Does Christian Louboutin run small?

Does Christian Louboutin Run Small? Find the Right Size

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Finding the perfect shoe can be tricky sometimes, as your shoes say a lot about you. However, you want to look amazing in nice shoes like those by Christian Louboutin. Though, you may be unsure whether you will find your size. So, does Christian Louboutin run small?

Yes, Christian Louboutin runs small. You will get many sizes with their classic yet sexy neck-twisting shoes for men and women.

We shall discuss the different shoe sizes that you can find from this shoe brand. So, if you are looking for your size, keep reading.

Does Christian Louboutin Run Small?

It is important to know that Louboutins shoes are made using Italian sizing dimensions. So, they are narrower than you may think, and the surest way to get a perfectly fitting pair is to try them on. This also means that they run small because of the Italian dimensions used.

You may need a half-size or a full-size up to get a pair that will fit perfectly. Also, women with narrow feet are more likely to get the right shoe size than those with wider feet.

Most manufacturers only create shoes in the 40 to 47 size range, so those who need these sizes will only find a wide selection in standard shoe retailers.

Christian Louboutin Men’s Shoe Sizing Guide

Men's shoe sizes guide

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Christian Louboutin Women’s Shoes Sizes Guide

Women's shoe sizes guide

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From the tables above, you can see that Christian Louboutin shoes for men and women are available in different sizes. So what does that mean? It means that the brand produces shoes in different sizes, and most people can get a pair that fits perfectly.

You can find fitting pairs for people with small feet. Also, because most of these shoes are natural leather, they will fit you well over time, even if you get a smaller fitting. But Louboutin recommends getting a half-size up to be on the safe side.

Christian Louboutin Sizing Guide

The red bottoms come in different sizes depending on the type of shoe. Therefore, we shall look at a few examples to see how they differ.

1. Kate

The Kate is a pointed-toe heel with a sleek silhouette. For this heel, Louboutin recommends that you order half a size up. However, some people may need to order a full size up for a perfect fit.

Kate Louboutin shoes

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Its sole is narrow and is made with a narrow and longer toe box. These will give you an easy time if you have skinny to normal feet. However, if you are among the people with wider feet, you won’t be lucky to find a perfect-fitting pair. Consider getting the shoe stretched if this is your desired pair.

2. So Kate

The most popular Louboutin model is this one. It has a tremendously high arch and is an exaggerated, dramatic version of Kate.

The So Kate features an extremely high heel without a platform, effectively placing the foot in its extended, tippy-toe position. No platform is there, and the heels are very low. Even though buyers adore this aesthetic and these shoes’ lack of support, they rarely enjoy wearing them.

So Kate pumps for women

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The Kate’s sole is incredibly narrow, and so is the So Kate’s. Because of the foot’s drastically arched position, the toe box is shorter and narrow.

Although Louboutin advises ordering one-half size larger, certain customers must order one full size; the bottom line is it needs to be wider-foot friendly.

3. Lady Peep Pumps

The Louboutin Lady Peep pumps are a more comfortable type and provide a thick platform that offers a little support for individuals with a low arch.

Lady peep pumps

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If your foot is inherently narrow in shape, the peep-toe silhouette does offer a truer-to-size fit than the close-toed models in terms of fitting. Going up at least a half size with these red-bottom shoes may help you get the right size.

4. Pigalle

Your best choice for a classic heel is the Pigalle. The Pigalle stiletto is a little thicker than a pencil-thin stiletto, providing ample support for your feet without sacrificing style.

Pigalle shoes for women

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This size runs small because of the thinner sole and somewhat shorter toe box. The toe box, for instance, is pointed yet moderately rounded. Louboutin advises buying at least one half-size larger.

5. Iriza

The Iriza is Louboutin’s classic interpretation of the half-d’Orsay heel. This is the most comfortable Louboutin heel you can get without a platform.

Iriza heels

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This is one of the greatest styles available for broader feet. The cutaway on the side creates more space inside the shoe, making it the most comfortable and straightforward to fit a wider foot. In addition, the toe box of Iriza is long, slender, and pointed.

As a result, the recommended fit for these, according to Louboutin, is true to size. Since they are made of natural leather, they will eventually become more comfortable on your feet.

Some individuals, however, still need to scale up or down if their toes are shorter than average.

6. Twistissima Pumps

As a general guideline, Louboutin recommends going up a full size and a half for any pair of red bottoms made of non-leather material, as the material does not have the same capacity as leather to stretch and mold to your foot over time.

Twistissima pumps for women

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Remember, there are many things to consider when you buy those gorgeous pumps, like your foot breadth, the size and width of your toes, the type of shoe, the material, and even your preferences for wearability.

Additionally, your shoes will stretch out as you use them over time, or you may even employ various techniques to stretch them to the ideal size.

7. Lou Spikes Orlato Leather Sneakers

Besides ladies’ classy heels and other beautiful designs, Christian Louboutin also makes men’s shoes. This pair of sneakers is such a great example that you may like.

Lou Spikes leather sneakers for men

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The Lou Spikes feature studded toe caps and red soles that give them a unique characteristic. The sole is made of synthetic rubber that is skid-resistance, making them safe to wear in wet weather. This shoe design is made in different sizes, varying from 35-50, making it suitable for a large group of people with different foot sizes.

8. Greggo Patent Leather Oxford Shoe

This pair of Greggo leather Oxford shoes is another one you want to purchase for your official business. It is made of patent leather, from the lining to the sole, which means high quality and durability.

