Does American Eagle Run Small? Brand Breakdown

Does American Eagle Run Small? Brand Breakdown

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If you love to shop for your clothing online and are fashion-oriented, there’s no doubt you have tried American Eagle Outfitters. However, most people do not get their true size of clothing and thus ask the question, “does American Eagle run small?” Our article discusses American Eagle’s clothing sizes to help you choose your correct fit. Let’s get started!

An Overview of American Eagle

American Eagle is known to produce casual and outdoor-inspired clothing. The brand is famous for its denim line, which offers the most comfortable jeans. If you are looking for any jeans, be it mom jeans, skinny jeans, women’s clothes, or shorts, American Eagle should be your first stop.

In the past two years, American Eagle introduced their plus-sized denim line to cater to plus-sized people, so you will be sure you will not miss your size. In addition, to minimize return cases, American Eagle has created their complete size guide. So, here is what you should know if your American Eagle clothing runs small.

Does American Eagle Clothing Run Small?

Most American Eagle clothing runs small. For example, many consumers have reviewed and reported that American Eagle’s denim line runs small. However, American Eagle jeans, t-shirts, and dresses are also known to run small, and the best option is to size up your normal size while ordering.

1. Jeans

American Eagle Outfitters Denim

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Yes, American Eagle jeans run small for both women and men. However, if you are looking for comfortable jeans, you must go up at least one or two sizes. Consumers reported that their mom’s jeans run smaller than others on the waist, and you may need to go at least two sizes higher to get one that fits comfortably.

American Eagle jeans for women include high-waisted jeans, 90s jeans, mom jeans, jeggings, and many more. If it’s your first purchase, you will have to size up, no matter the jeans you want. However, you can stay to your true size if you’re ordering their loose women’s jeans.

The brand also offers various jeans for men, such as skinny jeans, straight jeans, athletic jeans, relaxed jeans, and many more. Most male consumers also report that you need to size upwards for a comfortable fit since the jeans run tight. However, their relaxed jeans allow you to order your usual size. Also, look for shoes to rock with cropped jeans to stay stylish.

2. T-shirts

American eagle Super Soft Gradient Graphic Short Sleeve T-Shirt Blue

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Yes, consumers have reported that American Eagle t-shirts run small for both men and women. The brand has often produced smaller-fitting clothing, which is why they advise sizing upwards when getting t-shirts from them.

According to consumers, their t-shirts feel constricted, mostly on the chest area. So you can gamble on your body proportions for the t-shirt to fit you well. If you are a man who does bodybuilding and has a bulk chest, we advise you to go at least two sizes upwards to be comfortable and get a roomy fit.

On the other hand, women with big busts will also have to choose t-shirts with tw sizes higher to avoid feeling tight on their chests. The best part is once you find your ideal size, you will always feel comfortable. However, if you are one of those people who love a baggy fit, you can scale at least three sizes higher.

3. Shorts

American Eagle Denim Mom Shorts Are On Point

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Yes, American Eagle’s men’s and women’s shorts run small. The brand includes denim and other material shorts for all styles. In addition, they offer mom, khaki, high-waisted, Bermuda, and many other women’s shorts. But, again, they run small, as consumers report that you must go two sizes upwards to get a perfect fit.

Bermuda shorts are meant to be tight, so you must go two sizes upwards for them to fit you perfectly. When it comes to men, they offer swim shorts, denim shorts, jogger shorts, flat-front shorts, and cargo shorts. Men need to size up their cargo shorts since they are already loose. The rest of the shorts need sizing up since they are tight. You can rock these shorts with Balenciaga sock shoes.

4. Dresses

American Eagle Outfitters Ruffle Tie-Back Maxi Dress

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Yes, their dresses run small. To be comfortable in their dresses, you should go one size upward. However, it will all depend on the type of dress you want to buy.

For instance, if you go for a flowy summer dress, you will have to stick to the true size since the dresses are already roomy. On the other hand, all other slim-fit dresses run small, so you will have to go one or two sizes up depending on how you want them to fit you. Therefore, before making a purchase, you should look at the product details and dress type to help you choose the right size.

5. Swimsuits

Aerie One-Piece Swimsuit

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Yes, American Eagle produces swimsuits that run small. The brand has an array of swimsuits available in different colors and styles. When choosing a swimsuit, we all know you need the right size to get the best swimming experience.

Consumers report that their bikini tops are always small. This is because they restrict the chest, so you must go one or two sizes up to get the perfect fit. The smaller sizes also tend to be tighter than the big ones.

So, if you are larger, we advise you to go for the standard size to get a perfect fit. On the other hand, if you are small or medium, it would be best to go one size upward to feel more comfortable.

6. Leggings

High Waisted Legging

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Yes, American Eagle leggings run small. The brand has different leggings, including all leggings, lounge leggings, and tailgate leggings. All of these run small, so you will have to size them upwards if you want to be comfortable n them during any movement or activity.

American Eagle also has flare pants leggings ht allow you to stay true to your size as they are free. You can also stay true to size when it comes to lounge leggings. However, some customers prefer to size upward for lounge leggings. So if it’s your first purchase, you can size upwards to be safe.

7. Pants

AE Fleece Wide-Leg Pant

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Yes, American Eagle produces pants that run small. The brand has pants for both men and women in different styles. Their sizing might run small depending on the type of pants you buy.

Some of their pants include jegging pants, jogger pants, curvy pants, mom pants, flare pants, and many more. Consumers report that you can stay to your true size when you buy flare pants, which are loose and comfortable. However, all their other pants are too tight, so you can go two sizes upward if you want to be comfortable.

When purchasing men’s pants, their selection includes khakis and twill 5-pocket pants. These pants are tight, so if you want comfort, you must go upward one size. Also, for them to fit you comfortably, you should know where the pants sit on the waist.

8. Jackets

Mens' Jackets

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Yes, their jackets run small. American Eagle has the best jacket collection you will find on the market. Their jackets include denim jackets, cropped jackets, and many more. However, to find a perfect fit, you have to size upwards.

If you are looking for a baggy jacket, you must go upward at least two sizes. However, you can go one size up if you want a perfect fit. Consumers report that their jacket sleeves are always small and constricted from the shoulders when they order the standard fit.

The jackets have sizing issues for men and women. They do not say true to size, so if you want to be comfortable, you have to size upwards. You can only stay true to size when purchasing their oversized jacket collection.

What Is The American Eagle’s Return Policy?

If you are going to shop for American Eagle jeans, you should understand the various sizing to get your correct fit. However, you do not have to worry when you order the wrong size, as they have a return policy that allows you a return or a full refund if you fail to get your size. While returning the item, you must show proof of purchase, such as an invoice or order email. Plus, you can also get a different size of the same product if you want to.


According to our above discussions, it is best to conclude that American Eagle runs small in all its clothing items. We have discovered that you will have to go one or two sizes upwards to get a comfortable fit depending on the clothing you purchase. It is also best to check the item’s product detail before purchase to help you choose your correct size.

Once you find your size, you can stick to it and order the same size for all clothing. Finding your true size can be hectic since the brand has many sizing issues, but with the relevant information, it only gets easier.

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