Does ASOS Run Small? ASOS Design Sizing

Does ASOS Run Small? ASOS Design Sizing

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ASOS (As Seen On Screen) Design is a popular British-based e-commerce giant and the center of all things fashion and beauty. So, whether you’re hanging out with your friends or hitting the town for one of the hottest night outs of the year, ASOS Design serves a wealth of products that are too good to ignore. But does ASOS run small?

A brief perusal of the ASOS site will likely end in a purchase. With over 80,000 products, ASOS has gone the whole way to ensure everyone is catered for. Nonetheless, despite the extensive amounts of clothing, knowing how ASOS Design fits is still essential.

Do you have to size up or down for ASOS Design clothes? Do they fit true to size? This guide answers these questions and more. Read on to discover.

Does ASOS Run Small

 Most often, ASOS Designs run bigger than the normal U.S. sizes. But there are specific items that tend to run small. Therefore, before buying items, it is best to use the fit assistant for sizing guidance. However, I recommend buying true-to-size fittings from ASOS unless the guide or reviews on that item says otherwise.

Does ASOS run small

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Alternatively, you can read the reviews on the specific items you are interested in. Of course, not all items will have reviews, especially if they are new to the site. But whichever the case, if most of the buyer’s feedback says the item needs a size up or down, your best bet will be to do so.

You’ll have personalized recommendations for each clothing item if you’re an enthusiastic ASOS shopper. Ensure you answer the questions asked correctly to ensure these recommendations are spot on. ASOS will also consider what you’ve bought before and remember what you’ve sent back for being too big or too small.

Which ASOS Items Run Small

Regarding sizing, it always depends on the items you are purchasing. These ASOS items run smaller than the usual size, and you can always size up to get the right size.

1. ASOS Dresses

ASOS dresses generally run small. For instance, if you compare ASOS’ sizing chart, a size 2 dress in the U.K. is a size 00 in the U.S., a size 4 U.K. is a size 0 in the U.S., and a size 6 U.K. is a size 2 U.S.

ASOS Dresses

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Therefore, when shopping online, it is important to check the size of the drop-down menu.

Sizes are usually listed in U.K. measurements, so you should convert them into U.S. measurements to get the accurate size.

2. ASOS Bikinis and Swimwear

ASOS High-waist bikinis

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ASOS swimwear runs small compared to sizes in the U.S. ASOS stocks tankinis, swimwear, beach clothing, and bikini bottoms from different brands. In addition, these items range in sizes from size 4 to 18 U.K., while others are classified from XS. to XL.

3. ASOS Shoes

ASOS shoes

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Apart from clothes, ASOS shoes, too, run small. For instance, women’s shoe size 2 U.K. is a U.S. size 4, and size 3 U.K. is size U.S. size 5. The same applies when shopping in the men’s section. For instance, ASOS men’s canvas shoe size 6 U.K. is 7 U.S., and 7 U.K. is size 8 U.S.

Use the size conversions and measurement chart to ensure you get the accurate shoe size.

Does ASOS Fit True To Size

If anything, ASOS clothes run big. This retailer stocks almost everything you need, from men’s jeans and leggings to coats and jackets, skirts, caps, blazers, and hats.

Does ASOS run true to size

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Nonetheless, most of these items aren’t true to size. You have to use their sizing charts and fit assistant to get the best-fit size.

For instance, I once received an order that was too big that I had to size it down. On the same note, other customers get items from ASOS that fit perfectly. So it is prudent to say that the experiences of customers vary greatly.

ASOS Sizing Guide

When shopping on the ASOS website, checking the size guide on each product is essential. This brand includes Women’s and Men’s size guides for measurements and fitting tips that you can use to know your size.

ASOS skater dress size chart

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The size guide appears whenever you’re shopping on any smart device.

Additionally, ASOS has a fit assistant, which acts as a size recommendation tool and is available on the ASOS app and the website. This tool provides the best recommendations, whether buying ASOS brands or exclusive labels.

For the best results, give the correct details that the fit assistant will ask on height, age, and weight. In addition, it also looks at your order history and matches the results with this information.

When logged into your account, size recommendation based on your history and past orders automatically appears.

ASOS Unique Fittings

Despite its wide range of products, ASOS has incorporated these different segments to ensure there is something for everyone;

ASOS Curve

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  • ASOS Petite – these clothes are cut proportionally slightly shorter than the standard ASOS sizes and designed for individuals up to 5ft3.
  • ASOS Maternity – These clothes are larger on the hips, bust, and waist.
  • ASOS Tall – these clothes are designed for taller people above 5ft9.
  • ASOS Curve – these clothes are meant for U.K. size 18 to 30.

Does ASOS Have a Return Policy

Yes, ASOS has a friendly return policy. For example, if you order items that are too small or too big for you, you can return them to ASOS. However, for items like swimwear, ASOS only accept them if the labels and hygiene seals are intact.

ASOS Design

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ASOS processes the refund using the same original payment method, which happens within 28 days from the day of delivery.

After the relevant return period has elapsed, ASOS may have to send it back and ask you to cover the delivery costs.

ASOS Shopping Tips

ASOS shopping guide

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ASOS has over 80 000 items grouped into one, and searching for a single item like chino shorts to with pair with penny loafers may leave you with over 500 results. And with such a huge selection, navigating through ASOS may seem like an overwhelming task. Luckily I’ve sampled a few tips to help speed up your shopping experience. So delve in for hassle-free shopping of ASOS’ best fit.

i) Know Your Size

ASOS’ online shopping, like other online shopping, comes with many risks. Receiving the wrong size after waiting for your package for days is probably more hurtful. In addition, ASOS’ in-house labels usually run slightly bigger than normal U.S. sizing.

It is best to refer to the model’s measurements on each product page. If the measurements don’t help, watch the catwalk videos to see how a product fits.

ii) Know Your Preferred Brands

Once you get the hang of ASOS, you will start settling for certain brands. Besides my favorite European labels, ASOS Design is another go-to brand on the site. ASOS Design also has over 10,000 women’s pieces ranging from everyday wardrobe staples to special occasion dresses, shoes, and handbags, giving off a luxe feel but at an affordable price

iii) Stay Updated with ASOS on Social Media or the App

 ASOS has a huge following of over 7.6 million followers for a reason. Almost every photo on the retailer’s Instagram account is accompanied by a product’s skew number or the search name. This makes it easier for customers to find items faster than they would while searching on their own.

ASOS also features a tag for its diverse influencers called ASOS Insiders. Each insider’s page is filled with images demonstrating how the models put their twist on ASOS fashion. Additionally, you can follow the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe to grasp what other ASOS customers purchased.

Alternatively, you can use the ASOS app to view all the retailer’s products from your smartphone. But, if you’re an impulsive shopper without discipline, maybe you should swear off this.

iv) Save for Later

The Save For Later page is ASOS’ Pinterest board. With a click of the heart button, you can find all your saved items on one page, which will remain saved for 60 days. This is the perfect feature when you’re unsure about making an order and need time to consider how badly you want that Lost Ink Faux Fur coat .

Final Thought

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ASOS Design has everything from evening gowns and jeans to baseball caps and pajamas, meaning that sizing can get confusing. However, on most occasions, ASOS Design runs large while others fit true to size without other brands’ vanity sizing.

Using the fit assistant or the size charts that are pretty accurate when making purchases is also recommended. Additionally, using the online shopping tips on ASOS, you can always find your perfect fit with less trouble than other retailers.

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