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Summer is here again, and do you know what that means? – It's shorts season! As the temperature rises and the days get longer, nothing beats the feeling of stepping out in comfortable, stylish shorts. Whether planning a day at the beach, going for an outdoor adventure, or just looking to beat the heat while running errands, having the best shorts for men makes all the difference.

But with so many options, from cargo shorts ready for action to a classy pair of jean shorts for a timeless look, finding the perfect pair can be challenging. Don't worry; I've got you covered. Under Armor Men's Tech Graphic Shorts is the top position of my five contenders, combined with cutting-edge technology and a sporty look perfect for workouts and outdoor activities.

My second contender is Hanes Men's Athletic Shorts, which takes the second position since it is versatile and comfortable, making it perfect for lounging or attending outdoor activities. Champion Men's Shorts are third on this list since they are comfortable and functional, giving you the luxury of wearing shorts every day. Let's preview the best shorts for men that you can rock this summer.

Our Top Picks- Best Shorts For Men

1. Under Armour Men's Tech Graphic Shorts

Under Armour Men's Tech Graphic Shorts , Academy Blue (409)/Steel , Medium
  • UA Tech fabric is quick-drying, ultra-soft & has a more natural feel
  • Material wicks sweat & dries really fast
  • Encased elastic waistband with internal drawcord
  • Mesh hand pockets
  • Inseam: 10""

If you are a man who prioritizes performance and comfort, the Under Armour Men's Tech Graphic Shorts will be the best for you! These Men's Tech Graphic Shorts combined cutting-edge technology with a sporty look, making them a top choice for my workouts and active lifestyles.

They were constructed from 100% polyester and were lightweight and incredibly breathable. Under Armour's moisture-wicking technology ensured sweat was quickly drawn away from my body, keeping me dry during intense workouts. Its anti-odor technology prevented the buildup of unpleasant odors, even on the hottest days.

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I was impressed with its loose fit that offered maximum comfort and freedom of movement, making it suitable for various activities, from running and cycling to weightlifting. While there were only two pockets, the emphasis here was on performance, and they were sufficient for carrying essentials like keys or a small music player.

Under Armour shorts had a variety of stylish graphic designs to choose from, allowing me to express my personality while staying active. If you're looking for shorts that can keep up with your busy lifestyle, the Men's Tech Graphic Shorts from Under Armour is a solid choice.

  • Pros
  • Lightweight and breathable polyester fabric
  • Moisture-wicking technology keeps you dry
  • Anti-odor technology prevents odor buildup
  • Comfortable, loose fit for workouts or casual wear
  • Stylish graphic design options
  • Cons
  • There is limited pocket space
  • Some customers complained that the sizes run a little small

2. Hanes Men's Athletic Shorts

Hanes Men's Jersey Pocket Short
  • COMFORTING COTTON - Pure cotton jersey that's as soft as your favorite tee shirt.
  • EASE AT THE WAIST - An elasticized pull-on waist with an interior drawstring is all about comfort.
  • HANDY SIDE POCKETS - Who could live without pockets for your essentials?
  • VERSATILE LENGTH - Mid-thigh length with a 7.5" inseam, perfect for working out or hanging out.
  • THE COLORS YOU WANT - Available in a range of the neutral colors guys want.

The Hanes Men's Athletic Shorts are a comfortable and versatile addition to any wardrobe. These shorts had a soft cotton jersey feel against my skin, making them the perfect loungewear for men. I wore nothing underneath them since they were a bit snug, but I do wear underwear with other shorts.

The fit struck a sweet spot between relaxed and snug, and the elastic waistband and the functional drawstring waist ensured a secure fit without feeling restrictive. Plus, including pockets was a practical touch, allowing me to carry essentials like my phone or keys effortlessly.

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What particularly impressed me about these shorts was their versatility. They transitioned seamlessly from workout gear to casual wear. They did not look out of place whether I was hitting the gym, running, or running errands around town.

Their durability was on another level as after numerous wears and washes, they maintained their shape and comfort, proving to be a reliable choice in the long run. Whether working up a sweat or kicking back, these shorts are up to the task.

  • Pros
  • It has an elastic waistband with drawstrings for extra comfort
  • It has functional pockets
  • It is durable even after several washes
  • It is versatile and can be worn on various occasions
  • Cons
  • The shorts are prone to wrinkles
  • Some users complained that the shorts had minimal ventilation for intense workouts

3. Champion Men's Shorts

Champion mens 9" Shorts, Mesh Shorts, 9", Mesh Basketball Shorts, Mesh Gym athletic shorts,...
  • THE FIT - Classic men's mesh shorts with a standard fit and 9" inseam that hits at the knees.
  • THE FEEL - Comfortable and light mesh material with tricot liner makes up these shorts for men.
  • THE LOOK - Mesh shorts with classic side slits for mobility.
  • ADDED COMFORT - Elastic waistband with drawcords that adjust for custom comfort.
  • POCKETS - Gym shorts with side pockets keep essentials close.

