, and the width of your feet.Cider sizing guideImage credit:
  2. Check the Garment’s Measures. To view the measurements of a product, click on the size that interests you after choosing a product you like. It will fit you perfectly if your dimensions fall below the range indicated by the product’s size.
  3. Check the product description to see the materials used to make the item. You must consider the garment’s composition if it does not contain spandex. You should choose a size because it won’t stretch, and you want it to be tight enough. Additionally, if you want the clothing to be looser, you need to choose a size 5 cm wider in the breast area than your usual size; otherwise, it will not fit or fit you properly.I always take between 5 and 10 centimeters bigger than my size since it results in a more styled silhouette that hides flaws and makes me feel more at ease.
  4. Since every take has a different size of Cider, no two takes’ sizes will be the same; as a result, you won’t be the same size in any two takes.Cider size chartImage credit:
  5. Additionally, remember that to make effective purchases, you must select colors that you truly like, as failure to do so may result in you being disfavored while putting on the takes and abandoning them soon after. You may do a colorimetry study for this while considering the color of your skin, hair, eyebrows, and eyes.

How are the Cider Sizes?

In essence, cider sizes are often small. And on the other side, when it comes to curving sizes, quite huge. Therefore, your only options are a plus size less than 145 centimeters wide or a Cider that belongs to a limited group of people with modest body width.

Cide Curve & Plus size dress

Image credit:

1. Cider Pants and Jeans

Jeans and trousers from Cider typically run small. Additionally, we advise sizing up because they might be a touch snug around the thighs and inseam.

Cider Shop offers a wide variety of trousers; however, most have this problem. As a result, you must keep this in mind if you want Cider’s bottom wear to be trendy with blue shoes.

2. Cider Tops and Shirts

Shein’s inconsistent sizing practices make it difficult to judge the fit of their clothes. However, most consumers find that Shein shirts run small; therefore, it is advised to size up when purchasing from the company. In addition, it’s a good idea to check the customer evaluations before purchasing to understand better how their clothing, particularly tops, will fit.

Cider tops

Image credit:

However, not all entries in the Shein Curve category are successes. The sizing may be severely skewed to start. For instance, my regular size 15 T-shirt I previously bought barely fit, while other shirts in the same size often fit loosely and easily.

3. Coats

The extensive selection of coats and jackets at Cider is extensive. Unfortunately, they are not accurate in their size despite the information on their website. Additionally, the fit appears to differ amongst products.

A smaller size is suggested for a comfortable fit. However, you might adhere to the size suggestion if you want to layer with a thicker inner.

4. Dresses

The dresses fit true to size according to the Cider size chart. But occasionally you’ll find that some of your clothes are too big or too tiny. This could result from Cider’s dependency on a separate clothes producer.

The Cider dresses, however, may run small, notably for those with large chests. As a result, they fit nicely for sizes small to normal; if not, try buying a size larger and having it tailored to fit you precisely with pink shoes.

The Reason We Wanted to Try the Cider Clothing Store

Even though we believe we are a little older than the targeted audience—Gen Z—we occasionally see tailored shop cider ads. After all, we are only human. So we became intrigued when we started seeing these lovely tweed ensembles on Instagram and in our stories.

Once they had achieved their target, We went to their site and saw more unusual styles I had never seen before. All at an incredible cost! In addition, there were positive client evaluations.

It is important to note that orders above $50 qualify for free delivery. In addition, I used the size chart to ensure that nothing We bought was two sizes too small.

Our Primary Buying Criteria at Cider

a) Cider Shipping

If you spend $50 or more, shipping is free and takes about 5-7 business days. So that is excellent all around.

b) Overall Design

The styles would be top-notch and current, given the social-first concept.

An influencer could easily wear everything we purchased. We found some stuff on the website to be a little “out there,” but it is all fashionable.

c) Size Precision

Cide sizing section

Image credit:

Before making a purchase, you should review the size charts.

d) Quality

The good quality exceeded expectations for a quick fashion firm. I can wear these garments for multiple seasons because they do not feel like they will wear out.

e) Wearability

All of these items are ones that I might use in a variety of situations. However, even the daring cutaway bathing suit is too revealing to wear.

Ladies rocking cider clothing brand

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Frequently Asked Questions

a) Who Owns Shop Cider?

Wang Chen established Cider, which has its headquarters in Hong Kong.

b) Where is Cider Clothing Based?

Guangzhou, China, is the home base of Cider Clothing.

c) Does Cider Shop Run Small?

Since most other quick fashion websites tend to run small, Cider’s sizing seemed large.

d) Is Cider Legit?

In a word, yes. Cider does not steal your money, send you counterfeit goods, or purposely delay your delivery, yet we won’t state they are the best online apparel retailers.

Not in our experience, at least. It is a legitimate apparel company, and our interaction with them was straightforward. Their online process is as easy as shopping online for hours. Get an expensive shopping cart, and spend more time reducing it. Spend some money, and your clothing will arrive on schedule.

e) Is Shop Cider Fast Fashion Brand?

Cider clothes

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Cider remains in rapid vogue. However, the firm can significantly reduce waste because of its preorder manufacturing approach.

f) How Long Does It Take to Ship From Shop Cider?

My purchase took just over 2 weeks to complete. Not the quickest, but by no means the slowest.

g) Does Shop Cider Resemble Shein?

Yes, if we’re referring to specific styles and pricing points. However, Cider products are superior to Shein. In addition, Shein goods seem to be significantly more affordable.

Both provide contemporary, on-trend goods in terms of designs, but Cider offers a superior, more sophisticated collection. In addition, Cider pays its employees 4-5 times the minimum salary and has a very strict quality standard, making it a better-run business.

On the other side, Shein appears to keep this information private from the general public, which frequently causes customers to have doubts about their business operations.

Due to its preorder approach to inventory, Cider can maintain its prices at ridiculously low levels. Customers wonder whether Shein is ethical because it needs to clarify how the firm maintains its costs so cheaply.

h) Does Shop Cider Sell in Plus Size options?

A woman in a plus size Slit Cider Dress

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Most kinds of apparel from Shop Cider are available in sizes up to 4x. In addition, the website’s Curve and Plus-size area are included in a category-organized listing of all the goods.

i) How are returns on Cider Store

I don’t particularly like Cider’s limited return period, though. You have to return products just 14 days from the date of delivery. Some people may find this lengthy enough, but I need more than this.

Cider will provide you a free return label for the first order you return; however, you will need to pay for any future returns you decide to make after the first one. I get this.

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