Best Western Boots For Cowboys, Cowgirls In 2023

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Western boots have been around since the 18th Century. They were originally designed to be used by cowboys in farms and ranches. Over the years, these boots have significantly evolved. They are no longer a reserve of cowboys and cowgirls. Western boots are now worn as a modern fashion statement. These boots are tough, rugged and built to last for many years since the majority are made of full-grain leather. As much as things might have changed regarding their use and application, most jobs today still require a tough pair of boots.

For instance, if you work in a farm, on a ranch, or you deal with horses frequently, then you will need a sturdy pair of boots for your work. And even if you are not in any of these professions, purchasing a pair of western boots will be a great addition to your footwear collection. Whether you are an equestrian, or you just want to add a touch of vintage to your style, here are some of the best cowboy boots for men and women.

Best Western Boots For Men 

1. Durango Men's 11" Harness Boot

Durango Men's DB594 11" Harness Boot Distressed Brown 11 EE - Wide
  • Rugged harness detail offers a handsome, masculine look.
  • Steel shank
  • Metal Hardware
  • Slip and oil resistant

Durango has established a solid reputation producing quality footwear. They focus on durability, comfort, and style. And with the Durango Men’s Harness, you have a reliable pair of shoes, which will keep your feet comfortable wherever your adventures take you. These western boots for motorcycle and horse riding come with uppers made of distressed leather, designed to give you a strong and rugged look. Unlike other cowboy boots, these are not filled with adornments. Their style is simple but classic. And with its construction using high-quality leather, these boots will serve you for many years.

They come with a thickly cushioned insole, which keeps your feet comfortable all day. On the other hand, the rounded toe provides adequate room for your toes to wiggle, thus offering additional comfort. Furthermore, they are easy to wear, thanks to the pull-on tabs fitted on the shaft. These cowboy boots for men also supply reliable traction, thanks to their slip resistant outsole. You can wear them on a wide range of surfaces, and you will not encounter any slipping or sliding. And as much as the shaft extends all the way up, the leather used is highly flexible. Therefore, these will not limit your movement in any way. Cleaning these boots is easy and fast. You just need to wipe it with a mixture of soap and water and then air them outside to dry. When it comes to comfort, quality, and style, it’s hard to find a pair of western boots that come close to the Durango Harness.

2. Dan Post Men's Milwaukee 13&quot

If you are looking for style and comfort, then you should turn to Dan Post Milwaukee western boots for men. From the ranch to the city and back, these boots come with a cushioned insole, which will keep you comfortable throughout. They are made of 100% pure, cowhide leather. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a high-quality pair of boots, which will not disappoint you. Unlike other boots, these are handcrafted, from the sole to the upper. And they look stylish too. With their beautifully-crafted designs on the shaft, you are definitely going to turn some heads wherever you go.

Similar to other shoes from this brand, the Milwaukee is built to deliver long-lasting comfort. Apart from the cushioned insole, they also come with a supportive shaft, which protects your feet against any form of debris. Whether you are attending to your cattle on the ranch or you are just strolling around the city with these boots, style and comfort will always follow, wherever you go. And these are also unique. They are not like those boots that you find everyone else wearing in town. You will also love how easy it is to put on or remove these shoes. You just need to use the pull-on tabs located on the shaft. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and maintain. With their great workmanship, an elegant finish and a comfortable interior, these boots will easily become your everyday wear.

3. Laredo Men's 12-Inch Trucker

Laredo Mens Paris Round Toe Casual Boots Mid Calf - Black - Size 10 D_M
  • Distressed leather foot and leather-like top for durability and classic cowboy style
  • Hinged cushion insole for added comfort
  • Rounded toe for a more comfortable fit
  • Cowboy heel and heavy duty outsole for durability and a slight lift
  • Shaft Height 12in

Laredo is a brand renowned for manufacturing tough, sleek and comfortable cowboy boots for men and the 12-inch Truck boot is no exception. These are designed to keep you feeling and looking great, regardless of where you are or what you are doing. Their uppers are made of sturdy, full-grain leather, which is not only sturdy but gives these shoes a classic look and feel. The leather features double-stitched construction, which enhances the durability of these shoes further. And with a shaft that runs 12 inches high, you can confidently go around your duties knowing that your feet have ample protection.

