Best Men’s Tennis Shoes For Flat, Wide, Narrow And Cavus Feet In 2023 Reviews

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Playing tennis involves fast rigorous movements due to sprints, jumps, backward motions and split steps.

Tennis is a highly demanding game!

Therefore, tennis players need more than just talent and practice, in order to get to their best performance.

Great tennis players require shoes that increase their agility and endurance and support their swift movements.

Some tennis players make the mistake of buying normal running shoes for playing tennis.

However, running shoes are not ideal for tennis players, since they are designed to produce quick forward motion.

Running shoes have flexible and soft soles, designed to absorb running impact. They are not made for side stepping at all.

So it is always advisable to buy an actual tennis shoe, if you want to play tennis.

Why Wear Tennis Shoes?

Tennis shoes are crafted with extra additional lateral support, meant to accommodate forward motions as well as side-to-side stepping action. They are also designed with tougher materials to support the ankles and feet during sudden start or stop movements. The tennis shoes you wear, determine your comfort on the court and, also not unimportant, how long you are able to last.

Additionally, they can also determine your level of play or performance. If you buy the wrong type of shoe, then you are exposing yourself to injuries more than necessary. You are also lowering your performance on the court. Therefore, wearing tennis shoe when playing tennis is an important part of a good, enjoyable game.

Why Are Quality Tennis Shoes So Expensive?

Tennis is a professional sport, played by thousands if not millions of people in the world. It is also a technical sport, that requires more than just technical skills. With that in mind, the tennis shoe is a very important part of the modern game. It affects how an individual performs on the court.

Therefore, manufacturers of tennis shoes have realized the need for high quality shoes that encompass all the demands of the game. The shoe has to be designed with various aspects in mind, so that it can help you make the very best of your tennis game. High quality shoes are priced high, because manufacturers invest plenty of time and effort in their production. The costs of the investment needs to be recouped. Hence the price tag. But if you are starting out with tennis, then you can go for an entry level tennis shoe.

Where to Buy Top Tennis Shoes for Men Online?

From pros to beginners, choosing the shoe that fits your individual style and play, is something you need to spend time researching. Many players go for shoes that either cost the least or look great aesthetically. You can find the right balance between those two aspects, if you take your time. You also need a tennis shoe that will ensure that you avoid injuries, while playing at optimal levels.

If you are a professional player and your main issue is cutting costs and buying a cheap tennis shoe, then you might end up with injuries, thereby incurring unplanned hospital bills, going on ten times or more than what you would have spent on a quality tennis shoe. It would really be better if you just invest in a high quality shoe that lasts you a long time. It's an investment. There are plenty of very popular brands. These are Nike, Adidas and Asics, among others. And the good news is that these brands have a pretty strong online presence, so you can shop for them without ever having to leave your chair. You can find them on Amazon, eBay, TennisExpress, etc.

Which Tennis Shoes For Men Have The Best Arch Support For Flat Feet?

Whether you are a beginner looking for a great pair, or an accomplished player looking to replace your worn out pair, it is important to find the right type of shoes for your personal needs. Tennis players with flat feet need a stable shoe that can support their low arches.

More often than not, flat-footed people tend to be overpronators. This implies that playing in a shoe with too high an arch can lead to injury, discomfort and lead to costly operations. You can (almost) always put your own insoles into your shoes to customize the support as you see fit. But it still helps to go for shoes that are designed with flat footed people in mind. Some good shoes for flat feet include the Asics Gel Resolution 5, Nike Air Max Cage, K-Swiss Bigshot II, Head Prestige Pro II, etc.

Which Tennis Shoes For Men Are Best For For High Arches?

Tennis is a sport that involves a lot of agility, speed and movement. This implies that the player will have frequent impacts with the surface they are playing on. If you have high arches, you will understand the pain and discomfort you can sometimes feel in your heels and in the balls of your feet, when walking. Let alone playing an intensive game like tennis.

However, with the right tennis shoe, you can enjoy your game a little more, without having to be dragged down by unnecessary pain. Tennis shoes for either low or high arches, simply need to offer the support you, personally, require. It is possible that people with both low and high arches prefer the same amount of arch support in a shoe. It's not exactly one-size-fits-all. It's not an exact science, either.

By combining durable materials and designs, together with shock absorbing cushioning. This can really help in preventing you from painful feet problems in the first place. Some good cushioning and shock absorbing shoes include Adidas Barricade 5, K-Swiss Grancourt II and New Balance WC1005.

Which Tennis Shoes for Men Have The Most Cushioning?

