Four best vacuum hair clippers

4 Best Vacuum Hair Clippers for a Presentable Shave

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Cutting your hair can get messy and make hair go to places it's not wanted. However, the problem is solved with the best vacuum hair clippers, and you won't have any hair lingering around unnecessarily.

We tried some clippers to see what works best and how they all differ. So, we listed what we felt worked best for us and why. So, keep on reading; you may find just what you need.

What is a Vacuum Hair Clipper?

A vacuum hair clipper is a hair-cutting machine that uses a vacuum to collect hair after trimming. This design is intended to keep your shaving area clean during and after.

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A little container attached to the trimmer's base serves as the vacuum's operating unit. The hair you cut can be cleaned out of the container after removal. These work the same way as the best vacuum beard trimmers.

Any hair you cut, including hair from places where it is thick or coarse, like your sideburns, can be collected by the vacuum. You can use a vacuum hair clipper whenever you need a quick shave. This is because it will not leave any hair around.

Best Vacuum Hair Clippers

1. Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit

Remington Vacuum Haircut Kit, Vacuum Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers for Men with Removable Hair...
  • Vacuum System: The powerful vacuum on these hair clippers for men collects up to 90% of trimmed hairs while you style. That’s a clean look, any way you cut it.
  • Precision Ground Blades: The precision ground blades on these clippers stay sharp through every use, providing accurate and consistent performance. The kit includes oil to maintain the blades for peak...
  • 18-Piece Kit: Everything you need for a sharp, mess-free haircut. You get length-adjusting combs, barber scissors, an XL storage pouch, and more!
  • Dual Motor Power: Innovative dual motors power the precision hair clippers and the vacuum suction so trimmed hairs are collected as you cut.
  • REMOVABLE HAIR CHAMBER: Trimmed hairs are collected for easy cleanup

Whether you want the best vacuum beard trimmer or look for vacuum clippers to get shaved, the Remington haircut kit is an ideal option.

It features precision ground blades that work through the hair as the vacuum collects most of it to prevent creating a mess. The powerful vacuum suction is due to the dual motors that keep it running during use.

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I shaved my son and husband without emptying the collection chamber. This is because their hairs were not very long at that moment. Although, the hair collection chamber is large, so you can shave without emptying it frequently.

It weighs only 1.5 pounds, so I didn't feel too much weight while using it, and this also made the process simple for me. Here's how to use the clipper.

The main thing I didn't find so impressive is that it is corded. This feature made me get in a position with an outlet to keep it plugged in during the session. However, that was not a deal breaker for me as I loved the performance.

  • Pros
  • Powerful vacuum attachment
  • 16-piece kit for the best experience during shaving
  • Lightweight
  • An extra large hair collection chamber
  • Dual motors for power precision during hair clipping
  • Cons
  • Corded

2. KEMEI Vacuum Haircut Kit

KEMEI Vacuum Haircut Kit, Vacuum Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers for Children, Profession Hair Clipper...
  • Powerful Vacuum System – Captures up to 98% of trimmed hairs
  • Full Size Precision Trimmer – For facial hair, sideburns, and neckline; Easy detailing and edging
  • Washable Blades – Remove the blades for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Adjustable length– comb4 limit comb (3,6,9,12)
  • Fast charge–The mens electric trimmer has a large capacity Li-ion battery, which can be used for 120 minutes after 2 hours of charging.

Kemei is another brand you will like as it comes as a complete set. This haircut kit is suitable for clipping as well as trimming hair. Kemei Vacuum haircut kit is suitable for all, regardless of age or gender.

I used it to cut my son's hair, and it was a smooth experience as he did not give me a hard time. But then, when it was my husband's turn, guess what? It worked excellently. So, you can get this hair clipper if you are looking to buy one for the whole family.

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The vacuum system is another thing I liked. While shaving my boys, I realized most of the hairs were captured, and only a few could be seen in the working area. This means no thorough cleaning is required after the process; just slightly wiping, and it's done.

The blades are also removable and washable. So, instead of storing it with hair, you can remove the blades and clean the clipper well for easy maintenance.

Once you charge this vacuum haircut kit for two hours, you can use it for almost two hours before it needs recharging. So, you can take it with you while camping, and it won't disappoint you.

  • Pros
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Clippers are gentle
  • Excellent vacuum function
  • Easy to clean
  • Cons
  • Not ideal for adults with coarse hair
  • Needs emptying severally during use

3. Tuoveek Cordless Electric Hair Clippers with Vacuum

Tuoveek Baby Hair Clipper with Vacuum,Cordless Electric Hair Clipper for Boys,Wireless Professional...
  • 1.Automatic Hair Suction:Powerful vacuum setup inside the hair clipper. Built-in double engine,low noise and safety.
  • 2.Large-capacity Storage Space: store more hair, let work in one go.
  • 3.Safe for Baby: R-sharped design blade with widened rounded tips, furthermore the ceramic blade to protect the scalp from scratch,it's safe for baby's delicate skin.
  • 4.Large Capacity Battery: 600mAh battery,can work continuously for 1 hour.Rechargeable and durable.Come with charging cable.
  • 5.Whole Body Washable: IPX-7 level waterproof.Easily tidy up the snipped hairs by using the provided brush and then clean it in water.

