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Does Carter’s Run Small? The Right Fit For Your Child

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It's not easy to navigate the sizing charts for babies, toddlers, and young kids when shopping for clothing for your children. Some infants and children move easily from one size to the next, while others take their time. So, does Carter's run small?

Yes, Carter's clothing tends to run small. Unlike adult clothing, all children's clothing sizes should, above all else, fit snugly without being overly restrictive. When you have questions, it's hard to find the proper fit. We are here to help you make decisions regarding 24 vs. 2T, 5T vs. 5, and much more.

In that case, how do you determine what size of Carter's baby clothes to buy? How do Carter's children's sizes work? Here are some suggestions to help you select the appropriate size for your kid's clothes.

Why is Carter's Clothing So Popular?

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Carter's has a strong reputation among parents as a reliable brand. Carter's is not only a great place to shop because of its reasonable prices, frequent discounts, and beautiful clothing and kid's shoes, but it is also rather challenging when it comes to sizing.

Everyone I know with more than one child has been able to dress all of their children in hand-me-downs from their Carter's wardrobe, but not always with other brands that didn't survive the demands of infanthood. In addition, today, parents can provide their older children with the same long-lasting, fashionable clothing they've always loved.

Carter's KID has taken a major step forward with its release. The clothing, which ranges in size from 4 to 14, is intended to inspire young people to be themselves and to develop their sense of style.

The collection will contain graphic tees that depict anything from cuisine and emojis to science and video games, as well as active, layering, mix-and-match, and simple everyday tees.

Does Carter's Run Small?

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Carters are true to size, with enough length for longer babies, enough slimness for layering, and enough stretch for bigger babies as well. However, some kids' clothes tend to run small. Customer reviews show that this is especially true for huge babies and varies from one baby to another.

If you're shopping for a newborn, you should get the true newborn size because 98% of infants will be too big for the 3-month size. Onesies are a little longer than cotton sleepers. However, cotton sleepers are true to size and snug (on purpose).

How Does Carter's Sizing Work?

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Are you looking for the meaning of the letters and numbers used on a child's clothes label? Or what makes 4T different from 4? It's crucial to understand how to read labels before you shop. Here is a simple tutorial on understanding the labels on Carter's clothing.

  • P = Preemie
  • N = Newborn
  • 3M = Zero to three months ("M" is used up to 24M)
  • 2T = Toddler, approximately two years old ("T" is used through 5T)
  • 6X = A size between six and seven
  • 4R = Four, regular fit
  • 4S = Four, slim fit
  • 4H = Four, husky fit
  • 4P = Four, plus fit
  • 4-5 = Dual sizes such as 4-5 are sized generously, with room to grow

Tips to Consider for Carters Sizing

1. Age Vs. Size

Remember that age labels on clothing don't always correspond to the child's age. Clothing for infants and young children is typically labeled with age ranges (newborn, 6-9 months, 2T, etc.), but this sizing guide is only meant to be a rough estimate.

Keep in mind that because children develop at different rates and at different times, you might need to buy a size that isn't appropriate for the child's age.

2. Know Your Child's Fundamental Body Measurements

You should know your child's height, weight, and age before shopping for them. Brands may use metrics other than the standard height, weight, and bust size to determine the appropriate size of an item of clothing.

Conversely, Carter's baby, toddler, and kid clothing is sized by weight and height, making it simple to get the most accurate fit for even your older children. It's polite to ask the parents for their child's dimensions if you're buying a gift for someone else's kid.

3. Learn About Some of the Features of Children's Clothing Sizes

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Have you ever questioned why toddler clothes start at 2T and baby clothes go up to 24 months, even though both sizes represent two years? What separates 24 months from 2T, in case you've ever wondered what size is 2T?

As children enter the toddler years, their rate of development may halt, yet children of this age range can be found in a wide range of sizes. Some two-year-olds can already go to the bathroom without a diaper, so clothes shouldn't always be made with that in mind.

To accommodate a child's diaper, toddler clothing in size 24M is sometimes cut wider, while 2T is intended for a kid who is no longer in diapers.

Carter's baby clothes are distinctive in that they only come in one size rather than offering a selection of sizes for the consumer to choose from (for example, 3M instead of 0-3M). When compared to other brands, 3M sizes from Carter's are roughly equivalent to the 0-3M range.

4. Save Your Receipt

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If a child's new, unused clothing doesn't fit, you should return or exchange it for a different size. Most babies grow fast and move on to the next size just when you think you have a grasp on their present size.

Use Carter's kid's size guide to cut down on the guesswork while shopping for your little one. Contact our customer service department or visit one of our local stores if you need help interpreting our labels or determining the appropriate size.

Is Carter's 2T the Same as 24 Months?

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Although 24 months is equivalent to two years, the same cannot be said for children's clothing. And it has every parent scratching their head. Sadly, I didn't know there was a difference between these sizes until my first child had outgrown them.

Everything depends on how children's clothing is sized and labeled. The sizes of children's clothing are typically based on time periods. So, for clothing, you'll see six to twelve months or twelve to eighteen months. These sizes are made to fit children up to the upper age limit of the range.

Therefore, clothing marked "six to twelve months" is intended to fit a child at least six months old and up to twelve months old. If a label only lists one age, like 24 months, it means the item is suitable for infants and toddlers up to that age.

Regarding 2T, it means the item is for a 2-year-old child. Consequently, it's age-appropriate for toddlers who have recently turned two and those who are very close to turning three.


Kids love making their own decisions, so it stands to reason that the mix-and-match section of Carter's KID range could be my favorite. Your kids will be able to put things together to feel comfortable and like they stand out, from graphic tees to skater hoodies and tutus.

Everything in this collection is made to stand alone or coordinate with another piece, so there are no one-piece sets or forced matching details. This gives your kids the freedom and assurance to choose their clothes, knowing that you will like them and approve of them.

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