Tennis courts come with different surfaces. There are those surfaces featuring clay, grass or hard surfaces. If you are playing on hard surfaces, then you require a shoe with good comfort and cushioning. Some of the best tennis shoes with most cushioning include Reebok shoes designed with DMX technology, Adidas BII, Adidas Barricade, Nike Air Implosions, Adidas A3, and so on. You can also use your own cushy orthotics for more cushioning.

Which Tennis Shoes For Men Are Best For Plantar Fasciitis?

It is a common occurrence for those who participate in energetic sports and games, to suffer from plantar fasciitis during the course of their career. Tennis players are at a higher risk of developing plantar fasciitis due to certain biomechanical issues caused by wearing shoes with insufficient arch support, lack of stretching, or playing on uneven surfaces.

Considering these things, it is important to choose the right men's tennis shoes that will prevent plantar fasciitis from ever happening in the first place. This will keep the pain away and allow you to produce an energetic performance on the court. Some of the tennis shoes best for plantar fasciitis include K-Swiss Grancourt II, Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour, Adidas Barricade 2016, New Balance 1296v2, Asics Gel Kayano 22 and Brooks Glycerin 13.

Best Men's Tennis Shoes Reviews 

1. New Balance MC806 Stability

New Balance Men's 806 V1 Tennis Shoe
  • For the ultimate in on-court stability and support, the New Balance 806 delivers. With C-CAP®, ABZORB® and our exclusive ROLLBAR technology, this heritage tennis shoe offers unrivaled motion...
  • Full grain leather upper
  • Herringbone-pattern outsole for added traction during lateral movements
  • LIGHTNING DRY® wicks moisture away to help keep your feet dry and comfortable
  • Medicare / HCPCS code = A5500, may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement

New Balance's mission is to help athletes achieve their noble goals, and that is what they have been doing for more than a hundred years already. They design their products to fit the wearer. With the 806, New Balance has continued their heritage of creating shoes with superior support and stability. The shoe has been fitted with ROLLBAR technology from New Balance, that prevents excessive movement of the back of the foot. This ensures that you have full control over your strides when you are making those aggressive cuts and strides on the court.

The shoe features a full grain leather upper, giving you a classic style and look. The upper has been reinforced at the front with extra protection against toe dragging. The New Balance MC806 Stability also comes with a herringbone, non-marking outsole, crafted with Ndurance technology for providing maximum traction and durability. From the sole to the heel, there is a 10mm drop. This shoe also offers a C-Cap, long wear drag tip; together with a lightning dry lining, to ensure your feet are warm and dry all day long.

For cushioning, the shoe has been designed with the legendary Abzorb technology, while the isoprene rubber and Dupoint Engage ensure all day comfort. The New Balance MC806 Stability is also a great tennis shoe for plantar fasciitis. You can choose from navy blue, grey or white. The shoes are true to size and do not require a break in period. The shoe also has sufficient room on the inside, which allows you to use third party insoles of superior quality, if you want to have the best support you possibly can. The 806 has also addressed a majority of the issues and concerns that were to be found in previous editions in the same series. It is one of the most comfortable, stable and supportive shoes for tennis players who truly love the game.

2. Adidas Men's Barricade 2018

adidas Performance Men's Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe, White/Black/Matte Silver, 12 M US
  • Seamless Forgedmesh upper designed with areas of support and stretch to help ensure a custom fit that adapts to every move
  • Soft and stretchable tongue for comfort fit; Bootee construction for snug fit; Adiprene+ in the forefoot maintains propulsion and efficiency
  • Abrasion-resistant Adituff wraps around the toe and medial forefoot to help protect against foot drag that occurs during serves, volleys and extreme lateral movements
  • Geofit construction for anatomical fit and comfort; Ghillie at top of lacing delivers a locked-down fit
  • Barricade chassis for support and stability in midfoot and extra freedom and flexibility in forefoot; Adiprene under the heel for superior cushioning at impact; Adiwear 6 outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability

Adidas is a renowned brand when it comes to high-quality footwear. And with the Barricade 2018, you are getting an outstanding pair of shoes, which will keep your feet comfortable while taking your play to the next level. Designed for professional and recreational tennis players, these tennis shoes for standing all day are equipped with various advanced technologies, to ensure that you have enough support, comfort, stability, and traction.

When you are moving around the court, it’s almost inevitable that you will place an undue amount of pressure on your feet, while twisting your muscles and tendons. But as long as you are wearing the Adidas Barricade, you don’t have to worry about foot pain or soreness. Their midsole unit is molded your feet, thus providing ample midfoot support. On the other hand, the Adiprene material under the heel supplies additional cushioning and shock absorption. These men’s tennis shoes also feature Geofit construction, which supplies anatomical feet and exceptional comfort.