Greggo patent leather oxford shoes for men suitable for official businesses and available in sizes 35-50

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The lace-up fastening makes them easy to put on and remove. The sizes run from 35-50, so no matter your foot size, you can never miss a pair that fits you perfectly. All you need is to know what to wear with black shoes, and you’re good to go with this pair of leather shoes.

Factors Affecting Christian Louboutin Shoe Sizes

a) Material

The material has a significant impact on fit. Natural leather stretches with use and conforms to the shape of your feet. Although patent leather doesn’t flex or conform to your foot, it does provide advantages such as being more robust and waterproof.

Vieira - Sneakers - Calf leather - Black - Christian Louboutin

In addition, you can get your shoes stretched at a cobbler if they are slightly tight. Natural leather works considerably better for this. The best thing about leather shoes is that you can even paint them; you only need good paint for leather shoes.

b) Heel Height/ Pitch

The heel makes a significant improvement in wearability and comfort. Your feet’s shape in the shoes, whether relaxed or compressed and pushed to bend over a stiletto, can also impact fit.

heel height affects sizing

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Louboutin heels are sized in millimeters for reference. Their 120mm (4.7 inches) heels are more challenging to wear and walk in than the 100mm (3.9 inches) or less.

c) Toe Box

The toe box can greatly influence why you might need to size up or down. Your toes fit inside a toe box, which can range in width and length depending on the shoe. For example, the toe box size varies greatly with Christian Louboutin heels.

different toe box sizes affect the shoe size

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Make sure to inquire about the toe box size of your Louboutin heels, particularly if you have a broader foot or somewhat longer toes.

How to Tell a Genuine Christian Louboutin Shoe

It may be hard for any buyer to get a genuine pair of red bottoms if you do not go to the shop yourself. This is because some manufacturers decide to make a replica of the shoes but of different quality.

Therefore, if you are still looking for a pair of these shoes from the brand’s boutique, here are a few things to remember to help you know whether or not the shoe you bought is genuine.

a) Label

A white label with information on the style, color, size, and logo is on one end of Christian Louboutin’s boxes. Verify that this info matches the specifications of the shoe.

confirm if logo matches shoe specifications

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Also, check the label copy’s size, print quality, spacing, and typeface. An untidy label from a box of Louboutin shoes is fake.

b) Shoe Bag

The silky cotton (almost velvet-like) red dust bag for Christian Louboutin shoes features the brand’s logo and the words “Paris” below and to the right. This is also true of the tiny dust bag that holds the attachments.

CL shoe bag

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If your shoes have spikes, for instance, you will find more spikes. In addition, there should be an etching of “CL” on the flat side of the studs. Red might be different shades, but the font and print are always made of high-quality materials and are legible.

c) Shoe Box

The Christian Louboutin logo and the term Paris are shown below and toward the right-hand corner of the sturdy brown box that holds Christian Louboutin shoes. Verify the logo’s positioning, size, and font details thoroughly.

CL shoe box, but keep in mind that fake shoes can be sold in real shoe boxes

d) Red Sole

The sole of Christian Louboutin’s shoes is distinctively red. The most frequently used color is “lipstick” red, but because Louboutin shoes are handmade and made in various factories, the shade can change to a more orange-red.

CL signature red soles

Image Credits:

The red bottoms on Louboutin shoes are made of leather, not plastic. Thus they should be shiny, like nail polish. Louboutin’s “L” must be so close to the remainder of the word. However, there is always a definite gap between reproductions.

Older original models of Louboutin do include this stamp. Thus it doesn’t mean the shoe is a fake. However, the shoe is fake if you encounter a modern model with this stamp. The font, outline, and depth of the Vero Cuoio stamp can all differ.

e) Insole

The word Paris is written below the gold-stamped mark of Christian Louboutin on their insoles. Examine the logo’s size, placement, and alignment thoroughly. The inside sole’s color can sometimes be beige.

CL insoles

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f) Stitching

The stitching on genuine Louboutin footwear should be flawless and constant. The genuine stitching is neatly finished, accurately spaced, accurate, tight, and straight.

neatly finished stitches

Image Credits:

Also, the top of the seam on some replicas’ backs has a tab or overlap absent in simple basic designs like Pigalle, Daffodile, and So Kate. Louboutins are regarded as works of pure art.

g) Sizes

Genuine Louboutin footwear always has the EU sizes and comes in half sizes (1/2 and not .5), except for espadrilles. Due to the lower cost of production, replicas frequently come in full sizes and full heel sizes.

You’ll likely notice heel sizes 100, 120, and 140 rather than 85 if you visit the websites of counterfeit sellers. The same applies to shoe sizes: 38, 39, and 40, not 38½.

h) Certificate of Authenticity

The certificate of authenticity is the best indicator of a fake Louboutin shoe. This card, normally red with gold branded letters, states that real leather was used to make the shoe and that quality was a priority.

So how does a certification of authenticity make it easier for you to spot fakes? That’s easy: they don’t exist. However, with their fake Louboutin shoes, many con artists will produce a nicely branded certificate of authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions On Christian Louboutin Shoe Sizes

1. Do all Christian Louboutin shoes have red soles?

The red soles are Christian Louboutin’s signature. Today, you will find red soles on almost every piece of the brand’s products.

2. Do red bottoms come with authenticity cards?

Like other legacy shoe brands, Christian Louboutin shoes do not come with authenticity cards. So, if you get a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes with an authenticity card, the shoes are fake.

3. Do Louboutins need to break in?

Yes, you will need to break in your pair of red bottoms. However, this process may take longer than expected since they are high quality.

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