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Best Hair Cream for Men To Help Maintain Healthy Hair

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Grooming is an important aspect of a man's day-to-day activities and cannot be complete without a hair cream. Hair care routines and regimes also vary from one person to another. With this in mind, you need to get the best hair cream for men that suits your needs.

With the influx of hair products in the market today, we sampled several hair creams for men, and these three topped our list. American Crew Forming Cream is our first choice because it makes your hair pliable, leaving it hydrated. It is easy to use and offers a medium hold and shine. Morrocanoil Molding Cream is our second best because it contains Argan oil, is super hydrating, and helps repair damaged hair. Oribe Crème for Style is our third-best hair cream for men because it moisturizes your hair and contains natural hair care ingredients.

We have reviewed five more hair products on this list of the best hair creams. Enjoy the read.

8 Best Hair Creams for Men

1. American Crew Forming Cream for men

American Crew Men's Hair Forming Cream (OLD VERSION), Like Hair Gel with Medium Hold & Medium Shine,...
  • SIMILAR TO HAIR GEL: A moisture-rich cream gel that provides a sleek look while taming hair leaving a medium shine finish
  • LIKE HAIR GEL FOR MEN: Works well when a textured definition, frizz-free hair and a natural look is desired
  • KEY BENEFIT: medium hold and medium shine. Provides moisturizing and conditioning benefits while taming the hair for a frizz-free natural look.
  • HOW TO USE: Apply to towel-dried hair. Comb through and allow to dry naturally
  • WHO WE ARE: American Crew is a leader in, Men's Grooming for HAIR, BODY, SHAVE, STYLE, FRAGRANCE categories. American Crew's ongoing commitment is to elevate men's style and enhance their personal...

If you are looking for a simple hair cream that works like a styling gel, the American Crew Forming Cream is your best bet. When it comes to styling options, the American Crew brand cannot miss the list. The brand has 25 years of experience in formulating quality grooming products. This particular hair cream for men offers a medium hold and medium shine. The hold is made possible by the presence of lanolin wax in the cream. You can use this cream with your favorite pomade to boost the hold.

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What I like most about it is that it is easy to use. Apply the hair styling cream on towel-dried hair and brush it through. Allow the hair to dry naturally. More importantly, this cream left me with fuller hair. It is also easy to wash out since it is water-based.

  • Pros
  • A water-based product, hence, easy to wash out
  • It does not leave residue on hair
  • Easy to use
  • Good quality
  • Fit for all hair types
  • Cons
  • Requires a pomade to improve hold

2. Moroccanoil Molding Cream

Moroccanoil Molding Cream, 3.4 Fl. Oz
  • Flexible medium hold
  • Matte finish
  • Texturizes hair

The Moroccanoil brand is the holy grail of hair care. It formulates products rich in protecting hair, increasing volume, and making it healthier. The Moroccanoil Molding Cream for Men contains the brand's key ingredient, Argan oil. This signature ingredient is an antioxidant and UV protector and promotes cell renewal. Thus, this cream is perfect for repairing damaged hair.

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I found it easy to use on my short hair. You can use it on dry or damp hair. Be sure to work the cream in the hair and avoid the roots. I also liked that it added separation to layered haircuts.

The cream gives the hair a semi-matte finish and a flexible hold. The product is infused with other natural oils, such as coconut oil. It also lasts long.

  • Pros
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Cons
  • It is quite pricy
  • The smell may be unpleasant to some clients

3. Oribe Crème for Style

Oribe Crème for Style, 5 oz
  • Adds flexible hold with all-day memory
  • Great for short hairstyles and long lengths
  • Conditions and softens hair
  • Paraben-free, sulfate-free (SLS & SLES), gluten-free, crutely-free, vegan.

I was instantly hooked on this styling cream on the first try. It smells amazing, and I would credit this to the lavender and chamomile extracts in the hair cream. More importantly, it is long-lasting since a little goes a long way.

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Oribe Crème for Style gives your hair a medium hold and a natural finish. It is light in weight and works perfectly on wavy hair, curly or textured. It also leaves the hair moisturized. This property is attributed to hair care ingredients such as green tea extract and vitamin E. You can use this hair styling cream on damp hair and leave it to dry naturally.

  • Pros
  • It gives a medium hold and natural finish
  • Light in weight
  • Do not leave a greasy mess
  • It has natural ingredients that moisturize the hair
  • A little goes a long way
  • Cons
  • It has a strong scent

4. Davine's Love Hair Smoother

Davines LOVE Hair Smoother, Leave-On Cream To Smooth Frizzy, Unruly Or Wavy Hair Weightlessly,...
  • Natural active ingredients.
  • Tames unruly or wavy hair with an anti-frizz effect
  • Moisturizes without leaving residues and weighing the hair down.
  • Obtained with 100% clean energy. Zero impact, essential and recyclable packaging.

