What Are The Best Shoes For Skateboarding In 2023?

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Do you enjoy skateboarding? If so, it is important to pick good skate shoes, also known as skateboarding shoes. This type of footwear has been created just for skateboarders, and even though many people wear them that DON'T skate, they can certainly help you when you are on your board. For example, skate shoes often have a polyurethane or vulcanized rubber sole that has fine tread. The top of the shoe may also feature triple stitching, which makes it more durable, since you are likely go pretty hard in them. The tongue is different than that of normal shoes as well; it is lower and has padding so that it feels good on your feet.

The manufacturers of skate shoes have gone to great lengths to add certain features to the shoes that help skateboarders perform well. For example, their features may keep wearers from experiencing damage to their heels, which often occurs when skateboarders land the wrong way after jumping on their boards. They sometimes also include features that help with grip and that improve mobility.

Other special features include action leather, cup soles, asymmetric stabilizers, shock absorbing insoles and system G2 cushioning. There are many more as well, so do your research!

Designers have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make your skateboarding shoes last longer. The grip tape on the skateboard isn't good for shoes, and unfortunately, skating shoes spend a lot of time in contact with this material. Many skaters have to replace their shoes often. However, if the shoe has plastic underlying, action leather or super suede under the toe, it often lasts longer. For the laces, both protectors and lace loops can help keep them together, because they protect them from the grip tape.

You may also see triple stitching, which helps against ripping, and wider shoes so that the skateboarder is able to stay in contact with the board better. Thicker tongues and sides can really help you become a better skateboarder. Finally, deep sole patterns work wonders for the grip on your board.

Top 5 Best Men's Skate Shoes

1. Vans Men's Sk8-hi(tm) Core Classics

If you are looking for a stylish pair of skate shoes for plantar fasciitis, then the Vans Men's Sk8-hi is a great option. These shoes are designed for men who are looking for practical and affordable skate shoes. Apart from being stylish, they will keep your feet comfortable and warm during the cold seasons.

The quilted canvas collar is the standout feature in these shoes. This elevated section of the upper comes with adequate padding. Therefore, you are assured of adequate protection and support, on all sides of your ankles, especially during a vigorous session. Also, the high-top feature adds style to a plain pair of jeans. And once the temperatures start dropping, this padded collar will insulate the foot around the ankle, thus making sure that you have enough comfort to enjoy your skating.

The upper of these skate shoes for men is made of a sturdy canvas material. Apart from protecting your feet, this material is highly breathable. Therefore, your feet will remain cool and fresh, even when the temperatures outside are soaring. Whether you are a serious skater or a beginner, the lightly cushioned tongue, combined with the thinly padded footbed ensure that you feel the board beneath your feet, thus giving you better control. On the other hand, a durable rubber outsole provides you with adequate grip. As a result, you can execute your moves confidently, knowing that your feet are firm and steady on the board.

2. DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker

DC mens Pure Casual Low Top Skate Shoe, Black/Black/White, 13 US
  • COMFORT: The lightweight, padded tongue and collar provide added comfort and support to your feet; Ventilation holes help your feet breathe while on the move at the skatepark, or on the way to class,...
  • UPPER: The Pure upper is constructed with leather, nubuck, or suede and feature the DC Logo; Match the Pures back with DC tees, hats, fleece hoodies, shirts, pants, jackets, and more
  • OUTSOLE: Our Pure is contructed with a cupsole that provides extra foot and ankle support when you're on your feet
  • PURE: The classic skate silhouette is always evolving with on-trend colors and new materials that keep the OGs coming back for more and the younger generation hungry for the latest-and-greatest skate...
  • DC SHOES: We’re passionate about skateboarding and we spend as much time on our skateboards as we do in the design lab so that we can always be ahead of the trends when it comes to knowing what...

