Best Winter Boots for Women That Keep Feet Warm And Dry

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As winter is approaching, it's time to get those warm, fuzzy, snow-proof boots that are well-insulated and are a definite must-have. Whether it's a good pair of winter hiking boots or an Omni-heat arctic ice boot with the ultimate traction that can have you walk on that black ice while on your morning commute, the best winter boots for women will always protect your feet.

Whether you’ll want to hit the slopes, socially distanced, or just shoveling the driveway off the snow, you'll need a winter hiking boot or Omni-heat shoes to keep you warm during winter. The construction and materials used will determine the level of warmth that the hiking boot or regular pair of snow boots will give. Here are a couple of some favorite picks, which include ones with great reviews, innovative features to create warmth from brands we love and trust.

The Best Winter Boots for Women for Warmth and Comfort

1. Columbia Women's Ice Maiden Ii Snow Boot

Columbia Women's ICE Maiden II Snow Boot, Black, Grey, 5 B US
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: The waterproof leather upper features our seem-sealed membrane bootie construction, and our TECHLITE lightweight midsole, which provides long-lasting comfort with superior...
  • STYLE MEETS FUNCTION: The perfect combination of function and style, with its quilted ankle support. You'll find plenty of flex in the boot that also looks great wherever you go.
  • ALL WEATHER TRACTION: Our signature Omni-GRIP non-marking traction rubber outsole providing versatility for all winter wear without worry during indoor use.
  • COZY WARMTH: It features a soft faux fur collar, reinforced lacing aglets, excellent 200g insulation, and leather reinforced toe and heels.
  • TEMPERATURE RATINGS: Rated -25F/-32C for cold, heavy snow days.

Columbia Women's Ice Maiden Ii snow boot is a top pick and best seller on Amazon with 10,000+ rave reviews. These winter boots by Columbia feature a full-grain leather upper with a rubber sole that is designed to provide excellent traction. These mid-calf boots have a shaft that is 9 inches tall that is sure to keep you protected even as you walk in deep snow.

The Techlite technology makes the midsole light while it provides ample support and cushioning. It is available in 8 colors and from sizes 5-12 to ensure that you find the perfect fit. This waterproof, luxe wear boot provides both style and protection. It has a supportive midsole, advanced sole traction, and is durable enough to keep up with your hustle through the day.

It is lightweight, sure-footed, and is built ready for winter’s worst. The Columbia women's ice maiden boot lets you comfortably walk through the snow in style, thanks to the 200 grams insulation, waterproof construction, faux fur, and lush feminine look. It offers a good variety of outdoor performance outerwear, footwear, sportswear, and accessories.

Generally, Columbia shoe products are produced using the highest quality materials, the best technology, and in the most innovative way for a functional yet stylish boot at a great value.

  • Pros
  • It is made up of waterproof leather with textile construction
  • For an adjustable and secure fit, it has a lace-up closure
  • It has a rubber sole
  • It has a waterproof seam-sealed membrane with a bootie construction
  • It has 200 grams of insulation
  • The Techlite lightweight midsole is built for lasting comfort with superior cushioning, and a high energy return
  • It has an Omni-grip with a non-marking traction rubber
  • It is lightweight
  • It is built to be very warm and rates well in low temperatures
  • It is available in nine colors
  • It offers a wide range of sizes and runs true to size
  • Cons
  • It is a bit bulky

2. UGG Adirondack III Boots

UGG Women's Adirondack Boot III Boot, Black, 5
  • Premium leather uppers with 17MM wool lining and insoles
  • -32 degree weather rating
  • Spider rubber outsole. Waterproof bootie construction
  • Features non-wicking nylon lace and 7 inch shaft height
  • Now on a womans specific last; Made in Vietnam.

UGG makes some super stylish shoes, and the Adirondack III boots are no exception. They are made to protect your feet from intensely cold conditions and snow. With these boots covering your feet, you'll readily brave anything that the winter throws at you.

The UGG Adirondack III boots are made of waterproof leather and have a super fuzzy insulating wool lining cozy and warm. These boots are stylishly designed that you can roll the top down to expose the wool or even flip them back up to keep your ankle and calf warm. In addition, it has a strong Vibram outsole that provides great traction needed on icy, slippery surfaces.

The UGG Adirondack III boots are built to handle extremely cold temperatures that may go as low as -20°C (-4°F). You can buy the Adirondack III boots in different colors, which include white, brown, and black. By all rights, as a winter boot, the UGG boot should be clunky and heavy, but they're actually not. They pair up so well with leggings or skinny jeans all winter long, even in the snobbiest of places.