If you have thick, coarse, or unruly hair, I recommend Davine's Hair Smoother. This product is an excellent leave-in cream that is highly moisturizing. It leaves your hair smoother and makes your grooming experience easier.

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The styling cream allows the hair strands to soften, making it easier to style. Additionally, your hair stays in place all day, and the hairstyle is not ruined. It also leaves your hair shiny with a sleek finish.

I enjoyed trying it out because it is easy to use. Apply the product on damp hair, comb, and style. You do not need to rinse the product out. It also contains natural ingredients, the key among them being munita olive.

  • Pros
  • Highly moisturizing
  • Softens hair
  • Leaves hair shiny with a sleek finish
  • Easy to use
  • Cons
  • Not ideal for some hair types

5. Baxter of California Cream Pomade

Baxter of California Cream Pomade for Men and Women, Natural Finish, Light Hold, Barbershop Quality,...
  • Provides a lightweight hold.
  • It is suitable for short to medium hair styles.
  • Ideal for tousled looks.

We cannot discuss hair styling products without adding Baxter of California Cream Pomade. This product is a two-in-one cream and pomade with excellent moisturizing properties. This results from the active ingredients, which are candelilla oil and glycerin.

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I enjoyed using this styling product because it gave my hair a touchable hold and texture. This can be attributed to the use of wax in its formulation process. More importantly, it did not leave a greasy mess on my hair; a little goes a long way. However, I did not like that I had to heat it a little to be a bit creamy before using it.

It creates a light hold and gives your hair a natural finish. This men's hair cream is ideal for wavy hair.

  • Pros
  • Two-in-one cream and pomade
  • Do not leave a greasy mess
  • Creates a light hold
  • It gives a natural texture
  • Cons
  • Product texture requires a little heating up to be creamy

6. Ouai Finishing Crème

OUAI Finishing Creme - Hair Styling Cream with Keratin & Heat Protectant to Smooth & Polish Hair -...
  • Anti-Frizz Finishing Cream - A lightweight cream that can do it all without weighing down your blow out — smooth dry ends, tame frizz, and add shine. The Rue St. Honoré scent — a mix of gardenia,...
  • Like Lotion for Your Hair - This next-level styling cream contains hydrolyzed keratin to strengthen and act as a hair protectant against heat damage. We added hydrogenated olive oil to soften and...
  • OUAI Means Yes - In that casual Parisian way. OUAI is about being better IRL than on Instagram. It's about having honest conversations with our community. It's about letting go of unrealistic...
  • Made For Effortless Routines - All OUAI hair care products including this hair cream are carefully crafted to cut styling time and nourish your hair health. We put the good stuff in and leave the bad...
  • Live Life Your OUAI - OUAI offers luxury hair products at affordable prices that are user-friendly — no glam squad needed. Before styling, apply this hair product as a heat protectant. Or after a...

The Ouai Finishing Crème will be a great addition to your hair care routine if you have kinky, damaged, or thinning hair. It leaves your hair hydrated and improves the appearance of wavy hair. It smoothens dry ends, tames frizz, and protects hair from heat styling.

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I loved this particular product because of the ingredients used to make it. All the ingredients are phthalate and paraben-free. It contains a mix of ylang-ylang, gardenia, and white musk. The white must give it a masculine scent.

You get to kill two birds with one stone since it also works as a hair cream and conditioner. This crème also works as a heat protectant. I applied it to my hair before styling it and then to the ends after blow-drying it. It left my ends very smooth.

  • Pros
  • It leaves your hair hydrated
  • Acts as a heat protectant
  • Uses natural products that are phthalate and paraben-free
  • Easy to use
  • It has a masculine scent
  • Cons
  • Ideal for a specific hair type

7. Woody's Hair Cream

Woody's Styling Cream for Men, Flexible Styling Cream, Controls Curly and Wavy Hair, Water-Soluble...
  • Flexible Hold for Curly Hair: Woody’s Styling Cream offers a soft hold and shine finish ideal for controlling unruly crinkled hair. Specially developed with a water-based formula that’s feathery...
  • With Hair Care Ingredients: Blended with Ginger, Hemp Seed Oil, Palmetto, and Rosemary to control hair and keep it moisturized. Eases your hair shaft making each fiber shinier and more resistant to...
  • Suitable for Wavy Locks: Transform your troubled wavy hair as your trademark with Woody’s styling cream. Developed to keep your curls bouncy in place and create a more soft feel and look. Gives a...
  • Perfect for travel: Packaged in a compact and easy-to-carry container that goes handy anywhere you’d need a touch-up. Best after hitting the shower at the gym or for that weekend vacation. Made in...
  • Quality Grooming for Men: Woody's was created for the man who wants a simple regimen with basic, no-frill products and get the job done. Look and smell good every day in an instant, so you can focus...