DC recognizes the blend between skateboarding and art, taking their footwear to unrealistic levels. They deliver uncompromising durability, eye-catching fashion and comfort. The DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker is friendly to your feet, giving you a warm and comfortable feeling when doing your thing. On top of skateboarding, you can use this shoe for workouts and running, among other activities. It features a rubber sole together with sufficient foam padding at the collar and tongue. This boosts easy foot movement. These shoes are available in different colors and shades. Since the outer material is leather, it is one of the durable skate shoes you can find. It is durable, fashionable as well as comfortable. This shoe also features a unique design, which allows air circulation and moisture drainage. It also comes with a performance cup sole to ensure stability and inspire confidence. The grippy rubber outsole provides you with more control and traction as you increase your speed on the board. At the bottom of the shoes is a small grip circle that provides additional grip on greasy and oily surfaces. In terms of sizing, these shoes run narrow, therefore, if you have wider feet, it is advisable to order a half size larger than your normal size.

3. DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe

DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe, Black/Black/Black, 13 D D US
  • COMFORT: The lightweight, padded tongue and collar provide added comfort and support to your feet; Ventilation holes help your feet breathe while on the move at the skatepark, or on the way to class,...
  • UPPER: The Court Graffik upper is constructed with leather, nubuck, or suede and feature the DC Logo; Match the Court Graffiks back with DC tees, hats, fleece hoodies, shirts, pants, jackets, and more
  • OUTSOLE: Our Court Graffik is contructed with a cupsole that provides extra foot and ankle support when you're on your feet
  • COURT GRAFFIK: The classic puffy silhouette is always evolving with on-trend colors and new materials that keep the OGs coming back for more and the younger generation hungry for the...
  • DC SHOES: We’re passionate about skateboarding and we spend as much time on our skateboards as we do in the design lab so that we can always be ahead of the trends when it comes to knowing what...

These shoes are crafted using premium leather giving them a strong and sturdy feel. However, they still ensure that your feet remain comfortable and cool. These shoes have also been designed to provide unsurpassed support to the wearer. Although their primary use is skateboarding, you can still use them for different daily uses. There is a large logo inscribed on the heel, making it easy to identify the brand, and separate it from the fakes. Beneath the shoe is a trademark pill pattern, strongly associated with this brand. This helps to ensure that the shoe is authentic, wherever it has been shipped. The collar and tongue of this shoe have been padded with foam, providing you with additional comfort. Lightweight mesh has been used on the bottom of the tongue, to ensure that the shoe is breathable, thanks to free circulation of air. Breathability is also enhanced by the vent holes on the upper part of the shoe. Once you put these shoes on, you’ll get a superior comfort level, with no foot pain to speak of. You’ll never want to take them off. They are durable and hardwearing, meaning they will last you a long time. This makes them a cost-effective choice. These shoes have been fitted with extra padding, to make sure that your feet will remain warm during winter. You can wear them all year long. These shoes are ideal for every skater guy or gal who is looking for one of the most comfortable skate shoes.

4. DC Men’s Net Lace-Up Shoe

DC Shoes Mens Shoes Net Shoes
  • Cup sole
  • Vent holes
  • Lightweight mesh tongue

DC offers comfortable skateboarding shoes, ready to tackle the different surfaces, flips and maneuvers. This shoe features a collar and tongue that has been generously padded, to provide that extra cushioning. This, combined with a muted leather upper, makes your moves on the pavement even easier. The DC Men’s Net Lace-Up Shoe comes with a high-walled rubber outsole, which gives you maximum control and traction wherever you’re board takes you. The upper part of this shoe has been fitted with a lightweight mesh to provide better ventilation. There are also ventilation holes on the heel collar and upper of the shoe, to ensure that breathability is not compromised. A sturdy cupsole construction together with a trademarked pill pattern, provides you with grip that will make your board stick to your feet, so that you can do all the raddest tricks. The shoe is designed to provide durable skating support. They are highly durable, comfortable and reliable. They are very suitable for skaters with big or wide feet, who prefer a generously padded shoe. If you are looking for reliable skate shoes, then this is the ideal pair. These shoes also work perfectly with braces, which is not something you find on most other skating footwear. The shoe is beautiful and the construction is great.

