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Bonobos vs. Suitsupply: Which One is Better?

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If you are a gentleman who loves suits, then there is no doubt that you got either Suitsupply or Bonobos suits in your sights. They both offer high-quality suits, but every man has their preferences. So, if you are comparing Bonobos vs. Suitsupply, our article goes into the details to help guide you in choosing between them.

What Does Suitsupply Offer?

Dark Grey Havana Suit

Image Credits: Suitsupply.com

If you are not a suit person, you will be glad to know that you can access the Suitsupply online store and get branded outfits such as blazers, sports jackets, trousers, vests, knitwear, accessories, and overcoats. Since suiting is the core of their brand, they produce fitting ones per their mantra: ” Don’t fit in, find your perfect fit.”

Their suit ranges are built on the foundations of classic suits with a modern approach to a shorter jacket. Some of the suits have Italian or South European details with bold fabrics.

Other suits from Suitsupply are also referred to as Euro Slim since they are cut very slimly. These suits are short and have a higher buttoning point with a high gorge. They lack padding and fit small shoulders.

Suitsupply targets young men interested in modern slim-fitting suits with a modern silhouette. Even though most men prefer gray or navy suits, you will be glad to explore their other textured and interestingly colored fabrics.

According to Suitsupply’s founder and CEO, Fokke de Jong, the company targets men who want to break the monotony of a uniform culture and wear suits that look and feel like a whole outfit.

SuitSupply Off-The-Rack Suit

Light Brown Herringbone Havana Suit

Image Credits: Suitsupply.com

If you like rocking off-the-rack suits, you will be interested to know that Suitsupply offers them starting from $400- affordable, right? Alternatively, you can go through our Spier and MacKay vs. Suitsupply review and choose the affordable option. Of course, you will get limited options for that price, but you can scale higher than $500 for more variety. After all, the expensive off-the-rack suits have floating canvas in the jacket and are made using premium fabrics.

Suitsupply Customs

Taupe Houndstooth Havana Suit

Image Credits: Suitsupply.com

Most customers request custom fits since the Suitsupply suit quality is high. The company achieves the best custom program that works on requests. The program allows clients to select their favorite jacket lining or buttons, silhouette, and specific measurements such as the chest, waist, and sleeve length.

In addition, you can choose a lightly padded shoulder and get the exact fit since they have in-store tailoring.

The Suitsupply custom program is available for $600, but you can also get a higher-quality suit ranging from $650 and $750. Most clients prefer ordering online, but you can get a variety of suit options when you visit their physical store. If you don’t get your fit, you can go through our review on Black Lapel and Suitsupply and see if the other company does it better.

Suitsupply Suits Review

Navy Herringbone Havana Suit

Image Credits: Suitsupply.com

Suitsupply offers lower standard off-the-rack suit jackets for as low as $400. With such an amount, you can get a half-canvas jacket. Unfortunately, none of their jackets are fully glued, but you can get full floating canvas jackets for $999.

They also have a section called the “Jort” collection that specializes in the production of structured suits without canvas.These suits are not common in off-the-rack options, but you can find them in bespoke Italian types.

If you are going for the Suitsupply suits, we recommend you visit their physical store instead of shopping online. You can compare the half-canvas or full-canvas fabrics on the spot when you are there physically.

Their overall artistry is high for an off-the-rack garment. The seem of jackets are straight, unlike many traditional brands with the same price range. The suit does not feel stiff as it is made using high-quality canvas. It has a better quality compared to Bonobos suit quality.

Bonobos Suits: What Do They Offer

Italian Stretch Brushed Wool Suit

Image Credits: Bonobos.com

If you are looking for an affordable suit, try Bonobos suits. Bonobos have gained popularity in producing pants, but they also produce shirts and canvas suits. Their suits fit in and have an outstanding look and feel. In addition, they have an affordable price range of 500-900$.

Bonobos pride itself on producing menswear that fits different categories of designs. Since men’s tastes vary, they provide a range of options to choose from. You can select skinny, tailored, slim, straight, or even athletic, depending on your body or style.

Bonobos’ Outfits

You can count on Bonobos for your daily wear as their style is not restricted to suits only. Their wardrobe has expanded to jeans, shorts, suits, tuxes, dress shirts, tech fabrics, machine washable sweaters, and many more.

Most men who love a casual suit vouch for shopping at Bonobos. You can get the $550 navy jetsetter and their daily grind shirts that blend nicely.Bonobos suits fit well and have a fused design, particularly the jetsetter suit. You can also order some dress pants and combine them with a chic polo shirt.