The UGG boots are tough enough to handle tons of snow in rural areas, so you really can never go wrong with them. The only downside to this pick is the high price, but you can be sure that they'll last you a lifetime even after a full winter of use. This is the perfect winter boot and commuting shoe that is both functional and stylish enough to use around the office. In addition, they have a shaft that is 7 inches tall, making the boots high enough to keep you warm.

  • Pros
  • They are waterproof
  • They have a pure wool lining
  • They are built for extreme cold temperatures
  • They offer good traction
  • They have a Vibram sole
  • They have a toe cap with a rubber outsole
  • They have trendy fur detailing
  • They are functional and stylish for in and outside the office
  • Cons
  • They are relatively pricey

3. Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots

Lacrosse Women's 644105 Alpha Thermal 14" 7.0MM Waterproof Work Boot, Black/Cerulean - 5
  • Ultra soft fleece lining for added warmth and comfort
  • Active Fit with adjustable neoprene gusset for easy on/off and a secure, comfortable fit on foot
  • Textured finger grips and angled top band make it easy to grab hold and pull on
  • Molded kick-off heel plate for easy hands-free removal
  • Multilayer rubber on the toe, heel and vamp for added durability and support

When the winter winds decide to blow a crazy snowstorm your way, leaving you with 6 feet of snow to contend with in the morning at sub-zero temperatures, then you need a serious winter boot not just to help you walk through that snow but also to keep your feet toasty warm, and Sorel Joan of Arctic boots are just the shoes for the job.

These boots are almost a foot tall to keep your entire calf dry and warm as you walk in deep snow. The shaft is made of suede leather that is fully waterproof and with a faux fur cuff for a stylish boot finish. They lace up from a sturdy vulcanized rubber section that covers your toes and keeps them dry.

Sorel says these Arctic Ice boots can stand as low as -25°F(-32°C). The tread on the bottom offers a good grip that is great with ice and snow. The Sorel Joan of Arctic boots come in different numbers, colors, and styles, especially if faux fur isn't exactly your thing or, for instance, if you don't want leather.

These boots may look super clunky and bulky, but looks can be deceiving since not only are they super light, but they are also comfortable. The Sorel Joan of Arctic boot has a leather upper with a rubber sole and a gusseted tongue to keep your feet wholly protected.

The shaft is 11.5 inches high to provide ample coverage even in the deep snow. The lush fuzzy lining inside has felt insulation to create a super warm boot.

  • Pros
  • These are tall arctic ice boots
  • The construction makes it extra warm
  • It is an arctic ice boot rated for extremely cold temperatures
  • It has a bottom that has a good grip and comfortable walking
  • It has many colors, sizes, and design options
  • It has a Vibram Arctic grip
  • It has a gusseted tongue
  • It has a high shaft to keep your calves covered
  • It has a plush cozy interior
  • Cons
  • It is relatively heavier compared to other shoes

4. LaCrosse Women's Alpha Thermal Boots

Lacrosse Women's 644105 Alpha Thermal 14" 7.0MM Waterproof Work Boot, Black/Cerulean - 5
  • Ultra soft fleece lining for added warmth and comfort
  • Active Fit with adjustable neoprene gusset for easy on/off and a secure, comfortable fit on foot
  • Textured finger grips and angled top band make it easy to grab hold and pull on
  • Molded kick-off heel plate for easy hands-free removal
  • Multilayer rubber on the toe, heel and vamp for added durability and support

All of the boots on this list will definitely keep you dry and warm in snow and ice slush alike. But in the instance that you have to trudge calf-deep through the ice to shovel your car or simply get to your mailbox during winter, lacing up your those heavy-duty boots might be a serious pain. Here's where the LaCrosse Women Alpha Thermal boots ideally come in.

The winter activities are a driving factor for its construction, with the upper made from thick, waterproof rubber and a 7mm insulating neoprene to keep the snow, rain, and ice out.  The shaft doesn't have laces, and these boots offer solid protection against all these elements, especially for people whose dexterity might be limited. The neoprene upper has a joint adjustable gusset that expands or sizes down for the different calf sizes.

It is lined with fleece inside to keep your feet warm even at -40°F. Additionally, the boots have a serious grip with a thick lug outsole to help minimize the chances of slipping on ice and clumping snow under the foot. These boots aren't much of a budget pick, but they're versatile and durable enough to have your one pair last you years.

