Best Shoes for CrossFit Training for Men and Women

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CrossFit training has gained so much popularity in recent years. The sport includes high-intensity interval training workouts that offer functional fitness. The workouts include deadlifts, box jumps, distance running, weightlifting and rope climbs, among other technical movements.

The nature of this sport makes having the best footwear for CrossFit a priority. The best CrossFit shoes should be versatile to withstand complex cross-training workouts. For this reason, athletes and enthusiasts alike may have a hard time picking out the right shoes.

Below, we have rounded up the best shoes for CrossFit and factors you should look into before making a purchase.

5 Best Shoes for Crossfit

1. Reebok Men's Nano X1 Cross Trainer

Reebok Men's Nano X1 Cross Trainer, Black/Night Black/Rubber Gum, 6
  • Versatile Workout Shoes: Workout the way you want - these combination training and running shoes enable you to jump, climb, and even throw the barbell around with complete confidence
  • Soft & Durable Upper: These iconic training sneakers for men feature a Flexweave knit upper that's breathable yet durable, with integrated support for multidirectional movement
  • Stabilizing Foot Support: Enhanced with a shock-absorbing EVA foam midsole, these men’s athletics shoes are ideal for high-intensity workouts, crossfit, cardio, lifting, climbing, and running
  • Built For Speed: The sleek shape and ultra-stylish design of these lightweight workout shoes for men helps you crush your workout goals and feel good about what you're wearing too

The Reebok Nano X1 Trainers have a rubber sole. This sole helps provide extra stability during lateral movements. Additionally, the outsole offers extra support, especially during weightlifting.

These cross-trainers serve as versatile workout footwear that can be worn as training and running shoes. Their unique design enables you to jump, climb, and even throw the barbell around with complete confidence.

The Reebok Nano has a soft and durable upper. These iconic training sneakers for men feature a Flexweave knit upper that is breathable yet durable, with integrated support for multidirectional movement.

In addition, the trainers have a 7mm heel drop to accommodate the various needs of CrossFit movements like lunges and squats. The heel also helps to maintain the stability of the foot through lateral movements.

The design of the reebok nano training shoe includes a Floatride Energy Foam. This foam provides the lightweight, responsive cushioning of these running shoes while maintaining their performance and stability.

Enhanced with a shock-absorbing EVA foam midsole, these men’s athletics shoes are ideal for high-intensity workouts, CrossFit, cardio, lifting, climbing, and running.

The Reebok CrossFit trainers have a sleek shape and ultra-stylish design. The reebok nano sneakers are lightweight and help you crush your workout goals while feeling good about what you're wearing.

  • Pros
  • They are versatile to withstand any training
  • They offer a comfortable fit
  • Have a wider toe box
  • They are stable and lightweight
  • Cons
  • They don't offer a narrower fit

2. PUMA Women's Tazon 6 Cross-Trainer Shoe

The Puma Women's Tazon trainers are 100% Leather and Synthetic. They have a rubber outsole to provide support and stability during training. The light sole also allows for easy transitions from running to training.

The Tazon range of training shoes has a shaft that measures approximately low-top from the arch. This shaft provides required arch support to distribute pressure and support throughout the foot. In addition, wearing footwear with arch support helps reduce aches and pain in the feet.

  • Pros
  • They have an appealing design and can be worn as everyday shoes
  • Offer a narrow fit
  • Cons
  • Not suitable for someone with a wide toe area

3. New Balance Men's Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

New Balance Men's 623 V3 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer, White/Navy, 8.5 Wide
  • 10 mm drop: due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 10 mm drop are approximate
  • EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) foam footbed for cushioning
  • IMEVA (injection-molded EVA foam) midsole for firm yet flexible cushioning
  • Internal midsole shank adds midfoot structure and support
  • Medicare / HCPCS code = A5500, may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement

The New Balance Cross Trainers are 100% leather. The running shoe is ready for anything with a water-resistant leather upper and durable non-marking outsole. This outsole comfortably stands up to everyday wear and tear. In addition, the rubber sole provides stability and support during lateral movements.

These Casual Comfort trainers have a shaft that measures approximately low-top from the arch to provide arch support. Training shoes with arch support reduce aches and pain around the feet.

The623v3 men's training shoe from New Balance gives your feet all-day comfort with a firm and flexible injection-molded EVA foam midsole and cushioned EVA footbed. This specific feature provides next-level comfort during your rather difficult workouts.