Champion Men's Mesh Gym Shorts are a must-have for anyone who prioritizes comfort and functionality in their workout gear. These shorts were incredibly comfortable since they were crafted from lightweight mesh fabric for excellent breathability during intense workouts. The interior lining ensured a smooth and comfortable feel against my skin, preventing chafing during extended exercise sessions.

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The shorts had the ideal balance between a relaxed fit for easy movement and a more tailored fit to avoid unnecessary bulk. Plus, the availability of regular and big & tall sizes meant there was a comfortable fit for everyone. I washed these shorts after every workout, and they held up remarkably well. They maintained their shape, color, and overall quality, proving their durability.

The Champion shorts were simple and functional. They had a classic athletic look without distracting logos or unnecessary details, making them versatile for pairing with various workout outfits.

The only downside I experienced was the lack of pockets. If you prefer having a place to stash your essentials during workouts, you might miss having pockets. However, if you prioritize comfort and performance, you can overlook this minor inconvenience.

  • Pros
  • It offers exceptional comfort with breathable mesh fabric
  • It has versatile fit options, including big & tall sizes
  • It is highly durable and can stand frequent washes
  • Cons
  • Its lack of pockets may inconvenience users who prefer storage during workouts.

4. Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit Cargo Shorts

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit Cargo Short (Available in Big & Tall), Dark Khaki Brown, 38
  • Roomy through hip & thigh with straight leg. Sits at the waist
  • Soft, lightweight, and breathable twill cotton
  • 10-inch inseam
  • Sits naturally at waist
  • An Amazon brand

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit Cargo Shorts are a pleasantly practical addition to my summer wardrobe. These shorts are surprisingly comfortable. The fabric feels good against the skin, and they have a relaxed fit that doesn't constrict movement, making them great for everyday wear or outdoor activities.

The cargo pockets are handy. I used them quite a bit. They're spacious and secure, perfect for stashing my phone, keys, or other essentials when on the go. The classic fit is versatile. It's not too baggy, but it's also not super slim, which I appreciate. They hit that sweet spot between looking casual and not overly dressed down.

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I have had these shorts for a while, and they hold up well. The stitching is solid, and they have survived several washes without fading or fraying. These shorts are simple and no-frills, which is their charm. They will not turn heads, but they're dependable, and you can wear them on most occasions.

These cargo shorts are a practical choice if you need something comfortable and functional without breaking the bank. They might not be the flashiest shorts out there, but they get the job done, and sometimes that's all you need.

  • Pros
  • It is made from soft and breathable fabric, making it comfortable for extended wear
  • It has cargo pockets to provide extra storage space for essentials
  • They hold up well after multiple washes
  • Cons
  • Their basic design may not appeal to those seeking a trendy look
  • Some shorts may miss the option for waist adjustment

5. Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit 9" Short

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit 9" Short, Khaki Brown, 32
  • CLASSIC FIT: Roomy through hip and thigh with straight leg. Sits at the waist.
  • COTTON TWILL: Gently structured cotton twill that is naturally breathable with a garment wash for a soft, durable hand.
  • EVERYDAY SHORTS: Classic khaki chino shorts in a non-stretch, garment-washed fabric for a versatile warm-weather wardrobe staple.
  • DETAILS: Zip fly with button at waist, front slant pockets, and button-through back welt pockets.
  • INSEAM: 9" on US size 32.

Amazon Essentials is Amazon's in-house brand, and they have produced a winner with their Men's Classic-Fit 9" Short. These shorts offered a combination of affordability and style that was hard to beat.

The shorts were made from cotton with a touch of elastane to provide comfort and stretch. The classic fit and above-knee-length cut ensured a timeless look suitable for various occasions, from backyard barbecues and golf tournaments to casual office days.

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It had four pockets, including two back pockets with a zipper pocket and button closures, which offered enough space for my wallet, phone, and keys. While it did not have as many pockets as cargo shorts, it struck a good balance between style and functionality.

I was impressed with its availability in multiple colors and its excellent budget-friendly option that did not compromise quality or style, so I wore the shorts with loafers. Whether you're looking for everyday shorts or something to dress up a bit, these shorts have you covered.

  • Pros
  • Affordable yet stylish
  • The classic fit offers timeless appeal
  • Stretch fabric for added comfort
  • Versatile for casual and semi-casual occasions
  • Multiple color options
  • Cons
  • Some users prefer more pockets
  • Some users complained of size variations in different colors

Types Of Men's' Shorts

Men's shorts are all about comfort and style, and there's a type to match any occasion or personal preference. Let's take a look at some of the most popular ones:

1. Chino Shorts

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Chino shorts are all-purpose, everyday shorts. They are made from soft and breathable cotton twill, perfect for attending casual outings, a day at the park, or even a relaxed office environment.