5. Adidas NEO Men’s SE Daily Vulc Lifestyle

adidas NEO Men's SE Daily Vulc Lifestyle Skateboarding Shoe
  • Denim upper
  • Rubber toe bumper
  • Leather 3-Stripes
  • cloudfoam sockliner for comfort and lightweight cushioning
  • Leather heel patch; Pivot-point vulcanized rubber outsole for less friction and high maneuverability

Whether you are looking for a skateboarding shoe, or a shoe to match with your pair of jeans, the Adidas NEO Men’s SE Daily Vulc Lifestyle has been designed to serve different purposes. They are casual and can be worn daily. They are lightweight, sporty and able to handle the needs of some seriously hardcore skateboarding. They feature ortholite performance insoles and memory foam midsoles to minimize the impact on your landing. They are very comfortable. They are so light that sometimes you feel as if you’re not even wearing them at all. They are most suitable for people with flat feet or low arches. The construction is top quality with a rubber rand securely attached to the upper, to give you some extra durability. There is minimal padding on the tongue to allow for quick responses on your board. They are stylish and comfortable. If you have wider feet, order a slightly larger size. However, since they come with laces, they can be adjusted to give you that snug fit you need from a good pair of skate shoes.

Top 10 Best Skate Shoe Brands

Skaters all have different needs, but at the end of the day, the one thing they all have in common is the need to wear comfortable shoes. Though the market is flooded with companies producing footwear just for skaters, it didn't always used to be this way. Nowadays, the toughest decisions that skaters need to make is which brand to purchase shoes from. Skate shoe brands care about their image and the message they send to skaters, so they design their shoes with innovative technology for optimal performance.

The above skate shoe reviews don't cover all the brands. So... here goes! What are some of the top skate shoe brands? Below, we will outline our top 10 favorites and give you a bit of background information on each company.

1. Vans

The skateboarding world truly evolved a great deal in the 1990s, and Vans was one of the first companies to help establish the skate shoes that we see today. As one of the first companies to truly support and endorse skating, it is a brand that still resonates with skaters worldwide. When it comes to producing top-of-the-line skating footwear, Vans is probably a first choice among many.

2. Etnies

This brand is first and foremost known for their quality skating footwear. It's a great choice for skaters as they not only produce innovative and personal designs, but each pair of shoes features quality craftsmanship. As an active promoter of skate parks and a number of charities, Etnies understands the importance of supporting skaters. In fact, for every shoe you purchase, the company plants a tree in the rainforest.

3. DC

Many skaters instantly recognize DC shoes, especially if they have been purchasing their products since the early 90s. Their shoes are designed with comfort and support in mind, and you will find that their brand is marked by fat shoe laces. Skaters that have been doing the sport for years trust and value DC shoes, and they recognize the importance of competing in shoes that employ form and function well.

4. Globe

Most of the shoes mentioned so far were popular in the 90s, but Globe has been serving the skating community since the 80s. Their shoes helped establish the world of professional skating, but their quality footwear appeals to both pro and novice skaters alike. If we want the world of skating to continue, we must endorse it to the public. Globe hones the interest of young skaters by hosting events that help put skateboarding back on the map.

5. Airwalk

When it comes to comfort, Airwalk shoes are a safe bet, and since the company has been around since the heyday of skating, you can rest assured you'll be purchasing quality. Airwalk is also a brand that offers the most affordable footwear on the market, which makes it doubly ideal for novice skaters that are just getting a hang of the ropes. In this case, it can be said that quality doesn't necessarily need to come with a hefty price tag. This company really knows the needs of skaters and they do the research to produce footwear that is safe, comfortable, and long-lasting.

6. Emerica

Professional competitors will often wear Emerica shoes as they feature a design that can directly grip the skateboard. Though these shoes are all about function, they look great too! Emerica shoes come equipped with not only grip control, but feature sharp designs and a cool logo that skaters love. If you're looking to skate like the pros, this brand has everything to offer and then some.

7. Lakai

Lakai was actually a brand that was founded by two people that were formally employed by DC. The creators of Lakai noticed that many brands simply don't recognize that there are weaknesses within the skate shoe market. Their designs hope to fill that gap and create styles that not only appeal to skaters, but help combine form, function, and comfort into one shoe.