Additionally, these trainers have an athletic design and look that builds upon the previous models’ features of breathability, versatility and durability. For example, the upper has a mesh to allow hot air away from the foot and, in turn, keeps the feet cool and dry throughout high-intensity exercises.

These cross trainers have reliable impact resistance. Additionally, the cushioning in the midsole of these comfortable training shoes helps to absorb impacts by combining cushioning and compression resistance.

These shoes have a structured design. Whether you’re cross-training or hanging out, the shoe has an internal midsole shank that adds structure and support to the trainers for added stability with each step.

  • Pros
  • Allows breathability
  • Has allowance for wide sizes
  • Cons
  • The rubber sole is not as durable compared to other brands

4. Innov-8 Men's F-lite 235 Shoes

INOV-8 Men's F-lite 235 V3 Fitness-&-Cross-Training, Black/Gum, 11
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND FLEXIBLE - These sneakers feature performance outsole technology that encourages natural foot movement for a second to none ground feel, allowing you to move through your workouts with...
  • STABLE AND SUPPPORTIVE - A snug fit around the midfoot provides stability and the wide toe section provides room to spread the toes for the ultimate base when lifting heavy.
  • DURABLE AND PROTECTIVE - These stylish trainers feature rope guard technology that extends onto the shoes uppers and a welded toe bumper for a shoe that will hold up to anything you throw at them,...
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN - A minimally constructed, yet super durable upper uses elastic mesh liners to hug the foot for added comfort and support, delivering one of the most comfortable and breathable...
  • BEST ALL ROUND SHOE - A super versatile shoe that is great for lifting, high intensity workouts and short runs. One of the most runnable cross trainers there is out there.

These Innov-8 F-lite sneakers feature performance outsole technology that encourages natural foot movement. In addition, they have a second to none ground feel resulting from a low heel drop, allowing you to easily move through your workouts. On top of that, they are lightweight and flexible to enhance transitions during workouts.

This training shoe offers a snug fit around the midfoot to make sure the foot is stable while working out. It also has a wide toe section that gives room to spread the toes for the ultimate base when heavy lifting. The wide-toe room also offers extra support.

These stylish F-lite trainers feature rope guard technology that extends onto the shoe uppers. In addition, the CrossFit shoe has a welded toe bumper to hold up to anything you throw at them, whether it's rope climbs or jumping high boxes. This upper design protects the foot from any injuries. In addition, the strong upper increases durability of the shoe.

The Innov-8 trainers are minimally constructed with strong, lightweight materials that grip the feet without compromising comfort. Additionally, the mesh on the upper allows the training shoes to breathe and to remain cool and dry.

These 235 men's trainers are designed as versatile foot gears that are great for lifting, high-intensity workouts and short runs. They are truly one of the most runnable cross trainers there is out there.

  • Pros
  • Have a wide toe box to accommodate wide feet
  • Cons
  • It has limited color choices

5. New Balance Women's FuelCore V1 Sneaker

New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker, White/Grey, 8.5
  • These shoes have a performance fit. We recommend ordering a 1/2 size bigger than your typical NB size.
  • Midsole Cushioning: These New Balance sneakers feature a REVlite midsole that delivers incredibly lightweight cushioning and provides a responsive ride for comfortable all-day wear
  • Underfoot Comfort: With an NB Memory Sole Comfort Insert that offers a plush feel with every step, this everyday shoe for women was made for wearing anywhere and everywhere
  • Sleek Design and Supportive Fit: Stay comfortable and stylish as you go about your day with the contemporary bootie design. The bootie upper construction hugs your foot for a snug, supportive fit
  • Lightweight Feel: The modern, eye-catching upper on these cross-trainers uses mesh and synthetic materials for a super lightweight feel that helps keep you light on your feet

This new balance women's sneaker is 100% synthetic. In addition, it has a rubber sole that helps improve stability and offer support during lateral movements.

The women's V1 sneakers feature a REVlite midsole. This midsole offers incredibly lightweight cushioning. In addition, it provides a responsive ride for comfortable all-day wear.

The FuelCore sneakers have an NB Memory Sole Comfort Insert that offers a plush feel with every step. This insert provides underfoot comfort making this everyday shoe for women was made for wearing anywhere and everywhere.

This new balance training shoe has a sleek design to it. For this reason, it is comfortable and stylish. Furthermore, this sneaker is available in a range of colors to suit different preferences and personal tastes.