  • Pros
  • They are easy to slip on
  • They are waterproof
  • They are insulted to take extreme cold temperatures up to -40°F
  • The outsoles are made to have a strong grip
  • They are lightweight
  • They have a comfortable footbed
  • They have an adjustable gusseted tongue
  • They have a wide calf
  • Cons
  • They can be a little too warm to wear in the restaurant or office

5. GLOBALWIN Women's Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

GLOBALWIN Womens Winter Snow Boot, 1910 Camel/Beige, Size 5.5 (GW-W1910-CAMEL/BEIGE-SZ-5.5)
  • Warm And Comfortable Women’s Winter Boots: These Women Winter Boots Featuring Thermolite Insulation Rated To -15F. Fully Lined With Soft Faux Fur To Keep The Feet Warm All Day Long In Winter .
  • Fashionable And Functional Cold Weather Winter Boots Women: Snow Boots For Women Are Perfect For Outdoor Activities In Winter. Ankle To Mid-Calf Fit. And You Will Definitely Find A Color Combination...
  • Vegan Water Resistant PU Leather Upper: Our Womens Snow Boots Featuing Waterproof Seam-Sealed Construction To Keep Out The Wet Elements So Your Feet Will Stay Warm And Dry.
  • Snow Boots Women With Slip Resistant Soles: Rubber Sole Provides Good Traction On Snow.
  • Fashionable Winter Boos For All Occasions: Wear These Cute Boots With Your Jeans To Office Or Do Winter Activities!

Winter boots can be quite a pricey purchase, but GLOBALWIN winter snow boots provide an affordable option. It is made with waterproof leather that's treated and has a fleece lining interior. Ultimately, these boots are created to keep toes dry and warm while preventing the snow and rain from coming in. With a knit and shearling detailing at its top, these boots end up looking quite similar to some designer picks at a fraction of that cost.

With nearly 900 Amazon reviews, these affordable boots have a five-star rating. These are snow boots that feature a Thermolite insulation that is rated at -15F. They have a comfortable lining on the inside to keep your feet all warm and dry all day long.

These snow boots are made of high-quality premium Italian faux leather that is 100% vegan, water-resistant with waterproof seam-sealed construction to keep your feet all warm and dry. It also has slip-resistant rubber soles, which provide great traction on snow. These are fashionable and functional cold-weather snow boots for women that are perfect for outdoor activities during winter.

  • Pros
  • They are an affordable pair
  • It has a fleece interior
  • It has a stylish shoe knit detailing
  • It comes in rubber sole
  • Cons
  • They are not designed for rough terrain

Factors to Consider As You Buy the Best Winter Boots for Women

Here are some things to keep in mind as you shop for your snow boot:

A. Inner fabric

 Insulation is key to producing warmth and staying warm. Wool is one natural way to do it. It has an inherent temperature regulating property that's excellent in keeping you warm and not all sweaty.

Thinsulate is another alternative. It is a light synthetic material that insulates your heat which is also best suited in wet climates.

B. Boot Material

The product description of the boot will always/should specify the material of its upper and sole. The upper, the part that typically covers the top of your foot and around your ankle, should be water-resistant. You have options such as leather and nylon, which also have the option of coming in pre-treated waterproofing.

The sole should not only keep you dry but also provide good traction as you walk around town. A sole with bumps and crevices should offer much better traction and grip in the wet snow and ice.

C. Boot height

If you plan on hiking or trekking through snow, then you should probably get a knee-high boot that’ll also keep your calves protected, dry, and warm. On the other hand, short boots are generally much easier to slip in and out, to walk around in, but on the downside, they can easily let the snow in, especially if you're walking through some steep piles.

D. Tongue

The best snow boot should have a gusseted tongue to help keep out all the snow slush and elements keeping your feet all nice and dry. A gusseted tongue means that it's attached to the boot on the sides so that nothing can get into the boot.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Winter Boots for Women

1. What makes bunny boots so warm?

Bunny boots have thick layers of insulation and air that are completely sealed inside and outside the boot's rubber. If water, snow, or sweat accumulates in your bunny boots, the insulation from the heat from your feet will quickly dry them, but it's best to wipe the boot and change into warm, dry socks.

2. Should my winter boots be a size bigger?

Generally, snow boots are designed to be relatively wider for a roomier fit to give room to the thick fleece lining and heavy socks that you may end up wearing. Don't get a size up since it'll have too much space, and movement between your foot and the boot can cause sores.

3. How do I choose the level of insulation in insulated boots?

  • 200 grams and less - is best for moderately cold conditions or if you're engaged in a lot of activities
  • 400 grams- can be beneficial in the bitter winter conditions or with a moderate level of activities
  • 600 grams- this is a solid choice that holds up great against the extreme cold weather temperatures

For instance, the 400 gram Thinsulate boots will stick up well around a temperature rating of -40°F(-40°C).

4. What is the best form of insulation in the best winter boots for women?

Thinsulate™ made by the 3M™ is by far the best and most popular winter boot type of insulation and with good reason. Thinsulate in little amounts provides great insulation. Thinsulate is also extremely tough and durable, so it won't end up breaking down due to frequent washings or other rough treatments.

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