2. Cargo Shorts

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If you like to carry around a lot of stuff, cargo shorts are your go-to. They are loaded with pockets, making them handy for running errands or simply hiking shorts.

3. Denim Shorts

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Denim shorts are the summer version of your favorite jeans. They are casual, timeless, and perfect for a laid-back, relaxed look. You can wear them to a barbecue, a beach party, or anywhere.

4. Board Shorts

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These are the way to go if you're heading to the beach. They are made from quick-drying materials and come in vibrant patterns and colors. Board shorts are mostly used as swim trunks as they are ideal for surfing, swimming, or simply catching some sunshine by the shore.

5. Athletic Shorts

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Athletic shorts are perfect gym outfits for men or for just lounging around. They are made of sweat-wicking materials designed for comfort and ease of movement.

6. Bermuda Shorts

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Bermuda shorts are a tad longer, hitting just above the knee. They give you a slightly more polished look while still keeping things smart casual.

7. Sweat Shorts

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Sweat shorts are super comfy and great for lounging at home or running errands. They have a soft, breathable fabric, like fleece or French terry.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Shorts For Men

When buying the best shorts for men, there are several factors to remember to ensure you get the right pair for your needs and style. Consider:

1. Fit and Style

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Think about how you want your shorts to feel on you. Slim-fit shorts hug your body more, making you look modern and sleek. Regular fits are safe for most occasions since they balance comfort and style. On the other hand, relaxed-fit shorts provide extra room for a laid-back, easygoing vibe.

2. Length

Length can change the entire feel of your outfit. If you want a casual and youthful appearance, go for shorter distances, like above-the-knee. Consider longer lengths below the knee if you're after something more classic and refined.

3. Material

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Fabric choice is essential for comfort. You can go for cotton shorts as the material is soft and breathable, making it perfect for warm weather. For outdoor activities or sports, go for performance materials like polyester or its blends. On the other hand, if you want a timeless vibe, opt for denim since it ages beautifully.

4. Pockets

Pockets can be both practical and a style choice. Cargo shorts have those extra pockets on the sides, which can be super handy but might feel bulkier. Consider simpler, cleaner pocket designs for a more streamlined look.

5. Waistband

An adjustable waistband can save you from the frustration of constantly having to pull up or adjust your shorts. In contrast, elastic waistbands are incredibly comfortable, especially if you're going to indulge in some serious eating!

6. Color and Pattern

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Colors and patterns are your chance to express yourself. Neutral colors are versatile, while bolder ones make a statement. Think about how the shorts will fit into your existing wardrobe and style.

7. Occasion

Where you're planning to wear these shorts matters; board shorts are perfect for the beach, while chino shorts can easily transition to a casual office environment. Always consider the context and how to dress shorts to fit in.

8. Brand and Reviews

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Trusting a reputable brand is brilliant, as it often guarantees better quality. Reviewing reviews from fellow shoppers can provide valuable insights into how well a pair of shorts fits and holds up over time.

9. Budget

Your budget is the practical side of things. Fortunately, you can find great shorts in various price ranges. Remember that quality sometimes comes at a higher price, but excellent budget-friendly options exist.

10. Try The Short On

Try the shorts on before purchasing. This can help you gauge the fit and comfort. Check the brand's sizing chart and return policy if you're shopping online.

How Do Shorts Sizes Work?

Men's short sizes can sometimes feel like cracking a secret code, but we are here to help you choose the correct size for your look. In most cases, the short length is expressed in two ways: waist size (in inches or centimeters) and sometimes even in small, medium, large, etc.

So, when the size is expressed in numerical (e.g., 30, 32, 34,36), the numbers represent your waist measurement in inches. For instance, if you wear pants with a 36-inch waist, you will wear the same shorts size.

On the other hand, if the shorts are indicated using general size labels such as (Small, Medium, or Large (S, M, L, XL), you can check with the brand's size chart to get a precise fit since the fit can vary even within the same size due to factors like style (slim fit, regular fit, etc.) and the brand's unique design. Also, try them on or look for online reviews that mention how a particular brand or style fits.

If you are in for the length, beware that some brands offer different sizes (e.g., 7-inch, 9-inch, or 11-inch inseams). So, if you prefer longer shorts, go for a high-inch inseam number. On the other hand, if you are ready for "short shorts," choose a smaller inseam number.

Ultimately, the best way to find your correct size is to know your waist measurement and preferred fit (e.g., slim, regular, relaxed) and check the brand's sizing guidelines. Try them on if you are shopping in-store, or use easy return policies if you are shopping online.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best shorts for men doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the information we have highlighted above, you can confidently choose shorts that suit your personal style, occasion, and comfort preferences.

Remember that the perfect pair of shorts should make you feel confident, whether you're enjoying a day at the beach, hiking, or simply relaxing with friends. So, take your time, try different styles, and prioritize comfort while staying on-trend this summer. With our curated list of the best shorts for men, you will be ready to embrace the sunshine and enjoy the season to the fullest.

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