Jetsetter Stretch Italian Wool Blazer

Image Credits: Bonobos.com

Bonobos’ Suit Jacket

Bonobos suit makers explain that the parts of the suit jacket body(which are not canvassed) use a fused interlining. It comprises a composition of various materials fused or laminated together through a heat treatment procedure.

The heat stiffens the fabric slightly, making it easier and quicker to produce than canvas. However, the result does not provide the same properties as a real canvas. So, if you are looking for a high-quality suit, go for the less fused material with more canvas.

Bonobos Customer Support

However, if you ever need assistance selecting your style or fit, you can always reach out to Bonobos’ support system on their website, which will advise you accordingly. Their team is well trained in the arts of style and will help you re-design your new looks.

They know what a confusing dress code looks like and will not let you walk out of the store looking under-dressed. The styling team helps you pick the perfect pair of jeans to wear in summer or winter to ensure you are dressed for the occasion.


Both Suitsupply and Bonobos offer quality suits. However, Suitsuppply is better at producing suits for slim men. If you want a bigger suit, you can shop at Bonobos.

Important Terms to Know When Purchasing Suits from Suitsupply or Bonobos

1. Bespoke Suits

Bespoke suits are the most expensive types since they are tailor-made to meet a specific customer’s needs. The tailors account for small details of the customer’s body to bring out the best version of the suit.

2. Functional Button Holes

These are buttons on the jacket cuffs that are functional. In most cases, tailors sew buttons for decorative purposes. However, if you have the buttons on your sleeve, you can open them and wear cufflinks.

3. Lapels

These are the two flaps of fabric that sit beneath the collar of your suit jacket. They come in three styles: notched, peak, and shawl collar. A notched lapel has a triangular cut-out at the jacket top where the lapel and the jacket collar meet.

A peaked lapel is more formal; it is wider than the jacket collar and forms a peak-like structure where the jacket collar and the lapel meet. Lastly, a shawl collar is common in tuxedo sits; it extends from the collar without a peak or a notch.

4. Back Vents

These are slits cut into the back of a suit jacket. Most traditional jackets have a single vent that sits on the middle seam of the jacket. Others have a double vent with two slits to offer mobility on each side of the torso.

5. Hemline

Hemlines are often left unfinished, so you tailor them to your liking. For example, you can tailor your trouser’s hemline to a light break, full break, or no break. Trousers without a break stop around the ankle or higher; they do not bunch up.

Trousers with a slight or medium break hit the top of your shoes and bunch on slightly. If your trouser does not have a hemline, you may choose to have a cuff or no cuff to compliment your suit jacket.

6. Ready to Wear(RTW)

Ready-to-wear suits are off-the-rack garments that are not adjusted to fit your body measurements.

7. Trouser Seat and Rise

The trouser seat is the area around the pant at the mid-zipper, and the rise is the distance between the crotch and the waistband. So the rise is where your pants will sit between the hips and waist.

8. Pockets

Pockets of a suit are made to fit different settings. A jet pocket is a simple pocket sewn into the suit lining to form an unadorned slit opening. It is common in formal suits. A flap pocket is put in to add an extra flap of fabric hanging over the pocket opening.

A welt pocket is similar to a jet pocket, with an extra piece of fabric around the opening that reinforces the pocket. If you are looking for a casual pocket, try out the patch pocket, it is sewn on the jacket’s exterior like a patch.

9. Made-To-Measure Program

Made-to-measure is a term used to refer to modified suits with standard patterns that suit the customer’s body. A customer sends his measurements to the suit manufacturer, which results in a suit better than all the ready-to-wear options.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bonobos vs. Suitsupply

1. Is a Suit From Suitsupply Worth Purchasing?

Purchasing a suit from Suitsupply is only worth it if your body is slim. You should also purchase at Suitsupply’s physical shop to get the correct measurements. Their prices are quite high for some clients who are only looking for off-rack suit options for one-time events.

However, the sales associates at the physical shop are pleasant and helpful. The only downside to the custom off-the-rack suits is that they offer limited options and combinations. Also, there is some vagueness of suit availability on the online stores.

Finally, some clients complained that the “collar pleat” led to confusion and frustration with the overall experience of the suit.

2. Does Suitsupply Offer Tailoring Services?

Suitsupply offers in-store tailoring services via their made-to-measure personal custom tailoring program. You can get these offers by enquiring about their services online or through their physical shop. In addition, you can get other outfitsor order tailor-made suits through their made-to-measure programs.

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