The upper features seamless forged mesh, which stretches as your feet moves, to allow maximum flexibility. On the other hand, the flexible and soft tongue supplies additional comfort and a custom fit, while the seamless design eliminates friction, hot spots, and blisters. They are further equipped with abrasion-resistant Adidas Adituff, placed around the medial forefoot and the toe. And with the Adiwear 6 outsole, you are assured of maximum traction, protection, and durability.

3. Asics Men's Gel-Resolution 7

ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 Men's Tennis Shoe, Illusion Blue/Silver, 10 D US
  • 6-MONTH OUTSOLE WARRANTY: Warranty against excessive outsole wear up to 6 months.
  • FLEXION FIT UPPER: Proprietary upper which provides form fitting comfort without sacrificing support.
  • PGUARD TOE PROTECTOR: Enhanced toe durability.
  • TRUSSTIC SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY: Reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe.
  • AHAR PLUS OUTSOLE: Strategically positioned in critical areas of the outsole, this exceptionally durable compound is 50% more durable than standard ASICS High Abrasion Rubber.

The Asics Gel Resolution is a top of the line pair of tennis shoes, which delivers excellent support, premier stability as well as durability, without sacrificing performance and comfort. And with the Gel Resolution 7, you will get all these features, and even more. It provides superior underfoot protection, unmatched breathability, and impressive traction. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best men’s tennis shoes for heel pain.

Its outsole unit is made to last and protect your feet for many years. It’s made of the company’s durable rubber compound known as Asics high abrasion resistant rubber or AHAR. This rubber has been placed in various high impact areas such as the forefoot and rearfoot sections of the sole, to provide traction and longevity. Considering that these shoes are designed for all courts and terrains, the outsole is non-marking. Whether you are playing tennis indoors or outdoors, these shoes will not leave skid marks on the court. The outsole unit also features flex grooves, which allow a swift and smooth transition of direction and weight, without any limitations.

Asics has combined mesh and Flexion Fit synthetic leather to make the upper unit of these men’s tennis shoes for walking. This combination results in a snug and comfort fit while adjusting to the shape and movements of your feet. Also, the Flexion Fit synthetic leather supplies additional foot support, while allowing you to move explosively and fast in all directions. Unlike other tennis shoes, the Asics Gel Resolution 7 comes with Solyte midsole material, which is significantly lighter than other midsole materials such as SpEVA and EVA. And just like the name suggests, these shoes have been furnished with Gel Resolution cushioning system, which has been placed in the rearfoot and forefoot areas. Apart from impact attenuation, this advanced cushioning system provides great comfort.

4. Asics Men's Gel-Resolution 6

ASICS Men's Gel-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe,White/Blue/Silver,9 D(M) US
  • Stability tennis shoe featuring extended Flexion Fit construction with PGuard toe bumper
  • Signature GEL and a Solyte midsole absorb shock
  • Extra-durable AHAR Plus outsole

The ASICS GEL-Resolution 6 is a modern classic, designed for all-round performance. It is the sixth version in the long line of ASICs stability tennis shoes. The previous boots in the series have all come with exceptional performance, and this one does not disappoint. An external heel collar and an added midfoot support system, help to increase rigidity. This provides greater resistance to ankle twists that that can occur during aggressive cuts, starts and stops. Great durability and exceptional support are two of the main features of the GEL Resolution.

This men’s tennis shoe feels comfortable straight out of the box. The uppers flex with your feet, without giving you too much abrasion or excessive rubbing. When it comes to cushioning, the ASICS GEL-Resolution 6 does not disappoint. They offer the perfect blend of court feel and comfort. Your feet will be protected from the hard court play abuse all day. The tremendous cushioning under the feet protects your feet from shocks, when you land them on the hard court. The upper part of the shoe comes with more mesh than previous versions of this shoe had. The ventilation and breathability are really good because of this. You will probably never want to take these shoes off, not even after winning your game. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to wear them to bed.

In terms of arch support, they impress. They are great tennis shoes for high arches. Lack of arch support can lead to foot pain, especially after playing for long periods. It will keep you standing stable, firmly planted. Almost like a tree, except with more mobility. There is sufficient room in the toe box area for your toes to wiggle around a bit. The deep cut groves that are clearly visible on the outsole, provide a great amount of support and traction, as well as durability. The sole is made with Super High Abrasion Rubber, while an Ortholite Sockliner offers additional cushioning.

5. Prince T22

The T22s are great tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis. They have been a favorite for tennis players, for many years now. It is a comfortable shoe which provides tennis players with wide feet a shoe with more than enough space in the toe box. This shoe is also renowned for its above average cushioning and great stability.