The modern, eye-catching upper on these cross-trainers uses mesh and synthetic materials. These materials enable a super lightweight feel that helps keep you light on your feet. Additionally, the mesh allows hot air out and away from the foot to keep it dry and cool.

  • Pros
  • Has a supportive fit
  • Has a mesh that allows breathability
  • Cons
  • The rubber outsole wears out fast

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Shoes for CrossFit

There are a variety of cross-training shoes on the market. Some of these shoes are specific to the workouts involved, such as squats, heavy lifting and running. For this reason, some athletes prefer to have a separate shoe for each workout, while for others, one pair of shoes that can withstand all the exercises is convenient. That said, listed below are several factors that apply to any CrossFit shoes.

1. Weight of the Shoe

Cross-training involves a lot of high-intensity movements. For this reason, you need a shoe that is light enough for jumps and splints but also stable for weightlifting.

Crossfit shoes should also be flexible. Trainers are often on the move hence require a shoe with good foot mobility. The best Crossfit shoe is flexible to allow for fast movements.

2. Breathability

Due to the vast nature of workouts, a good Crossfit shoe should be breathable. Therefore, most training shoes are designed with a mesh upper to evaporate sweat from the foot and socks.

3. The Durability of Training Shoes

Crossfitters require shoes that can withstand rope climbs, box jumps, lifting and running. Often than not, these shoes take a beating and are fast to wear and tear. A great shoe should be durable enough to withstand such high-intensity workouts while still being functional.

4. Cushioning of the Shoe

The type and size of cushioning in CrossFit shoes are important to consider. For example, little cushioning could result in pain from high-intensity movements. Similarly, excess cushioning can lead to less support during heavy workouts such as weightlifting.

5. Size of Toebox

The best Crossfit shoes should have a wide-toe box. This feature allows you to release the pressure that builds up during movements. Ideally, the shape of the toe box should look like that of a barefoot. Cross-training shoes with a wide toe box, in addition, help to alleviate foot pain.

Depending on the size of your feet, a wide toe box is convenient for an athlete with wider feet. However, if you have narrow feet, a shoe that provides optimum sidewall support is best.

6. Construction of the Crossfit Shoes

Construction of the training shoes looks into detail at the outsole and midsole. A good outsole is designed to withstand heavy lifts, jumps and climbs. It is also abrasion-resistant.

The midsole is made of a firm material that offers support during movements like rope climbing. The materials used in the construction of the outsole and midsole vary from company to company. That being said, the commonly used materials are rubber and TPU. The general idea for the construction criteria is to provide grip, stability and flexibility simultaneously.

7. Design and Appeal of Cross Training Shoes

Style is also a big determiner in the choice of shoe to buy. Some people prefer minimalist footwear, while others don't mind extra additions and flares. If you prefer to wear your training shoes on a daily and during workouts, checking the design before making a purchase is paramount.

8. Height of the Heel Drop

An elevated heel provides support and flexibility. Most cross-trainers have an added extra heel for support. The height of the heel-to-toe drop improves mobility and stability during training.

This height difference is important as it determines comfort, your foot strike, and how much impact you will feel in your training. Most training shoes have a heel-to-toe offset of 2mm-8mm. The heel-to-toe drop, depending on the height, helps alleviate pain in the legs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on The Best Shoes for Crossfit

1. Can you run in CrossFit Shoes?

Yes. Distance running is part of cross-training; hence CrossFit shoes also be worn for running. However, a good training shoe is designed in such a way that it supports most if not all CrossFit workouts.

2. What Shoes are Best for CrossFit?

The best CrossFit shoes provide flexibility, stability, durability and overall versatility. Various factors can determine the choice of the shoe but generally should support high-intensity movements and as such, be lightweight.

3. How Long do CrossFit Shoes Last?

CrossFit is a high-impact sport and as such, a good training shoe is designed with Nanotechnology to withstand the high pressure and intensity. For this reason, the best CrossFit footwear is durable. Ideally, you can replace your shoes whenever they blow out or wear out. However, a good pair should last you a few years at least before replacing.

As CrossFit training is gaining popularity, more brands are coming up with designs to fit the new market. As a result, you will end up buying a new pair before the old ones wear out.

4. Can I Wear Shoes for CrossFit to Run Errands?

Cross-training shoes are comfortable and can be worn for everyday walking. In addition, some trainers have an attractive appeal to them and can be styled with basic daily outfits.

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