The conversation on hair styling products is incomplete without mentioning Woody's Hair Cream for Men. This styling cream is best for anyone who wants to rock a young and fresh look. It turns a frizzy mess into shiny and bouncy curls. This water-based product is light in weight, but it gives your hair volume.

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I particularly liked this product because it has hair care ingredients such as palmetto, ginger, rosemary, and hemp seed oil. These ingredients ensure your hair remains moisturized and prevent any damage to it. Additionally, it is easy to use. Apply a small amount to wet or dry hair, and your frizzy hair becomes curly. This cream offers a soft hold.

  • Pros
  • Light in weight
  • Leaves hair shiny and curls bouncy
  • It contains hair care ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Cons
  • The scent may be unpleasant to some clients

8. Brylcreem Hair Cream

If you are a classic hair cream fan, try Brylcreem Hair Cream. The Brylcreem brand has been formulating grooming products for men since 1928 and they have maintained the quality over the years.

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I enjoyed using this hair cream because I could use it for different hairstyles. It gave my hair a light hold and left it with a glossy finish. Besides, the product can be used on both wet and dry hair. Continuous use will give you strong and healthy hair.

This product can also last a while because a little goes a long way. You can do it directly on your scalp or hair ends, depending on your goal.

  • Pros
  • Good quality
  • It can be used on dry or wet hair
  • Promotes healthy hair
  • A little goes a long way
  • Cons
  • Not ideal for a firm to hold

Factors to Consider When Selecting Best Hair Creams for Men

1. Hair type

The market is flooded with different products made for dissimilar hair types. Therefore, your hair type will determine the best hair cream that you settle on. For instance, if you have straight hair, you can consider using a hair product that improves your hair's texture and gives it volume. These products give the hair a lift and make it fuller. Additionally, if you have coarse hair, you will need products that moisturize the hair.

Alternatively, men with curlier hair require a hair cream that has deep conditions. Those whose hair is oily will need products that have lightweight formulas.

2. Finish

The final finish you get after styling your hair is impacted greatly by the hair cream used. For example, a high-shine finish brings off a classy and dapper vibe. This finish adds flare to classic hairstyles such as comb-overs, slick backs, and side sweeps.

A matte or semi-matte finish brings out a natural texture that is subtle and laid back.

3. Hold

Sometimes, we like to change our hair to something more stylish and trendy. However, some hairstyles require more hold to stay in play. Therefore, you need to select a styling product that will suit the look you are going for. The hair creams range from those that provide a light hold to those with a high hold.

If you are trying out hair creams for the first time, it is best to start with lightweight products first. These are light to brush and allow you to experiment with your hair. Thus, you get to understand which styling products work best to pull the hairstyle you are going for.

4. Components

The components of hair creams determine whether one requires it or not. The ingredient list of hair creams will offer a perfect guide on how the product works and which hair type. Most water-based hair creams are recommended because they are light in weight and, hence, work best on the hair. Products made using sea salt are also great because they work well on oily hair. Hair creams that contain pomade, wax, or clay work best on coarse hair.

Final Thoughts

Hair care is an important part of grooming, and hair creams make the work easier. There are numerous hair creams in the market today, each offering something different. You need to find a good hair cream that meets your specific hair needs.

Frequently Asked Questions on Men's Hair Creams

1. Why is hair cream vital for men's hair?

Hair cream is important because it is used in styling your hair. It helps manage medium to long hair and makes styling easier. It also offers a low to medium hold and leaves your hair shiny. The hair cream also keeps your hair neat without weighing you down. Additionally, continuous use of hair creams makes the hair stronger and healthier.

2. How long does it take for a hair cream to work?

The time taken to see results when using a hair cream depends on your hair type, frequency of use, type of product, and the ingredients used. You will not notice results immediately after use because your hair has to get used to the product. However, for most, you may begin to see changes in a week. If your hair is damaged, the change may take longer.

3. Is it okay to leave in a hair cream?

Yes. It is okay to leave in a hair cream. Most are designed as leave-in, so you will not be required to wash them out. Apply the product to your hair and dry it naturally or by blow drying. It is also advisable to incorporate a leave-in conditioner if you have dry or damaged hair.

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