If you are looking for a comfortable tennis shoe, then the T22 might very well be what you need. As previously indicated, this shoe has been designed with a generous toe box, which is roomy and wide. The upper is ventilated and flexible for maximum comfort. The shoe looks pretty solid, so you might not think that it could ever be comfortable. However, the moment you put it on your feet, you will likely be pleasantly surprised by their good fit.

These shoes have a wide base. This makes them very stable. In terms of stability, they are up there with the best in the market. They are perfect tennis shoes for high arches because they provide such excellent arch support. Another outstanding feature of these shoes is that their heel is slightly more raised than the majority of tennis shoes out there. The T22 is also highly durable. The outsole of this shoe will probably last longer than most tennis shoes you have worn before. Additionally, there is Prince's RASH toecap. It prevents your toes from having to take the wrap for painful bumps caused by unfortunate missteps.

The T22 is a solid shoe that offers very high levels of performance. The shoe is available in nine different colors, offering you a wide range to choose from. Other features of this shoe include the TPU forefoot straps for providing a glove-like fit and support, the PU sockliner for long-lasting cushioning, the ShockEraser midsole inserts for absorbing heavy impact, the PU forefoot insert for dispersing shock under the foot and the TPU shank for improving medial and lateral stability.

6. Adidas Performance Barricade 2015

adidas Performance Men's Barricade 2015 Tennis Shoe, Midnight Grey/Metallic Grey/Silver, 12 M US
  • Ballistic mesh upper for breathability
  • Supportive and stabilizing barricade chassis
  • Full-length ADIPRENE foam for cushioning
  • Adiwear 6 outsole for durability

The Adidas Barricade series continues to be a staple in the world of tennis. The series has evolved continuously to incorporate new technologies and features over time. Adidas likes to continuously improve on their shoe design, in a bid to produce high quality, top performance men's tennis shoes. The Barricade 2015 is a special edition, featuring Boost cushioning technology around the heel area for added comfort, enhanced energy return, and long-lasting performance. Boost technology is a revolutionary cushioning technology, that emphasizes energy return. A significant portion of the energy you put into it when taking a step, is returned to you for... taking the next step! Boost technology has been around for a while, but the Barricade 2015 is one of the few tennis shoes to use this technology for cushioning. Unmatched stability, durability and support is what the Barricade 2015s will give you.

This shoe is ready to wear out of the box. They don't require a break in period. These shoes offer excellent cushioning thanks to Boost. The uppers are supple and flex naturally with every step you make. The pillow like tongue sitting on the top of the foot, offers an additional level of comfort and cushioning. The uppers hug around the foot, provide a locked-in and secure feeling. The Boost cushioning will make you feel all bouncy and stuff!

This shoe is significantly lower than the previous versions, which is a good thing to have on the tennis court. You want to be in touch with the surface you are playing on. The shoe has been designed with a few overlays, that promote breathability and ventilation. In terms of fit, you will certainly like the textured material fitted inside the heel collar. It holds the foot firmly in place, thereby preventing any undesired sliding. The outsole has a sufficient amount of traction. It is also highly durable, with a 6-month outsole guarantee. This shoe lives up to the heritage of the Barricade series, delivering exceptional cushioning, top-notch performance, great stability and long lasting durability.

7. Asics Gel-Court Speed Men's

ASICS Men's Gel-Court Speed, Black/Yellow, 10 D
  • PGuard Toe Protector
  • Seamless Construction
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Technology Cushioning System
  • Trusstic System technology

If you are looking for a pair of tennis shoes that always delivers high levels of performance, then you should get yourself a pair of Asics Gel Court Speed. These tennis shoes for men are also a great option for advanced and intermediate players. Featuring a breathable mesh upper, Gel cushioning technology and a sturdy rubber outsole, these shoes blend comfort, style and performance to give you an edge over your competitors. Furthermore, it’s extremely lightweight and flexible, which means that you will not experience fatigue or discomfort on your feet, even if the session drags longer than you expected.

The seamless mesh upper allows maximum airflow, thus keeping your feet cool. It also prevents the build-up of unpleasant odors. On the other hand, the use of seamless construction prevents or minimizes incidences of friction, hotspots, and blisters, which are mostly caused by traditional seams and stitches. The padded collar and tongue add an extra layer of comfort, support, and protection. These men’s tennis shoes for hiking, also feature a traditional lace-up closure, which provides a secure and custom fit. Asics has also equipped these shoes with a PC Guard toe protector, which supplies additional durability and protection in the forefoot section.