8. Nike SB

Nike, though not originally established as a skate brand, offers a number of shoes designed specifically for skaters. They have spent years perfecting their designs, and the result is a fantastic line of shoes that can easily compete with the most professional brands out there. Many skaters are slowly starting to discover what Nike has to offer, so the brand is slowly rising out of obscurity. Skaters want shoes that they can rely on and a brand that they trust will deliver performance. When it comes to build and quality you can trust, Nike SB is the brand to consider.

9. Fallen

As a fairly new brand, Fallen Footwear has done pretty well. Their appeal largely lies behind the cool factor of their shoe designs that are marketed and geared towards young skaters. Though looks are what attract many buyers, these shoes hold up very nicely and perform well. In just a few short years, the brand has become one of the top contenders in the market, and it's easy to see why. With innovative and cool styles offered for sale, they prize individuality above all else. Skaters like to bring a bit of extra to competitions, and Fallen Footwear is always a trusted choice though not always the first pick.

10. Adio

Adio Footwear is most commonly worn by pros, and it is a recognizable and well-established brand for pro skaters. When it comes to celebrity endorsements, Adio seems to be piling them up. Of course, endorsements aren't necessarily what makes a great shoe, but when there are dozens of celebrities wearing it, its popularity simply can't be ignored. Consider this: if some of the top skaters are willing to be associated with a certain brand name, you can't help but consider that the product itself must be worth trying. Adio isn't just another famous brand, but one that has clearly earned their prominent spot among the greats.

How Can You Find Good Skateboard Shoes?

Skate shoes were created for people who ride a skateboard. As a result, they include a number of features that add to the wearer's experience while they are on their board. Some feature strong grip, so you will likely find that their soles are constructed of either polyurethane or rubber. Skateboarding, as a business, brings in a lot of money and is very popular in many different countries. Even though it looks easy, skateboarding takes work. You won't become an expert overnight, and you have to really put in time and effort if you want to do the best tricks.

Skateboarders are often traveling at high speeds, which is why it is important that riders follow certain safety rules. Many injuries happen because the skateboarder gets off balance or is unable to complete a particular stunt. Therefore, it is crucial that protective gear is worn at all times. This means that the skateboarder should have on a helmet and pads that cover the knees and elbows. While you might not like how these items look, they are crucial to helping you avoid serious injury.

The shoes you choose are also an important part of this process. They must feel good on your feet, provide you with excellent grip and also be very flexible. There are a number of name brands that you have likely heard of, like Zoo York, Converse and Kustom. These, in particular, feature a flat sole that allows you to really hang on to the board as you ride. On the Internet, you are likely to come across Skate Shoes UK, which has original skate boots and shoes that are brand name. They have some of the best prices as well, which helps if you are on a budget. The most important thing, though, is that you get the right shoes that will allow you to skateboard with maximum efficiency. You'd be surprised at the difference a great pair of shoes can make.

You can't just pick up any old pair of skate boots or shoes, though, because they are not all the same. If you want a good pair, look for things like shoelace protectors, thermoplastic toe box reinforcement, cup soles, air pockets in the heels and asymmetric stabilizers.

As a skateboarder, you will likely spend a lot of time practicing as you attempt to get better. Therefore, your shoes must feel good on your feet. They can't be too large or too small. The last thing you want is for blisters or issues with your feet to cause you to miss a day of skateboarding. Even if you are still able to get out on your board, you won't do as well as you would have otherwise. It won't be as fun and you will not be able to really showcase your skills the way that you want to.

Skate shoes are popular with people other than skateboarders. They have become something of a fashion statement, and people of all ages are putting them on their feet and wearing them with pride. They fit within most budgets and they are also attractive. You will notice that all skateboarders are different, and some prefer certain brands over others. There does not seem to be one that is the most popular in the sport. Some of the best skateboarding shoes do have a higher price tag, but keep in mind that you are investing in your future. These shoes are strong, which means that you won't have to get a new pair as often as other shoes. The triple stitching and the thick material, in particular, will help them survive as you put them to the test.