Inside these western boots for men, your foot rests on a soft cushioned insole, which provides both comfort and shock absorption. On the other hand, the pull-on tabs fitted at the top of the shaft make your work easier, whether you are putting these shoes on or removing them. Apart from that, the shaft is also flexible, which means it will accommodate all the movements on your feet, without exerting pressure on your ankles or instep. Traction is also guaranteed, thanks to the durable rubber outsole. Furthermore, the heel platform is slightly raised to add a bit of spring to your steps. The upper features a considerable amount of detail, thus enhancing their looks.

4. Durango Men's Rebel

Durango mens Men's Rebel Flag Brown Db5554 western boots, Brown and Union Flag, 9.5 Wide US
  • Heritage pride is on full display throughout this western boot, including a fun pattern that is revealed underfoot.

Whether you are going out on a date, running errands around the city or attending to your farm in the countryside, the Durango Men’s Rebel is ideal for your needs. These cowboy boots for wide feet feature a stylish upper, with the American flag embroidered on it to ensure you keep in touch with your patriotic side. Apart from that, the decorative stitching on the upper, enhances their style further while giving them a classic Western look and feel.

To ensure maximum durability, Durango used welt construction, featuring double-stitching technology. With this durable construction, you are assured of getting value for your money, since you will wear this boots for an extended period, without any noticeable signs of wear and tear. Inside these shoes, your feet are surrounded by warmth and comfort, thanks to the cushioned footbed. Also, if you are looking for western boots for plantar fasciitis, then you should consider this model. Their footbeds are removable, which means you can use custom orthotics to provide your feet with the right amounts of comfort and support.

Whenever you have these boots on your feet, your arches will always be supported and your feet steady, thanks to the use of the tempered steel shank in these shoes. On the other hand, their outsole features a combination of EVA and rubber, designed to supply maximum flexibility, support, and comfort, as well as superior durability. Furthermore, this combination keeps these shoes lightweight, thus minimizing fatigue on your feet. And with their flexible shaft, you will maintain a normal stride the entire day.

5. Laredo Men's McComb

Laredo Mens Mccomb Round Toe Casual Boots Mid Calf - Black - Size 13 D
  • Leather upper
  • Pull on entry
  • Hinged cushion insole
  • Rubber outsole
  • 1.5 inch cowboy heel

Featuring a traditional Western style, these boots are designed to make a great addition to your shoes collection. They are versatile yet stylish. Their shaft is made of a combination of leather and synthetic, which makes them sturdy but flexible. These western boots for wide feet are equipped with a cushioned insole, which supplies comfort throughout the day. Even if you spend your entire day walking or working on hard surfaces, as long as you are wearing these boots, then your feet will remain comfortable throughout. And with a shaft measuring 13 inches from the arch, your feet have adequate protection, even when you encounter challenging conditions.

You will also notice that they come with a metal rand toe, which enhances their looks. You can combine them with a pair of slacks to attend a Monday morning meeting or wear them with a pair of jeans for a Friday night out. Whichever way you choose to wear them, you will always stand out. What makes them great for general use is that they don’t scuff easily, thus making them easy to maintain. And with their slip and oil-resistant neoprene outsole, you are assured of traction wherever you go.

