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Does Burberry Run Small? An In-Depth Sizing Guide

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As one of the most popular luxury designer brands in the fashion business, Burberry is the epitome of British luxury. The brand, active in the fashion industry for over 160 years, has seen several power shifts to raise Burberry's premium status.

Remembering Thomas Burberry, the founder and brains of the Burberry brand, and his breakthrough development of the trench coat are important. The trench coat and several products that followed it embody Burberry, and all we love about its exceptional craftsmanship since it is made of gabardine, the first water-resistant fabric ever created, and remains in use today.

The trench coat, which is over a century old and continues to characterize the house of Burberry, is one of the most recognizable and durable items in the world today.

Burberry has three lines:

  • Burberry Prorsum- runway collection
  • Burberry London- formal trousers and shirts
  • Burberry Brit- casual shirts, polos, and denim

Burberry, a high-end fashion brand, offers a wide range of products, including women's clothing, shoes, jackets, trench coats, belts, and wallets. However, does Burberry run small? Let's dive in!

How Does Burberry Fit?

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Burberry generally has a small fitting to give a more fitted appearance, meaning you should size up. It's important to find the perfect fit for your body to avoid purchasing Burberry shoes and clothes that are too big and end up drowning in them or too small that it's uncomfortable.

Also, the Burberry Blue Label, sold in Japan, is a particular variation of the Burberry brand. To cater more directly to the Japanese market, Blue Label products offer clothing that is better fitting and accessible in smaller sizes.

Does Burberry Run Small?

Yes, Burberry is generally known to run small or give a fitted look, so it's always better to size up. Notably, this doesn't apply to all Burberry items because items like Burberry's Polos fit loosely and won't be the best look, especially with dress pants.

However, checking the Burberry website's size chart before making any purchase is important since some styles run small while others run large. This will give the best indication of how the Burberry item you are interested in will fit and if it will run in size.

Alternatively, you can consult Burberry's customer service to get more information. Just because Burberry runs small doesn't mean you should completely avoid the brand, as you can always size up.

Which Burberry Items Run Small?

When it comes to Burberry sizing, one thing to keep in mind is that it can depend on the type of item you buy. For instance, how a Burberry coat fits is different from how its dress will fit since people prefer coats in bigger sizes to allow them to wear with other clothes underneath.

Burberry coats, t-shirts, jackets, and dresses run from size 0, XXS, to 18, XL, or XXL. Below we have listed all the Burberry items that run small.

1. Shirts

Most of them are not the exact fit, and it can be hard to find Burberry that will fit your body perfectly. So if you check the Burberry website, the size fits some people while it will be tight for individuals with bigger arms and shoulders.

2. Baby Clothing

Like other luxury designer brands, Burberry baby clothes are known to run small compared to other mainstream baby clothes.

3. Shoes

Although Burberry has different styles of shoes with different sizes, in general, they tend to run small. They offer shoes in both standard and wide widths, but if you are between shoe sizes, it's better to choose a size up when buying your Burberry shoes.

For instance, size 9 Burberry rain boots are meant to fit someone with narrow feet. In contrast, wear size 8 loafers, preferably with shorts if you have wide feet.

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Since Burberry uses high-quality materials for its shoes, this is why they run small and can be the cause of your discomfort.

a). Flats

Burberry's flats run small, and you will need to size up. However, for almost all ballet flat-type styles, you should size up, but for the regular flats and sandals, they are mostly true to size.

b). Rain Boots

When it comes to the Burberry rain boots, most people agree that you will have to size up since the calf area is slim.

4. Burberry Trench Coats

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Not all Burberry coats run small, and it will depend on the type of Burberry trench coat you want to purchase. For instance, the Burberry Chelsea Trench Coat is tailored and has a slim fit than the Burberry Kensington Trench Coat.

So, if you want a Chelsea Slim Fit from the luxury designer brand, I would advise you to size up. Also, for Burberry trench coats, the size difference might come in the sleeve length, which you can easily alter by getting the sides slimmed and the sleeves shortened.

Luckily, most Burberry boutiques will alter Burberry coats for free, but this may differ by country or boutique. However, full-priced clothing is only eligible for free alterations three months after the purchase.

Any adjustments will be measured and pinned as necessary. However, only minimal modifications are eligible for this free service. Other changes are possible, but there will be a fee.

Why Does Burberry Run Small?

There are a few reasons why Burberry items may run small. They include:

  • Burberry uses a different sizing system than other luxury designer brands.
  • Some of the Burberry items may be designed for a slim or narrow fit
  • The fabric is too stiff and not stretchy enough
  • Designer luxury brands use a 1.5-inch grade, unlike mass-produced clothing, which uses 2 inches, and this can make the difference when the size grows or shrinks.

Why Choose Burberry?

For more than 160 years, Burberry has been a mainstay in fashion, from classic trench coats to retro-inspired home goods. They have gained a reputation over the years, contributing to their high prices. Some of the main reasons to choose Burberry to include:

1. High-Quality Materials

Burberry stands out for many reasons than just how long they have been in business, but also because its products are of exceptional quality. Burberry supplies clients with things that will last for years, from their timeless trench coats to chic accessories.

Their items are made of high-quality materials, increasing their durability and making them feel smoother and softer on the skin.

Burberry's timeless pieces are easy to incorporate into any wardrobe and cater to all ages, including Millenials and Baby Boomers. In addition, Burberry shoes are clothing that will give you full service and be worn for years without discomfort.

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2. Attention to Details

Every item from the designer brand is made with maximum attention to detail and fine details featured in each design. This is one of the reasons why people will prefer Burberry to other luxury brands like Gucci or Luis Vuitton.

3. Sturdy Construction

When it comes to how the company makes its shoes, accessories, and clothing, it is super sturdy and will not break or tear easily. Although Burberry coats, shoes, and clothing may seem overpriced initially, they are not since they will give you service for years to come.

4. Water Resistance

Burberry is a well-known designer brand well recognized for its trench coats, but the company also sells a wide range of other premium clothes and accessories, including shoes. Some items are designed for function and style, and some are water-resistant.

This is perfect for individuals who frequently experience sudden downpours or live in a region with a lot of rain. The shoes and some trench coats from Burberry are water-resistant and built of durable materials that can survive wetness without getting ruined.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Fit in Burberry

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  • To determine your perfect glove size, ensure you measure the widest point around your hand, under the knuckles of your four fingers, and ensure the measuring tape is loose.
  • To measure the correct hat size, get a second pair of hands, then start from the back and bring your ends together at your forehead's centered, above your eyebrows
  • Burberry's lengths are significantly shorter; short is hardly longer than a jacket, the medium is about what I would call short, long is about what I would call medium, and even their extra-long version is just beyond the knee
  • Choose a block color or a plain style if you don't want a style that will overwhelm you

Conclusion on Does Burberry Run Small

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Every Burberry is worth your money as it will guarantee you a long service. The luxury brand isn't for people who are averagely sized, somewhat overweight, or even underweight. Instead, they are for persons who are extremely fit.

However, be keen when shopping Burberry products, as many counterfeits exist everywhere. Ensure you check the sizing label, logo, and label to easily know if you are dealing with genuine or fake Burberry products.

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