If you really enjoy skateboarding, it is important to pick up a good pair of shoes. Do not go for looks alone; look for the features that will help you perform at your highest level. Looking good is not going to help you when you fall down and hurt yourself.

What Else To Look For In Good Skate Shoes?

What is it that makes skateboard shoes good? Are yours any good? How can you tell?

Skaters have every right to have strong opinions about skateboarding footwear. However, can you tell the difference between good skater shoes and those that are basically garbage?

The answer isn't simple. It's multi faceted, actually. There are a number of different things that can help you make up your mind which are good skate shoes and which ones you should throw into the garbage can.

Asking your skater friends for their opinion is probably the most common method.

If they don't like Etnies, then you won't either. Over the short term, that method can work. However, there are some dangers to relying on it too much. Your friends may get tired of you never having any opinions of your own and always just following everything they say. Or your friends could be wrong. In fact, there is a good chance that they are. As you continue to learn more and more about skate shoes, you will also find yourself thinking just about everyone is wrong about them. That is perfectly normal. It all comes with being a skater.

Trying them out is your next best method. It works much better than merely asking your friends. However, it could get expensive. Also, the more shoes you purchase that don't end up working out, the more frustrated you are likely to become.

The third way is actually determining what actually makes shoes for skating "good", and then evaluating each pair on an individual basis. This is the method that I prefer. The following are some the most important things to look for when considering skate shoes, so that you can determine whether or not they're worth spending your hard-earned money on:


Look over the shoe, to make sure it is stitched together instead of just glued. It should also mostly be double stitched, or possibly even triple stitched (meaning you will see two or three small stitch lines that run along together, rather than only one). High quality skateboard shoes will be stitched together. That helps the shoes hold together for much longer.


What kind of material is the shoe made out of? If it is canvas you should throw them away, unless you aren't planning to do anything very aggressive ever. Are they leather? Are there layers? Is it treated? How thick is it? The best skate shoes are made from suede or leather, or a synthetic material that is as strong as leather. However, you do need to be careful. The only brand that I'm aware of that produces a strong synthetic leather is Fallen. Extra strong leather is something that some brands promise.


It isn't enough for a shoe to be made out of leather. It needs to have plenty of reinforcement as well. You are skating in these shoes, not just walking. Skating really destroys shoes. It is simply a fact. You want to have shoes that last for as long as possible. The toe cap should have extra layers, as well as some on the side, around the heel and lace eyelets. Ideally the shoe will look like it has the ability too survive a nuclear war.


There needs to be some balance. It's great having all of that reinforcement. However, if the shoes are basically concrete blocks, then you won't be pulling many tricks off with them. All of the design and technology needs to be light so that it doesn't drag you down. However, it can't be too light either. You need to be careful. If a shoe feels incredibly light, it may be too flimsy.


The sole of the shoe should be made with a grippy gum rubber. I'm not talking about the regular kind of street shoe rubber. Remember these shoes need to be able to grip a skateboard. A majority of major skate shoe brands have enough grip. However, not all shoes that a given company makes are created equal.


This is mostly a matter of preference. I personally like padded heel collars and tongues along with a nice cushy heel pad. However, it really isn't that important. Padding is all about your preferred comfort level.

Lace Protection

Many skaters miss this small thing when looking for shoes. There should be metal reinforcing the lace holes. If there isn't you could easily rip through them. The lower lace holes should have flaps to protect the lace whenever you are performing flip tricks. If they don't, you'll most likely be burning through laces very quickly.

Pro Signature

Having the name of a professional on the shoes definitely doesn't automatically make the shoe good. However, the strange part is that any pro with a good name is not going to want it associated with a bad shoe. That is very bad advertising. So if there is a well respected, well known pro's name on the shoe, then it's likely that it's a quality shoe. However, there can be exceptions to this. If a pro's name is on a complete shoe brand (such as Hawk), that doesn't automatically mean all of their shoes are good. The pro isn't really involved all that much with every individual shoe at that point.


In terms of skateability, style is the least important feature. However, it's on the top of most skaters lists! You do need to like your shoes. However, it should be way down the list, and take a back seat to other considerations.

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