Best Western Boots For Women 

1. Justin Boots Women's 12" Stampede

Justin Boots Women's Stampede Collection 12" Boot Wide Square Single Stitch Toe Western Rubber...
  • 12&Quot; Sorrel Leather Shaft
  • J-Flex Flexible Comfort System Insoles
  • Removable Orthotic Inserts
  • Brown Rubber Outsole With Teak Insets
  • Long Base Riding Heel

Whether you are just strolling in the city, working around the farm in the countryside or hanging out in the ranch, the Justin Stampede western boots are perfect for your needs. Their leather is soft but sturdy, their quality is impeccable, while their stitching is done with utmost precision. They are not only stylish but durable. They are made of full-grain leather, which will protect your feet against everything that you might come across. And as noted above, the leather used is supple and flexible; therefore, they will not limit your movement in any way.

For stability and comfort, these western boots for plantar fasciitis are equipped with the proprietary J-Flex system. They also come with removable insoles. Therefore, if you have sensitive feet or your feet require additional arch support or cushioning, then you can replace the insoles present in these shoes with custom orthotics, which will suit your walking needs. On the other hand, the Justin Stabilization technology ensures the natural alignment of your foot, to prevent excessive strain on the knees, back and ankles.

For traction, they come with a durable rubber outsole, which is also flexible. You can comfortably walk on a wide range of surfaces without worrying about slipping hazards. Also, they are assembled using the welt construction, which enhances their longevity. Furthermore, the welt construction allows replacement of soles, if they become worn out before the upper. And with the side pull-on tabs on the shaft, putting these boots on or removing them will never give you problems. Built with performance and style in mind, the Justin Stampede are among the best cowgirl boots for walking.

2. Laredo Women's Miss Kate

Laredo Women's Miss Kate Western Boot, Tan/Pink, 8.5 M US
  • All leather upper
  • Flower and arrow underlays
  • Cowboy heel
  • Cushion insole. Decorative cutouts for added style and detailing. Laredo Flex outsole
  • Pointed snip toe

The Laredo Miss Kate is great western boots for women who spend most of their time outdoors. Whether you are dancing the night away with your girls or you are riding horses on the farm, these boots come with a wide range of features to provide adequate support and protection to your feet. Featuring leather uppers, and a shaft measuring 12 inches, floral stitching and western design, you can trust these shoes to give you a timeless look and feel. The entire interior comes with a soft leather lining, which prevents friction and other forms of discomfort.

They are equipped with cushioned insoles, which help to soften your step. On the other hand, the composition outsoles supply reliable traction while ensuring flexible movement and high-wear durability. They also feature side pull-on tabs, designed to make your work easier when putting them on or removing them. And with a boot opening that measures approximately 14.5 inches, you can comfortably tuck in your jeans and your calves will not feel too tight. You can wear them with jeans, dresses or skirts and you will still stand out. Furthermore, they require easy maintenance.

3. Roper Women's Metallic Underlay

If you spend most of your time in the barn and you are looking for western boots for riding horses, or you are just looking for a comfortable pair of boots for country western dancing, then you should check out the Roper Metallic Underlay. These are designed with versatility in mind. Therefore, you can use them in various situations or combine them with different outfits, and they will suit your needs perfectly. Their construction is sturdy, their appearance is eye-catching, and most importantly, they are comfortable. And their prices are also reasonable, which means you will be satisfied with your purchase.

These lightweight cowgirl boots come with uppers made of full-grain, premium leather while their sole is made of synthetic materials. They feature a metallic underlay pattern throughout the upper, which enhances their appearance. You can use them as work boots or fashion boots, and they will always keep your feet comfortable. The unique underlay on these boots is made of metallic coated leather while the cutouts are properly sewn to ensure utmost durability. And the duressed leather adds to their elegant aesthetics. These stylish cowgirl boots will make a great addition to your footwear collection.

As much as these might be cheaper than most western boots, their quality remains uncompromised. Furthermore, they are considerably lighter than most boots, which means they will not fatigue your feet. And with a slightly raised heel platform, these boots will keep your feet stable on the ground, while making sure you maintain your timeless cowgirl look. Whether you are hanging out in the city or you are in the barn attending to the horses, the lightweight nature of these boots, combined with their breathable leather will keep your feet comfortable at all times.

