How to Wear Cowboy Boots With Dress Pants With Style

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Dress pants can give you a formal look in your cowboy boots, and the look is increasingly becoming more popular. This comes with different ways they can get different ways to style the boots.

The major flaw of dress pants, as opposed to boot-cut jeans or cowboy jeans, is that, especially with thin-fit pants, the bottom may not be broad enough to tuck the boot shaft. In addition, dress pants won't look great if they are printed with the V shape of cowboy boots.

Many details go into perfecting the cowboy boots with dress pants look. Dive in to learn how to wear cowboy boots and dress pants for formal and casual functions.

1. Adhere to the Dress Code

Dress pants are mostly associated with formal and business casual settings, but cowboy boots have only been seen in casual settings. However, in these modern times, cowboy boots have become common in business casual settings such as relaxed workplaces and weddings.

Notably, it's necessary to check whether your dress trousers will be appropriate to wear for the specific occasion you are attending. However, traditional workplaces like consulting, businesses, and finance may need you to be in a suit rather than wear dress pants and cowboy boots.

Nevertheless, artistic industries like fashion, marketing, and publishing may be more lenient towards business-casual wear. Therefore, before you choose to rock your pair of cowboy boots, you should ask someone at your workplace about the dress code specific to gauge how appropriate it will be to wear cowboy boots with your dress trousers.

2. Pick the Right Cowboy Boots

When wearing cowboy boots with dress pants, you should choose boots that fit the specific occasion to get the most appropriate look. Below are some cowboy boots we recommend wearing with different dress pants to improve your look.

a). Casual Occasions

Opt for short cowboy boots or traditional western boots to compliment your dress pants if you attend a casual occasion. Traditional cowboy boots have a classic look, which most people think of when they hear the words cowboy boots.

They are more trendy than other boots and are perfect for giving your dress pants a more dressed-down feeling. We recommend them if you are looking for cowboy boots to carry out afterword activities or your weekend while still being trendy.

For casual events, short casual boots, the shorter version of traditional boots, are the easiest boots to walk in since they offer maximum versatility. Another benefit you will enjoy from wearing these boots is how easily you can put them on and take them off.

During your everyday activities, you will be able to experiment more on the color of your cowboy boots and pants combination so long as you ensure they match.

b). Formal Occasions

You can also dress in cowboy boots for formal occasions but always ensure you know the dress code for the formal occasions. However, on some formal occasions like Texan weddings, wearing boots is allowed, but it would be ideal if you checked with the couple before you choose the best cowboy boots to go with your dress pants.

We recommend Dress cowboy boots for formal occasions since they have intricate details or patterns. The dress shoes are also made with quality materials; you can stain them for an aged look, which will still look appropriate for some formal settings.

Try to avoid cowboy boots with too many cracks and tears to avoid the overall look appearing too well for the event you are attending or your workplace. Instead, choose dark boots with darker slacks for formal occasions and avoid light colors or wearing dress patterns with patterns.

Dark navy and black dress pants are the best color to rock with your cowboy boot for a casual business meeting and work setting. This will match well, especially when wearing black or dark brown pants.

3. Wear the Right Dress Pants

If you pair the appropriate dress pants with cowboy boots, you'll wear slacks proportionate to your physique. Otherwise, they could appear awkward and unattractive.

When choosing dress pants, ensure the bottom of your dress pants is wide enough to accommodate your cowboy boots. Also, it's crucial to avoid letting the V shape of your cowboy boots leave a print on top of your jeans because doing so will ruin the appearance of the dress pants.

The print can easily be avoided when you choose dress pants with a thicker and more durable material. To make the best decision, shop for your cowboy boots while wearing dress trousers or get tailor-made dress pants but remember this can be expensive.

Therefore, the ideal length for your boots will be when they cover your pants and rest on the heel by a quarter to a half inch.

How Will You Get the Right Fit?

You will need the right fit to elevate this blend from a standard basic outfit to a fashionable yet presentable one. Never forget that it's simpler to purchase pants that are too big to be fitted to fit you than pants that are too small.

Your pants should fit your waist without a belt and sit around the hipbone or slightly above your waist. Your dress pants should fit snugly in your seat without being too tight or loose. Again, a small amount of extra fabric can be tailored if necessary.

These dress pants should not be too tight around your thigh, but they also should not be baggy in any way, and you can check this by pinching a 1/2 inch of fabric around your thigh. If you pinch any less, it should tell you they are too tight, and if you can pinch more, they will be too baggy for you.

4. Wearing a Belt

Although dress pants should fit without adding a belt, they look better off with a belt. Ensure you wear a belt that complements your overall look, which you can do by matching the fabric and the color to your choice of cowboy boots.

For instance, opt for a belt in a brown fabric if you are rocking brown leather boots, but if you are wearing suede boots or both in another fabric, try and match that too. The belt should measure between 1.5 inches and 1 and 3/4 inches wide. Avoid wearing an overly large buckle; choose one that is subtle and basic.

Even on casual occasions, you should avoid wearing huge, visible belt buckles to prevent appearing costume-like. Instead, your buckle should be made of gold- or silver-colored metal, and the color should match the other accessories you are wearing.

5. Choose the Right Fabric

The combination of cowboy boots with dress pants is perfect for different occasions, so how you wear the individual pieces can greatly impact your whole outfit. Your choice of dress pants material will also depend on the level of formality you want to express.

While wool and synthetic blends are frequently used fabrics for dress pants, they may be more appropriate for formal and professional settings. However, dress pants are more suited for casual settings if they are composed of thicker, more robust, and less glossy fabrics.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Cowboy Boots to Wear With Dress Pants

1. Comfort

Although cowboy boots look important, your footwear should be comfortable enough to avoid your feet hurting while trying to focus on a task. Your entire evening might be ruined by standing or walking in uncomfortable dress boots. The ideal cowboy boots should allow you to walk comfortably for longer than 20 minutes.

2. Style

You can achieve both comfort and style, and dont have to sacrifice one. You will undoubtedly find one or two pairs of cowboy boots that satisfy all of your requirements. They should look nice, feel good, and be simple to put on and take off.

3. Toes

Cowboy boots come in various toe designs. R toes are the most common ones where the tip is rounded at the tapering end.

a). Roper Toe- This style is more common in cowboy boots. It is a U-shaped or fully-rounded toe that works better with casual suits.

b). Square-Toe- This toe style has recently gained popularity, where the toe of the boot is flat and wide. This cowboy boot is super stylish and looks great with a blazer and slacks. Also, the full-toe box offers more wiggle room for your toes than traditional cowboy boots would.

4. Heel

The cowboy heel height is essential for various reasons, like giving you extra height, and also it makes cowboy boots feel ideal or not for walking. Most ropers have 1.5 inches or shorter heels, but the typical cowboy boot heel measures 1.5 inches or more.

Although it's a personal preference, some men enjoy pairing suits and slacks with cowboy boots with higher heels. However, it would help if you tried various heel styles before purchasing a pair.

5. Versatility

When choosing to wear boots, you will need to shop for the ones that can be worn with various slacks and suits. When you choose a versatile pair of cowboy boots, you can wear them in many outfits and situations. This will help you pack minimum shoes when traveling to out-of-town business meetings.

Pick a color that goes with the suit pants you wear the most, and they will probably go nicely with your jeans and some of your pants.

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