Does Aeropostale Run Small: Detailed Buying Guide

Does Aeropostale Run Small: Detailed Buying Guide

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Aeropostale is making waves in streetwear as more demand from Gen Z increases. So, does Aeropostale run small? The truth is that this brand does not run true to size because it runs a bit small.

Therefore, you might have to size up if you want to jump on the trend and desire a bit of space. Unfortunately, most of the Aeropostale fits are a tad smaller than your actual size, so finding something that fits true to size might be challenging, instead, go for half a size less than your normal size.

This article will look at a step-by-step guide on everything Aeropostale does and how to find your size.

How Does Aeropostale Fit?

XS Shirts

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Unfortunately, Aeropostale clothing doesn’t fit true to size. The brand’s clothing runs half a size smaller; nonetheless, sizing up is recommended because the materials of their products tend to shrink.

The shrinking of Aeropostale clothing is because they are made from cotton. As we all know, cotton easily shrinks when thrown in the wash. Unfortunately, there are no Diy tricks to take care of the shrinking issue. So, to ensure that the Aeropostale cloth you have purchased will last longer, it is best to size up.

What size should you get at Aeropostale?

Perfect Waist

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When getting the right Aeropostale fit, you must go up a larger size than your original size. Doing so will ensure that you are not affected by the shrinking and that the clothing fits better. With this in mind, the following should help you when buying Aeropostale:

  • L is XL
  • M is an L
  • S is an M
  • XS is an S

When shopping, it is always beneficial to be informed about the Aeropostale size chart. With this information, you stand a better chance at getting clothes that fit you right without having to experience unnecessary inconveniences.

Which Aeropostale Items Run Small?

Aeropostale’s size chart will ensure you know which of the brand’s products run small and by how much. You will also know which run small and which run true to size. And with the right clothes, you can be free to find out why luggage is so expensive and which ones to pack your Aeropostale collection inside.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the Aeropostale sizing system.


Aeropostale has a variety of shirts, from t-shirts and polo shirts to button-down shirts. Aeropostale shirts run small. It is important to note that while most Aeropostale shirts run small, their muscle fit runs true to size. It is therefore important to ensure that before purchase, you take time to go through their size predictor.

Great Sizes

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An example of Aeropostale’s signature t-shirt is the Aeropostale Aero 87 bear logo graphic tee. The Aero graphic t-shirt is one of the vintage t-shirts that are today very hard to come by. Though some charge too much, you can find this t-shirt in a thrift shop. It looks great paired with the Aeropostale jeans.


Hips-fitting Pants

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Aeropostale also offers trendy jeans that come in different cuts and sizes. Unfortunately, this is another item that runs a bit small. While you would go a size up with other clothes, jeans don’t require the same. Measure your waist size, and you’ll find a perfect Aeropostale fit. You can take time also find out why jeans are so expensive.

An example of Aeropostale jeans you can try is the ’90s Super High-Rise Baggy Jeans. Not only is it comfortable, but it’s also a great way to throw together an outfit with a statement. The jeans have a chic loose fit. It isn’t shapeless; it doesn’t fall in the skinny jean samba. It is also made from recycled cotton to ensure comfort like no other.


XL Wear

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Aeropostale shorts run very small compared to most other Aeropostale clothing items. Therefore, if you use your usual size to purchase Aeropostale, you’ll find shorts that don’t fit. This sizing discrepancy is mostly seen in the female section. Thus, women should size up when buying Aeropostale shorts.

Therefore, take proper measurements and size up to ensure the shorts will not be suffocated inside the shorts. Ensure you know the right fit for your waist, hips, and more so you can enjoy rocking the Aeropostale shorts.


Wearing Tops

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You have probably gotten used to the idea that Aeropostale runs small with most of its items. However, the women’s tops surprisingly run true to size. The top category is the one item category that will give you little hassle to buy.

The tube tops have become a hit lately, with many people on TikTok heightening demand.

Does Aeropostale Make Plus-Size Clothing?

Unlike some famous brands, Aeropostale’s sizing system accommodates plus-size individuals. Remember that even in this category, the clothes still run slightly small. Aeropostale offers jeans up to size 20, which would be good if it wasn’t for them still running small. The tops, on the other hand, come up to size XXL.

Compared to other brands in the fashion industry, Aeropostale remains subpar. While you might navigate the error in their sizing system when buying tops or shorts, plus-size individuals will need help finding the right pants size. Aeropostale doesn’t have plus size, no matter how much you try to adjust your bust, waist, hips, and even length measurements.

How Aeropostale has grown from a bankrupt mall store to a trending TikTok brand

Five years after Aeropostale declared bankruptcy, TikTok has given the brand the much-needed breakthrough. The timely TikTok virality came at a time when the company was working towards improving its prospects. The TikTok videos were about 500, showing how much social media has influence. If you have a social media addiction, find out how you can be more productive and change your life.

The brand’s crop tops got the spotlight after they became a sensation on social media. Suddenly everyone was asking to have it, and just like that, the waves of luck expectedly hit the brand. But, while they focus more on denim today, the viral social media hit is a rare strike of luck.

Boys and Girls Trend

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The “tiny tops” hashtag may not have been mainly about Aeropostale, but 33 million mentions of Aeropostale gave the brand the much-needed step in the right direction. And the fact that their biggest consumer is women, who happen to have been the major participants in the TikTok trend, you can say without a doubt that Aeropostale has found its way back to the fashionable streetwear industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every fashion enthusiast will have questions about brands that make waves for one reason or the other. As Aeropostale slowly gains back a name as a streetwear brand that is loved among Gen Z, it’s wise to ask questions. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Aeropostale.

Does Aeropostale run big or small?

A size up might be a good idea if you are interested in buying holiday clothes from Aeropostale. This brand runs small with almost all its categories. Plus, because most clothes are made from cotton, commonly known to shrink, it’s wise to size up when purchasing.

What size is 000 in Aeropostale?

Aeropostale size chart has size 000, which might need to be clarified if you are viewing it for the first time. The size refers to XXS, which has a waist size of 22.5 inches, 30.5 inches bust size, and a hip size of 32.5 inches.

Is Aeropostale true to size?

Unfortunately, Aeropostale is not true to size. When you purchase any of their clothes, you will realize that you have either size up by a half or 1 inch for the best fit.

What size is medium in Aeropostale?

Medium sizes differ when buying Aeropostale clothes. Medium for men is 6 or 8; for women, it’s 7 or 9; for girls and boys, it’s 10 or 12.

Does Aeropostale have women’s sizes?

Aeropostale has lots of women-size clothes, from swim tops to jeans. Nonetheless, the correct fit will depend on your body type and style. Aeropostale embraces diversity to ensure that it caters to everyone’s fashion sense.


Aeropostale has strived to provide fashionable clothes for people of all ages and body types. And while finding the right fit may require a bit more attention, this brand provides comfort with ease.

The Aeropostale size chart makes work easier for those looking to join the Aeropostale trend. The chart provides detailed body measures that can easily help you understand which category your body is in. So with the correct bust, waist, hips, and length measurements, you should be able to find whatever you need.

Therefore, if you need help locating a perfect pair of pants size, the right dress, or shirt, the Aeropostale chart ensures that customers are taken care of.

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