Like the other hair clippers, this cordless professional hair clipper comes with a vacuum function. It sucks up hair during the cutting process to ensure you do not have to clean hair after shaving. The vacuum is powerful enough that the hair suction isn't much work.

While using this hair clipper, I didn't have to empty the storage space severally because it is large enough to hold more hair. This also means that I spent less time cutting the hair than I would have if I had kept emptying it.

Babies have delicate skin, so they need gentle shavers on their scalp. This one has an R-sharped design with widened and rounded tips to protect your little one's scalp.

This vacuum clipper comes with a large capacity battery of 600mAh, which I used continuously for over 40 minutes. Once you're done snipping hair, you can use the cleaning brush provided to clean it.

  • Pros
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • All-inclusive with all that's needed for a haircut
  • Powerful vacuum to suction the trimmed hair
  • Cons
  • None

4. Remington Hc6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit

Remington Hc6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit, Vacuum Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers for Men, 18Piece
  • Titanium-Coated Blades - The expertly ground blade edges provide the ultimate haircut experience as they cut through even the thickest hair with ease
  • 18-Piece Kit - The all-inclusive kit has everything you need for a proper haircut: length-adjusting and tapering combs, barber scissors, blade oil, and more.Do not store in temperatures above 140ºF
  • Lithium Power - The advanced chemistry of lithium power provides up to 60 minutes of runtime after a 4-hour charge. The clipper operates cordless or corded, XXL Vacuum Bin - The powerful vacuum...
  • Easy to Clean - Use the included brush to clear away hair, then rinse the blades under running water for quick cleanup, Storage Pouch - Keep the kit in one place with a convenient zip-up storage pouch

One hair clipper that combines the most cutting-edge technologies is the Remington HC6550 Vacuum Hair Clipper. It uses a powerful vacuum to collect the clipped hair during trimming.

Once you're done shaving, emptying the collection chamber is simple and takes only a moment, unlike cleaning the shaving area, which would take more time.

This hair clipper does a wonderful job, and it was easy to work with while shaving my son. I did not experience any incidences of hair getting stuck in the trimmer.

Image source: Nilesh,

I also had the chance to work on my son's head in our backyard as I didn't need a direct power source. However, we worked comfortably indoors while trimming the main man's hair as it had been connected to the power outlet. 

With a performance time of about 60 minutes, the lithium-ion battery offers maximum power. However, it took me roughly 4 hours to charge a battery. You can also use it for beard trimming if you want the best beard trimmer for long beards.

  • Pros
  • Easy to use
  • It sucks up most of the hairs
  • functions with and without the cord
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
  • Not so quiet
  • The shortest blade guard creates uneven cuts

Types of Hair Clippers

a) Detachable Blade Clippers

The most powerful clipper now in use is the one with detachable blades. Its blades may be swapped out, as the name implies, depending on how long the client wants their hair to be.

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The number on the clipper indicates how much hair your barber will cut. The smaller the number on the blade, the shorter it will cut your hair.

Detachable clippers are powerful and can cut wet, longer, and thicker hair. In addition, your barber may use a different size blade for fades and beard trimming.

b) Adjustable Clipper

The adjustable clipper is a different kind of common clipper. But, once more, its purpose is obvious from the name.

The lever on the side of the handle of the adjustable clipper adjusts the blade length. Hair is cut longer when the lever is open and shorter when it is closed.

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Additionally, this clipper contains plastic add-ons for cutting hair to larger lengths. Numbers frequently identify these from 1 to 5. They are the best for achieving different buzz cut lengths.

Since manufacturer-specific classification numbers can differ, it is preferable to speak of them by their actual measurement lengths. In general, the shorter you want your hair, the smaller the number on the clipper.

Thinner, dry hair works better with these plastic attachments.

c) T-Blade Trimmer

The T-name blades come from the way it looks. The clipper handle has a t-shaped opening where the top blade protrudes from each side. This design allows the T-blade to cut more closely to the ear, neck, and beard contours.

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You shouldn't try to cut a lot of hair with this clipper because it is not the most powerful. It only works best for enhancing line patterns and sharpening edges.

Differences Between Hair Trimmer and Clipper

The relationship between beard trimmers and hair clippers is close. The differentiating factor is the blade size and length.

A hair clipper is used to cut longer hair and generally comes with attachments to cut different hair lengths. On the other hand, a beard trimmer may or may not have any attachments, and their blades are thinner to work with fine details and short hair.

Clippers are generally used for haircuts and don't cut closely. They are also used for thinning beard overgrowth to make way for the trimmer to make shaving easier. However, if you have a trimmer with a bigger attachment, you can still get this job done.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Vacuum Hair Clippers

1. Do vacuum beard trimmers give a close shave?

Trimmers are the best for those who want a clean shave but break out a lot. This is because they deliver a clean look but don't get too close, helping to avoid razor bumps.

2. How do hair-clipper guards work?

Barber clippers can be fitted with plastic guards called "clipper guards" that prevent the blades from being cut any shorter than a predetermined length.

For instance, if a plastic clipper guard is rated at 1/2 inch, it should, theoretically, only cut hairs longer than that length and leave hairs shorter than uncut.

3. Which is ideal for shaving, a razor or an electric shaver?

Electric shavers offer more comfort, reduced irritation, and no nicks or cuts while providing a sufficiently close shave.

Most men will benefit from switching to an electric razor if they have sensitive skin prone to irritability, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and pimples.

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