A Detailed Buying Guide: Does Bape Run Small?

A Detailed Buying Guide: Does Bape Run Small?

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Bathing Ape or BAPE clothing hit the streetwear scene with a loud bang! It is no secret that this brand is making waves, with Bape hoodies running out of stock at a high rate. So, does Bape run small? Read on for a detailed answer to this burning question and an extensive breakdown of the brand’s sizing system.

How Does Bape Fit?

Most Americans need help finding the right fit for Bape clothing. Whenever you are looking for the right Bape size, it is advisable to size up because it mostly fits one size small. The difficulty is due to a small discrepancy with the brand’s sizing system. You have to keep in mind that this brand does not fit true to size for most Americans.

While the real reason behind the discrepancy remains unknown, the most sensible theory is that the Japanese origins have a lot to do with it.

Bape Hoodie

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Bape sizing was initially made to fit the Japanese market when sizing is smaller than in America. So, while it has gained prominence in the United States, the sizing system has not yet conformed to American standards.

The only good news is that, while the discrepancy exists, you’ll love how perfectly they fit when you figure out the right size for you. It’s also worth remembering that this brand’s clothing is popularly known to shrink by 10%, so it’s recommended that you always size up for a perfect fit.

What Sizes Does BAPE Come In?

BAPE brand caters to everyone and is comfortable streetwear that is taking the globe by storm. Products sizes are available for women, men, and even children.

BAPE fit come in the following sizes:

  • Kids: From size 70(six months) to 160 (14 to 16 years of age)
  • Men: Runs from size small to XXL
  • Women: From XXS (extra-extra small) to large(L)

Which Bape Items Run Small?

Bape products run small in most categories. So, when you go shopping, it is essential to ensure that you go for what fits you by either sizing up or down.

1. Hoodies

Bape Hoodies

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Bape hoodies became a force to be reckoned with in the mid-2000s, giving the brand name prominence against many streetwear brands. Bape hoodies run one size small, meaning you have to go for a medium size, whereas you would go for a large size with other brands.

As Bape made waves as a streetwear brand, many people loved the quality of clothing and the stylish look that a Bape hoodie had. Nonetheless, after a while, many people, especially in America, realized that Bape hoodies were a bit smaller than American brands.

2. Jackets

Bape jacket

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Bape jackets are true to size. Their most popular version is their hooded jacket. Like every other brand, the Bape jackets are designed to be oversized and cropped – just what everyone wants!

One thing that most people appreciate is the fact that these jackets are durable. Bape stays true to Japanese quality to ensure that the jackets are impeccable.

3. Shorts

Bape Shorts

Image Credits: razer.com

Bape shorts also run one size small. And compared to the average American basketball shorts, they are shorter. However, the brand put a unique spin on its shorts to ensure they stood out as they entered the streetwear industry.

The unique spin makes their shorts a must-have in your wardrobe; all you have to do is ensure that you get the right size.

4. Sweatpants

Right Size

Image Credits: pinterest.com

Although it is no secret that some Bape sweatpants come with a slim construction, all the sweatpants fit true to size. The sizing is also evident with the famous shark-face pants. You can find the Bape sweatpants in large, extra-large, XXL, and medium sizes.

Here is how you buy Bape sweatpants so that they fit properly:

  • Waist 35 to 37 – wear Bape size small
  • Waist 37 to 39 inches – wear Bape medium size
  • Waist 39 to 41 inches – wear Bape large
  • Waist 41 to 43 inches – wear Bape XL
  • Waist 43 to 45 inches – wear Bape XXL

5. Shoes

When it comes to shoes, Bape runs true to size. Their shoe sizing system is similar to most reputable American brands like Adidas, Nike, and Puma. And though the Bape shoes have not swept the streetwear scene like the Bape hoodies and jackets, they are great quality and fit perfectly in the streetwear culture. So, if you keep asking yourself why Nike is expensive, why not try the Bape sneakers for a change?

BAPESTA Sneakers

Bape Sneakers

Image Credits: instagram.com

Bapesta is Bape’s Air Force 1, the brand’s flagship sneaker with a perfect leather construction. However, Air Force 1 is smaller than Bapesta; it fits true to size. Therefore, if you need extra room, you should go a half size up.

