Does Banana Republic Run Small? Detailed Sizing Guide

Does Banana Republic Run Small? Detailed Sizing Guide

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In your search for a blend of fashionable, casual, and business outfits, you might have come across Banana Republic as a recommendation for a fashion-forward wardrobe. For fashion enthusiasts and regular Joes finding the right fit for any wear is crucial. So, does Banana Republic run small?

Banana Republic is one of the most popular luxury designer brands in the American fashion business. The brand, active in the fashion industry for over 40 years, has seen two power shifts, from Mel and Patricia to Gap Inc., to raise its premium status.

Banana Republic, a high-end fashion brand, offers a wide range of products, including women’s wear, menswear, accessories, and footwear. Also, despite being at the higher end regarding its pricing, it provides accessible luxury clothing with excellent fabrics and solid construction techniques.

Let’s look at Banana Republic clothes, most especially their sizing.

Banana Republic: Brand History

Banana Republic, originally founded by two San Francisco-based reporters in the late 70s, started as the Banana Republic Travel & Safari Clothing Company. 

Banana Republic Store

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The two stocked up on pieces from their trips abroad and eventually became famous for their unique cosmopolitan style. Today, Gap Inc. owns Banana Republic and other brands such as Old Navy, GAP, Hill City, and Athleta, among others.

However, it is important to note that Banana Republic is a high-end brand under the GAP Inc. umbrella. While GAP is awesome for basic staples, Banana Republic is where you go for sophisticated, fashionable collections of casual and tailored apparel accessories, shoes, and personal care for women and men at higher price points.

Banana Republic Sizing Guide

Banana Republic products vary significantly across sizes and categories. For example, while women’s shirts and sweaters run small, the men’s collection varies from product to product, so it is best to follow the size guide.

Banana Republic pants size chart

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Banana Republic has introduced detailed size charts to provide a positive shopping environment. Size down for Banana Republic blouses, tops, sweaters, coats, and cardigans, as they tend to run big. However, shorts, pants, and skirts often run true to size and meet the official sizing standards.

If you are buying t-shirts from Banana Republic, you need to measure the base of your neck and chest and compare them with the size charts on their website to get a clear idea. Likewise, measure the base of your neck and your waist and compare with the charts for best-fitting dresses from the different stores of Banana Republic.

However, Banana Republic and other brands like J. Crew were in the spotlight for vanity sizing among their women’s collections, but it is said that the items still fit comfortably.

Does Banana Republic Run Small?

No, generally, products of Banana Republic run large, so it is better to size down to get the best fit.

Banana Republic outfits

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Remarkably, this doesn’t apply to all Banana Republic items. For instance, items like shorts, pants, and skirts often run true to size, while women’s shirts and tops run small.

Nevertheless, checking the Banana Republic website’s sizing charts before making purchases creates a positive shopping environment because different styles run different sizes. This will give the best clue of how the item you’re interested in fits.

So, just because Banana Republic products run large doesn’t mean you should completely avoid the brand, as you can always size down.

Banana Republic Items Sizing

When it comes to sizing, it is important to note that it can depend on the type of item you buy. For instance, how Banana Republic shirts fit is different from how its coats will fit since people prefer coats in bigger sizes to allow them to wear with other clothes underneath.

Banana Republic petite size chart

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Banana Republic shirts, coats, pants, shorts, skirts, blouses, tops, and cardigans run from size 0, 00 to 16, or XS to XXL. Below we have listed all the Banana Republic items that run big and small.

a) Sweaters and Cardigans

Knit sweaters and cardigans from Banana Republic run big, and it is advised to size down when purchasing online. Despite the high-quality fabric, they tend to loosen after ten or more washes. So it is highly recommended to size down for a better fit. Ideally, check their sizing guide for more information before making a purchase.

Therefore, if you buy a regular medium from other stores, a standard small from Banana Republic would be a perfect fit, thanks to its soft, stretchy, and comfy material.

b) Shirts

Women’s blouses and tops from Banana Republic run small. So, a regular medium fit would be the best option for an average small-sized person. 

Banana Republic men's shirt

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On the other hand, a button-down shirt from the men’s unit tends to run on the bigger side. But the sizing guide is so ridiculous that people have ended up with different kinds of fit, despite the same size. So my take would be that the men’s shirt sizes vary from product to product.

Therefore, I recommend buying a men’s shirt a size up and a size down, so you can keep what you fit perfectly. In addition, they have a wonderful stress-free return policy, meaning you do not have to worry about your purchases.

c) Coats

Banana Republic’s vast collection of jackets and coats runs big. Unfortunately, despite the information on their website, they are not true to their size. Also, the fit seems to vary from product to product.

It is advisable to size down for a comfortable fit. However, if you wish to layer with a thicker interior, you could follow the size guide.

d) Pants

Banana Republic pants are true to size. So if you are a regular 32W, skinny pants are the best fit and still have room for movement around the crotch.

Avery Pants

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However, despite the information on their website, you may need to size down for a pair of their straight pants, like High-rise Straight Corduroy Pants.

Does Banana Republic Run Plus Size?

Banana Republic boasts an extravagant line of plus-size collections on its social media platforms and official website. However, the plus size collection is relatively small and underwhelming compared to the versatile quality and quantity for its regular audience.

For instance, jeans from Banana Republic are also not curvy-friendly, so it is recommended to size up for most plus-size clothing items, even if you need to alter the waist.

Who is Banana Republic for?

Banana Republic is an excellent choice for men and women looking to overhaul their wardrobes and step up their style game with coordinated outfits for work and leisure.

Banana Republic Clothing Lines

Banana Republic has the following clothing lines for stylish outfits

  • BR Monogram.
  • Heritage.
  • Sunday Sunday.
  • BR Sport (2021)
  • BR Baby.
  • BR Athletics.

Frequently Asked Questions

i) What is Banana Republic known for?

Banana Republic is known for its higher-end casual and business casual pieces. Of course, many people love their jeans, but even their over-shirts are a sure bet.

ii) Is Banana Republic a good brand?

Yes, Banana Republic makes quality attires with first-rate fabrics and solid construction techniques.

iii) Are Banana Republic jeans good?

Yes, Banana Republic jeans are good. You can have a few pairs over several years but still as structured as they were when you bought them.

iv) Is Banana Republic a fast fashion brand?

Yes, Banana Republic is a fast fashion brand with over 700 stores worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Banana Republic tops run large

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Banana Republic has managed to stay relevant in fashion by providing luxury clothes at accessible prices, which is why I recommend hitting up Banana Republic or Banana Republic Factory for upscale clothes. Despite their vanity sizing decisions, it has risen in popularity, and one can only hope that the brand will soon incorporate more size options to appeal to a larger audience.

There are indeed size inconsistencies between different brands, and the vanity sizing data has proven this. Nonetheless, it isn’t easy to estimate the size of a casual shirt from a brand that manufactures more form-fitting clothing. That’s why it’s important to know if Banana Republic runs big or small compared to other brands.

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