4. Corral Women's Scroll Embroidery

Corral Women's Circle G Crackle Scroll Bone Embroidered Western Boot
  • Circle G by Corral Women's Scroll Embroidered Boots L5048

Corral is a reliable brand when it comes to cowgirl boots. And with the Corral Circle G, you have a pair of fashionable and comfortable boots that you can wear on different occasions, whether official or casual. They are super cute, comfortable around your ankles and calves and they barely need any break-in time. These western boots for women are also sturdy and well-made. You can wear them with bootleg jeans, dresses or any other outfit possible. With these boots, you no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort.

With uppers made of distressed leather, you will love the look and feel of these boots on your feet. These western boots for line dancing come with a brown look, combined with scroll embroidery from the toe to the shaft, which gives them a vintage look. Inside, they come equipped with a padded insole and a soft leather lining, which supply comfort the entire time you are wearing them. The side pull-on tabs on the shaft make it a breeze to pull them on while stacked western heel comes with just the right amount of height, to give you a feminine touch while making it easy to walk in them. They are an excellent purchase for their price.

5. Laredo Women's Lucretia

Laredo Womens Lucretia Studded Snip Toe Dress Boots Mid Calf Mid Heel 2-3" - Brown - Size 7.5 D_W
  • Genuine crackle leather upper
  • Pull on entry
  • Metal studded detailing
  • Hinged cushioned insole
  • 2in western heel

Made of leather and synthetic, the Laredo Lucretia is a stylish pair of western boots, designed to give you a stylish edge whenever you step out of your house. Apart from their unique style, these boots also protect the lower part of your legs from different materials, thanks to their 12-inch shank. Putting them on and off is a breeze, thanks to pull-on tabs on the upper. Some women have complained that most cowgirl boots tend to be too manly. However, you will not encounter such issues with these boots. Regardless of how you intend to wear these boots, you will always stand out, thanks to the snake print underlays and the metal rivets on the shaft and foot.

If you are looking for western boots for wide calves or large feet, then these are perfect for your needs. Furthermore, you can wear them with leggings, dresses, and pants and they will look beautiful. These are also super comfortable, and they also come with a soft interior lining. You can walk with them an entire day, and you will not experience any rubbing, chafing, irritation, blisters, hotspots or any other form of discomfort. It’s like they were designed specifically for your feet.

Western Boots Buyer's Guide

If you have decided to purchase a pair of western boots, there are various factors to consider, to ensure you have a comfortable, long-term relationship with the model you choose to buy. Western boots are available in different designs, models and types. Therefore, what suits your friend may not be perfect for your needs. For instance, a pair of cowboy boots meant for fashion purposes may not be sturdy enough to handle farm work. On the other hand, a design meant for rodeo may also lack the design elements needed for riding horses. Having said that, here are some of the considerations to make as you choose your pair of boots.

Types of Western Boots

Classic western boots are the most popular. They come with a one and half inch heel, designed to keep your foot secure in the saddle. Most of the traditional cowboy boots for riding horses come with a slightly higher heel. On the other hand, the lower heel platform makes it easy to walk around with these boots, without experiencing pain or discomfort. Western classic boots also feature a shaft that rises approximately 12 inches. Some have 12-inch high collar while other extend up to 13 inches, depending on the manufacturer. The shaft usually terminates around the instep. Regarding design, western classic boots don’t have laces. Their toe box is also sturdy to protect your toes whenever a horse steps on you. Also, most of them come with side pull-on tabs for easy on and off.