Sk8 Sta Sneakers


Image Credits: hybkicks.com

Apart from Bapesta, Bathing Ape has another popular shoe, another reimagining of Nike shoes. The Sk8 Sta was created with the emergence of popular shoes like Roadsta during the Y2K era. Sk8 Sta is Bape’s Nike Dunk, which fits true to size. But, of course, a guy with wider feet will have to size up and if you are buying women’s shoes, you size down by a size and a half.

6. T-Shirts

All of Bape’s T-shirts fit true to size. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a full fitting, you should size up. With t-shirts, there isn’t much to worry about, Bape size is closely similar to other brands.


Image Credits: farfetch.com

Like Supreme and LRG, Bape shirts run a bit large and long. And because they are designed to be worn untucked, the Bape t-shirts will not fit slim. One thing to note is that Bape shirts fit true to size in the chest area but large in the waist and arms. So, if you are into brands like Supreme or Dragon Ball Z hoodies, you will love Bape shirts.

Does Bape Make Plus-Size Clothing?

Unfortunately, Bathing Ape doesn’t cater to plus-size individuals. Their largest clothes are XL or XXL, which also fit most individuals because the brand is designed with the Japanese community in mind. Their sizing system runs smaller compared to all-inclusive brands like Abercrombie.

Usual Size

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Despite penetrating the American market, Bape has yet to design clothes that fit plus-size individuals. Instead, like most streetwear brands, they make their clothes in limited stock intending to generate maximum hype.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Clothes


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There are so many factors that are involved in the process of finding and buying the ideal clothes. While it may seem like an easy task, it is quite challenging for most individuals. And if you are interested in designer clothes and keeping up with trends, then you understand that you must be keen and consider the following factors before purchasing:

1. Cost

The price of a garment will be determined by quality, brand, and material. The quality of clothing will depend on whether or not you are purchasing the original version or not. For example, BAPE is an expensive streetwear brand that you don’t expect to find at a low price.


Image Credits: ebay.co.uk

Consider how much money you want to spend and let your budget guide you toward which brand to go for. Nonetheless, promotions and discounts offered at different stores can help you buy clothing items you would otherwise not afford.

2. Measurements

No one wants to end up with clothes that don’t fit. On the other hand, you don’t want loose clothes that aren’t chic or tight clothes that are uncomfortable. If you want to create a certain look, you can be sure that it will come out different if the clothes you have on are not a tailored fit.

Perfect Fit Shirts

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For example, if you buy BAPE hoodies, you should take proper measurements of your chest, arms, shoulders, waist, and hips. Then, if you buy one of the hoodies in your usual size, you will realize that while every other part fits perfectly, it runs smaller in body length.

Therefore, before purchasing any brand, ensure that you have the right measurements after researching their sizing system. Bape size might differ from the same fit when you buy another brand’s clothing.

3. Quality

Like every other brand, there are fake Bape hoodies out there in some stores. Please take note of the quality of clothing you desire and be well-informed about it before you buy. Ensure the store you purchase from is like Banana Republic, that sells original quality of any brand you want.

Bape Hoodies

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For example, Bape zippers are all from YKK. So, if you buy a Bape hoodie without the right zippers, you can be sure you have a fake. Quality will depend not only on the rand but greatly on whether or not you have an original item.

4. Care Instructions

Every material has a way in which it is washed. Ensure that every cloth you purchased is of good quality and has clear instructions on how to wash and care for it. Ensure you are well aware of the material you are buying and the instruction for washing and caring for it. You want to avoid a situation where you have to spend a lot of money on an item, then wash it wrong, only to mess it up before enjoying it.

5. Current Wardrobe

Correct Sizing

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Your current wardrobe matters a lot when you decide to go out and buy any clothing. Unless you want to change the whole wardrobe and replace it with new clothes, it is recommended that you ensure what you buy fits effortlessly into your current wardrobe.


So, does Bathing Ape run small? Well, as we have seen already, it truly depends on your purchased item. Most products from BAPE generally run smaller. And the reason often you will need to size up when buying this brand is that the material tends to shrink easily. Therefore, to enjoy this famous streetwear brand, ensure you know the sizing system and have your measurements in mind.

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