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Best Hair Clipper Oil for Optimal Clipper Performance

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Like any other equipment with mechanical parts, hair clippers require servicing. However, servicing your hair clippers will keep them running for as long as possible. In addition, oiling your clippers extends the blade life and ensures optimal performance with every hair cut.

Join us as we sort through the best hair clipper oil and find other safe alternatives to keep your hair clippers in good condition.

Can Unoiled Clippers Affect Their Performance?

If you ask professional barbers, they will tell you that oiling is a requirement if you want your clippers to serve you for long. However, as long as you continue to work your clippers without oil, they will attain high temperatures and often overheat.

Additionally, the blades will become blunt and cease to work altogether. No customer wants a botched hair job because hair takes a long time to grow. Additionally, keeping your hair clippers oiled is great for rust prevention.

Below we have presented the best hair clipper oils in the market, how we used them, and their pros and cons.

Best Hair Clipper Oils

1) WAHL'S Blade Oil

WAHL Blade Oil 4 Ounces
  • Can reduce friction and heat caused by unlubricated blades
  • One drop after each cut translates into a long blade life
  • 4 oz.
  • 3311

What really stood out to us was that the oil was multi-purpose, meaning it can be used for animal grooming blades, personal grooming, and in the barber industry. Since we only apply a few drops (like 2-3 drops) every 2 uses, we figure it will last a lifetime.

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After using the oil daily for a week, (even on our Wahl electric hair clippers), we are impressed at how well our clippers run. Additionally, the oil is specially formulated to reduce friction on the entire blade and prevent rust from forming.

We used the oil on our beard trimmers to further test clipper performance for a week. Again, the beard clippers worked well, which is not surprising. Even our best reviewed vacuum beard trimmers were at peak performance. This clipper oil offers optimal blade lubrication. Unfortunately, it arrived leaking, and a quarter of the oil was gone.

  • Pros
  • Long-lasting
  • Reduces friction
  • Easy to hold the bottle
  • Easy to use the nozzle
  • Cons
  • Leaky bottle

2) Andis Clipper Oil

Andis Clippers Clipper Oil 4 oz
  • Cutting machine oil to lubricate and clean the blades
  • Formulated to be colorless and odorless
  • It helps that there is less friction between the metal and the blade is heated less
  • For more accurate and safer
  • A care oil applying blade, preventing oxidation and extending the life of the blade

The Andis hair clipper oil works great on all clipper blades. From the first use, it is colorless and odorless. A little blotting with a paper towel will eliminate any excess oil on the blades. The team oiled their hair clippers with this oil, and everyone seemed satisfied with the buzz cut lengths for men who wanted to look dapper.

Since this was everyone's first time using it, we expected a few haircuts to go wrong. Thankfully this didn't happen. However, you must give your clippers a few oil coats daily with this oil. It also works well on trimmers.

We also noticed how this oil keeps the clipper blades clean throughout all the usage. In some hair clippers, we experienced better performance. For example, the hair clipper that skips fine hairs (every barber has a problematic pair of clippers) did much better.

  • Pros
  • Easy to use
  • Performance-enhancing
  • It prevents rust from forming
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Cons
  • No refunds as advertised

3) Godora Premium Hair Clipper Oil

Godora 8 oz Premium Hair Clipper Oil Blade Oil with Scientifically Formulated | Odorless & Anti-Rust...
  • 【LONGER BLADE LIFE】Our hair clipper oil blade oil is specially formulated for all electric clippers, trimmers and blades. We encourage you to oil the blades after a few uses to improves cutting...
  • 【RUST PREVENTION】Just a few drops of trimmer oil to shaver head can effectively prevent rust and corrosion. Every few haircuts add a couple of drops oil for hair clippers to maintain optimal cuts.
  • 【SAFE & HEALTH】Our Food-Grade, non-toxic, chemical free clipper oil for hair trimmers and clippers that is safe for kids and adults. No harm to your skin with our high-quality white mineral oil.
  • 【COOLING & NOISE-REDUCTION】We provide 2 small brush to clean the broken hair and other dirt on your clipper blades before dripping the blade oil. Just a few drops of blade oil for electric...
  • 【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】We provide you quality hair clipper oil. If you are not completely satisfied with the product you purchased, we will give you a full refund.

Most people who cut hair have electric clippers. This oil is specially designed for electric clippers. Out of the packaging, the oil is odorless. Additionally, our clippers seemed to tolerate the oil well. To maintain the performance of each blade, the team had to maintain optimal blade lubrication every 4 haircuts.

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This hair-clipper oil kept the blades sharp, and no rust was visible. Additionally, no hair clipper left track marks on a client. The Clippers didn't achieve high temperatures, ensuring optimum weekly performance. This was an instant hit with the team.

While the oil works exceptionally well, the bottle could use a nose-type nozzle. However, pouring the oil from the bottle directly onto the clippers was daunting. This is because it pours too much oil, damaging the electric motor.