Ropers are a slight variation to the classic cowboy boots. However, their design tends to lean more towards English horse riding boots. Ropers are mainly used for rodeo events, where the cowboy or cowgirl performs calf roping events. The performer usually rides on a horse behind the calf, and once they have roped it, they will dismount from the horse and then continue chasing the calf until the catch it. Due to this extensive roping process, ropers are designed with a short heel. In fact, ropers were specifically designed to make the roping experience easier on the performer. Also, ropers tend to have a wider sole. Some also come with rubber soles to provide a better grip. Unlike the other western boots, the heel found on ropers is squared off instead of being angled. As for the toe shape, most of them come with a round toe shape. You should also note that some roper boots feature a lace-up design as well as some ankle support to promote easier walking. If you work at the rodeo, then you should opt for these boots.

As for the stockman boots, they are designed for hard work. They feature a shorter and wider heel, as compared to most western boots. Therefore, these boots are perfect for those who will not be spending most of their time riding horses. If you spend a lengthy period standing or walking and you are looking for cowboy boots that suit your lifestyle, then you should opt for the stockman boots. Their low heel height and wide platform will provide you with the balance and support you need to prevent pain on your feet. Also, they have a wide toe box as well as rubber soles. When it comes to style, stockman boots come with colorful, detailed stitching, which resembles the silhouette of a classic western boot.

If you are looking for versatile, affordable and practical western boots, then you should opt for Western work. They are cheaper than most of the other models, due to the availability of cheap cowhide leather. Their lower price can also be attributed to their small amount of artistry on the upper. Regarding design, they come with a heel similar to the roper. Therefore, they are more suited for walking purposes and less riding horses. Most of their soles are made of traction rubber while some may come with cushioned midsoles to ensure effective shock absorption. In general, their shaft ranges from 9 inches to 12 inches. Their toe boxes are slightly tapered or rounded – to give you a comfortable walking experience.

Sizing, Comfort and Fit

You will only enjoy wearing your cowboy boots if they are comfortable on your feet. Therefore, you should take the issue of sizing and fit seriously. Western boots fit differently. Furthermore, the materials used, style as well as the brand will affect sizing, fit and comfort. For instance, an Ariat size 8 boot will fit differently from a pair of Justin of a similar size. When purchasing boots, you first need to consider the thickness of the socks that you will be wearing with them. If you live in hot climates or you intend to be wearing your boots during the warm seasons, then you just need a pair of thin socks. To ensure you get a comfortable fit, you should go half a size up. If you are ordering your boots online, then you should take some time to read reviews of people who have already purchased these boots, to get an idea of the size.

You should also ensure that the boots you are purchasing have ample room for your toes and they don’t squeeze your instep. Once your shoes arrive, spend time walking around your room to determine how they fit different areas of your feet. Make sure they are not too tight or too loose around the heel. Also, you should make sure that they don’t squeeze your instep. You should also note that some boots require a break in period. Therefore, don’t rush to conclude they are uncomfortable. But if they are still uncomfortable after 2 to 3 days, the chances are high that they are not the right size for your feet. The good news is that most of the sellers on Amazon allow return requests. Therefore, if the shoes you have ordered don’t fit your feet as expected, then you can return them and order a different size. If your pair of shoes fits right, then they will keep you comfortable the entire day, and you will never complain of blisters, irritations, hotspots or other forms of discomfort.

Materials and Durability

Western boots on the market are available in different materials. Cowhide leather is the most commonly used material. Boots made of premium, full-grain tend to be long-lasting and durable. Apart from that, leather also has some breathability features, thus helping to keep your feet cool and fresh. Another reason why you should opt for boots made of leather is that they are easy to maintain. The exact price will depend on the leather used, as well as the level of design on the boots and the finish. You might also come across some boots whose leather has been printed to mimic alligator or snakeskin leather, meaning you have stylish boots that come with all the benefits of leather. Price will also depend on the level of detail stitching on the upper and shaft.