A combination of Gel cushioning and Solyte material forms the midsole unit of these shoes. With these materials, you are assured of adequate underfoot cushioning, shock absorption as well as extra comfort. At the same time, the patented Asics Trussfoot system provides added stability, while enhancing the structural integrity of these men’s tennis shoes. A durable outsole, featuring AHAR rubber provides you with all the traction you need, whether you are serving, or returning a drop shot. If you are looking for a pair of tennis shoes that will boost your game while taking your performances to the next level, then the Asics Gel Court Speed is what you should be wearing in your next session.

8. Nike Men's Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

Nike Men's Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe, Black/White-Volt, 7 Regular US
  • Synthetic and leather materials add durability
  • Padded collar and tongue add comfort around your ankles
  • Foam midsole cushions every step
  • Rubber outsole gives you durable traction
  • Outsole features 5 distinctive patterns. Each pattern is designed to visually Outline 1 of the 5 basic movements new tennis players learn

The Nike Court Lite 2 is a high-performance, lightweight and hard-wearing tennis shoe, which is suitable on and off the court. It’s aesthetically pleasing, comfortable all-round, and packed with plenty of supportive features, to keep you performing at your best on the court. It comes with synthetic leather and mesh upper, which combine to deliver a supportive, comfortable fit for the feet. Nike has used double stitching throughout the upper, to ensure the upper remains intact even during those demanding training sessions.

These men’s tennis shoes for walking have also been equipped with a traditional lace-up closure, designed to provide a secure lockdown fit and support. The entire collar has been adequately padded to prevent chafing or discomfort around your ankles. The padded tongue and collar also supply extra cushioning and comfort. Nike has also added some ventilation pores on the vamp of the shoe, to ensure your feet remain cool, fresh, and cozy. Even when you are training in summer’s soaring temperatures, you will not experience excessive heat or sweating inside the shoe.

For cushioning and shock absorption, these shoes employ lightweight Phylon, made of EVA foam pellets. This material is neither too stiff nor too soft. Therefore, it will provide just the right amount of cushioning during lateral movements, toe-offs, and foot landings. It also comes with a raised heel for enhanced heel cushioning. Under the arch of the foot is a shank, designed to prevent excessive pronation and provide stability. If you are looking for men’s tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis, this pair looks like a decent choice.

Nike has also equipped these tennis shoes with a green durable rubber (GDR) outsole. This outsole is non-marking, abrasion-resistant, and extremely grippy. Therefore, it will provide you with all the traction that you need, as you move from one side of the court to the other. The Nike Court Lite 2 is a great pair of tennis shoes that look great, fit well, and provides exceptional comfort, support, and stability.

9. Asics Men's Gel-Dedicate 5

ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5 Men's Tennis Shoe, Black/Silver, 11 D US
  • SOLID RUBBER OUTSOLE: Provides enhanced durability and traction.
  • TRUSSTIC SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY: Reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe.
  • FOREFOOT GEL BRAND TECHNOLOGY CUSHIONING SYSTEM: Enhances shock attenuation during propulsion.

Tennis is a fast sport, which requires a lot of movement on your feet. Whether you are competing or just training, you need to move effortlessly and fast around the court. At the same time, your feet need support, cushioning and comfort, from the pressure that you exert on them. And this is where the Asics Gel Dedicate 5 comes in. Specifically designed for male athletes, these shoes will provide you with the comfort, balance, traction, and support while enhancing your competitiveness on the court.

If you are looking for men’s tennis shoes for bad knees or knee pain, then you should check out the Gel Dedicate 5. Similar to other trainers from this brand, this pair of shoes features the proprietary Asics Gel technology cushioning system. Located in the forefoot area, the Gel cushioning system provides cushioning, springiness as well as an extra bounce, every time your foot lands on the ground. The midsole section is further equipped with Trusstic system technology, which helps with shock attenuation. Also, the Trusstic system connects the forefoot and rearfoot sections of the midsole, resulting in a springy and connected feel.

When it comes to comfort, you can rest assured that these shoes will not disappoint you. Their uppers are made of synthetic overlays and mesh, which allow maximum airflow, without making your feet uncomfortable. Both the tongue and the collar are padded, for extra comfort. The padded collar also provides ankle support, while minimizing chafing. These tennis shoes for narrow feet are further equipped with a solid rubber outsole, which provides traction on clay courts and hard courts. Also, the grippy rubber outsole allows you to move freely on the court, change directions and perform a wide range of movements, without experiencing traction issues. If you are looking for a durable, comfortable and lightweight pair of tennis shoes, then the Gel Dedicate 5 is a solid contender.

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