  • Pros
  • Ensures longer blade life
  • Prevents rust
  • Quality mineral oil
  • Safe on skin
  • Cons
  • It pours too much oil

4) UniKitchen Premium Lubricating White Oil

(8oz) Premium Lubricating White Oil for Hair Clippers Electric Shaver Oil Lubricant, Hair Clipper...
  • PREMIUM PROTECTION - Protects your cutting equipment from rust and corrosion. Ensuring a prolonged life for your clipper and razor
  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE - Improves cutting performance with just a few drops while also reducing the chance of irritation while trimming, cutting, or shaving
  • PROLONGED LIFESPAN - Alleviates the strain on the motor and slows down the dulling of your blades
  • LONG LASTING LUBRICATION - Our lubricant is formulated to last while also reducing the friction and heat caused from normal use
  • BEST VALUE - Professional grade, non-toxic, chemical free, fragrance free lubricating oil at the most affordable price available on the market

This premium lubricating oil is specially formulated to reduce heat caused by normal use. The team put it to the test. Like any other regular clipper oil, a few drops do the trick. All our clippers ran without a hitch. There were clippers we were prepared to dispose off, and this oil quickly brought the blades back to life.

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This clipper oil also prevents hair loss, skin rash, oily and flaky scalp, allergies, and itchiness since it contains no toxic substances. Our customers were not affected.

Apart from clippers, this oil works on many other things. Our vacuum cleaner was running better after using this oil on it. However, it gummed up one of our hair clippers after a while.

  • Pros
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Clear and odorless
  • Long-lasting
  • Cons
  • It might gum up your clippers when overused.

Can I Use Hair Clipper Oil Alternatives?

Sometimes, you run out of hair clipper oil at the most inconvenient time. However, there are alternatives to using specially made clipper oil. Clipper oil alternatives must be as close to the real thing as possible. This is in terms of viscosity and their ability to withstand high temperatures.

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Oils like baby oil, coconut oil, and olive oil are some of the best alternatives for clipper oil. Keep in mind that these alternatives are not meant for long-term use. They are not oils you can regularly apply to your hair clippers or other trimming machines. That being said, check out how to use an eyebrow trimmer for immaculate eyebrows.

They will give you lubricated blades, but not as well as original clipper oil. Furthermore, canola and sewing machine oil shouldn't be used to maximize clipper performance. This is because they are not good hair clipper oil alternatives and are prone to going rancid and stinking up your clippers. This also applies to vegetable oil.

How to Oil Clippers Correctly

Did you know that there's a way to properly oil hair clippers? Here are steps to take before, during, and after oiling hair clippers.

Step 1

Cleaning your clippers is important to keep them in the best condition. Fine and loose hairs are usually left on the blades of your clipper. We like to use a brush to get all the hair out. If you leave hair in the clipper, you will experience clipper failure.

A good clipper brush and spray will work wonders to keep your hair clipper in good condition. Additionally, a good clipper spray eliminates bacteria and keeps your clippers free of mold and rust.

Step 2

Next, you want to ensure the clipper blades are as dry as possible. For this, we like to use a fleece towel. However, you can use any dry cloth or a towel. Finally, dry the clipper blades and ensure to get all the clipper spray off.

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Step 3

This is where you oil the clippers. Keep in mind that the oil works best when the blades are moving. Therefore, to ensure optimal oiling, turn on the hair clippers. Then, add 2-4 drops of clipper oil directly to the blades.

Remember that if your clipper has a lever, move it up and down to ensure the oil penetrates the blades. If you find any extra oil in the blades, wipe them down and store them as usual.

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Additionally, don't forget that over-oiling the hair clippers will cause them to fail. Therefore, oil them as the instruction manual says.

What's the Importance of Cleaning Your Blades?

There are many benefits to cleaning your clipper blades. We have found that clean blades ensure we can:

  • Maintain proper hygiene. Every barber shop should be as hygienic as possible.
  • Achieve the best hair results for customers to foster good customer relationships.
  • Keep our clippers lasting long


i) Can I use WD40 as lubricating oil?

No. It is not advisable to use WD40 as clipper oil because it is too thick and evaporates too quickly.

ii) How often should I oil my clippers?

We recommend oiling your clippers before every shave to prevent snagging and patchy haircuts.

iii) What happens if I don't oil my blades?

They will stop working. Oiling is important because it prevents the blades from being clogged. Clogged blades gradually become dull and duller and eventually stop working.

iv) Should I use clippers on dry or wet hair?

Cutting wet hair is impossible. Additionally, water should not come into contact with the internal parts of your clippers. It makes more sense to get your desired style on dry hair because a barber can see the desired style as they go.

The Bottom Line

If you look after your clippers, they will last for years. Friction is the main issue with most equipment that has movable parts. However, with our guide on cleaning, maintaining, and oiling your clippers, you should be set for the next few years.

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