Snakeskin western boots are also common. These are mainly meant for fashion and style. Most of them are made of python skins and rattle skins. Western boots made of python skins feature large tiles, while those made of rattle skin come with smaller tiles. Boots made of real snakeskin are quite expensive. However, their price is worth it in terms of uniqueness, durability and style. You will also come across boots made of alligator skin. The biggest challenge with boots made of alligator skin is that their maintenance is quite demanding. Therefore, only purchase alligator skin cowboy boots for style purpose and not for farm work or ranch work.

Some western boots are made of faux leather or synthetic materials. These materials have been treated to mimic genuine leather. Shoes made of faux leather are significantly cheaper as compared to those made of genuine leather. However, you should note that faux leather doesn’t come anywhere close to real leather when it comes to durability and quality. Other animal skins used to make boots for men and women include ostrich skin, crocodile skin, goat skin and buffalo skin. Boots made of exotic skins will cost you a lot of money.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Western boots are designed to handle tough conditions and last for many years. However, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect them. If you want your boots to take care of your feet for a long period, then you must also be ready to take care of them through regular care and maintenance. If your pair of western boots are meant for fashion purposes, and you only wear them once in a while, then occasional cleaning might be enough to keep them in great shape. On the other hand, if you spend a considerable amount of your time working in farms, ranges and ranches, then you need to clean your boots regularly. Apart from cleaning your boots, it’s also advisable to condition them to restore their oils and keep the leather supple.

When your boots arrive, it’s advisable to waterproof them first. Waterproofing helps to protect them against the elements. Lay them out in a properly ventilated area and then spray them using a silicone polymer spray. Silicone polymer spray is available in most shoe stores and department stores. It’s preferred over other waterproofing agents because it can work with different types of leather. However, check the packaging and the instructions to ensure you are using it on the right type of shoes. Apply the first coat, and then allow the boots to dry. Once they are dry, follow up with another coat and give it 30 more minutes to dry. After the second dries up, your boots will be ready to wear. If you live in wet climates, ensure you waterproof your boots after every few months.

Conditioning is also an important part of the maintenance process. It helps to treat the leather while keeping it pliable and soft. Also, conditioning helps to prevent your boots from drying and cracking, thus extending their lifetime. But before you condition your boots, you need to clean them first and remove all the dirt on the leather and the soles. If you have already worn them and they have dirt or mud on the surface, then you should use a soft-bristled brush to remove all the muck. You should then follow up with a damp sponge to clean the surface. Ensure you focus on the attention areas. If your western boots have a suede finish, then you should not expose them to water. Instead, use a damp sponge to clean the dirt on the surface. And if the boots still appear dirty after wiping them with a wet towel, then you should use soap and water to remove all the dirt completely. Once you are satisfied they are clean, give them enough time to dry away from direct sunshine.

Conditioners react differently with different types of leather. Therefore, you should first test the conditioner on a hidden place on the shoe. If you are comfortable with the results of the spot test, then you can proceed with the conditioning process. Use a chamois cloth or a piece of towel and allow the conditioner to soak in a bit and wipe the boots gently using circular motions. The rate of absorption will tell you how much conditioner you will apply. If the leather is not absorbing more, then you can now allow the boots to dry. Leave them outside in a properly aerated place and allow them to dry overnight. Don’t apply an ordinary conditioner on suede, microsuede, naked finish leather or patent leather. Also, if your boots are made of exotic leather such as snakeskin or alligator skin, then you should only use a conditioner formulated specifically for these types of boots. Ensure you keep your boots away from direct heat sources at all times.


When it comes to western boots, you have numerous options to choose from. Some boots are dedicated for horse riding, others are meant for fashion purposes while the versatile models can be used both as a fashion statement or attending to tasks at the barn. Therefore, you need to evaluate your needs carefully and then choose a model that suits your lifestyle. You should also remember that a high quality pair of boots doesn’t come cheap. They are an investment, and therefore you should take proper care of them to ensure they maintain their shape and comfort. Regardless of the model you choose, wear your boots with an attitude that befits the cowboy or cowgirl that you are. After all, western boots are not for those shrinking violets.

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