Best Colors for Hoodies for Formal or Casual Places

Best Colors for Hoodies for Formal or Casual Places

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Admittedly, hoodies are versatile, and the time is up for those who believe they are only casual clothing for lounging or hitting the gym. Today, we can rock our hoodies to literally any place, from the office, events, school, and more.

But we also like looking unique, and, let's face it, it's not so easy to stand out in a hoodie. So, we explored the best colors for hoodies that you can pair with your clothing and shoes. Read on to find out, but first:

What Is a Hoodie?

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According to Cambridge Dictionary, a hoodie is a garment, usually made of cotton and without a collar, but features a hood for layering over the head. That makes the hoodie ideal to wear to many places and functions, not to mention an ideal choice for the colder seasons.

And, if you dig through history, you will also find that the hoodie was first sighted around the 11th century during the Norman conquest of England. Many years later, the hoodie started gaining popularity in the US in the 1930s. The garment was made for warehouse workers who often worked in freezing temperatures.

Much later in the 1990s, the term hoodie became a mainstay across the country, but the garment was still used for lounging or working out. As recent as 2012, the hoodie was still associated with an outlaw attitude amongst young people. But, after the shooting of a teenager, Trayvon Martin, many people across the country wore branded hoodies to demonstrate against the murder.

A decade later, the hoodie is one garment you want in your closet. It has since been adopted by famous fashion designers and is available in all sizes. So, let's tell you the best hoodie colors to look for today.

1. Navy Blue Hoodie

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When choosing a hoodie or any garment color, you must consider your skin tone first. Colors can tone down or accentuate your skin tone; in any case, you want the color to compliment your skin so you can step out in confidence.

So, we recommend owning a navy blue hoodie because this color complements all skin tones. In addition, navy blue is easy to pair with other clothes.

For instance, you can pair a navy blue hoodie with a black pair of trousers, a white tee, and sneakers. A zip-up hoodie would look best for all men since you get to show off the color of your tee, and you can even top off the look with a pair of black or stylish tan shoes for a more formal look.

2. Black Hoodie

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A black hoodie might be all you need if you are after a versatile look. You can rock a black hoodie at home, for a picnic or stroll, to work, or the gym. If you're going for a formal look, you can look for a zip-up hoodie that allows you to show off your tee or shirt and tie beneath. Complete the look with black, navy blue, or neutral-colored trousers and a pair of leather oxfords or Chelsea boots.

On the other hand, to dress up casually, you can wear your black hoodie beneath a blazer, denim jacket, or trench coat. You can opt for a pullover hoodie for this look, and ensure the hoodie pops out from beneath the jacket or coat. You can wear chinos of darker shades and top off the look with classy Chelsea boots.

Finally, a black hoodie is ideal for lounging or chilling with your buddies. Wear the hoodie with your favorite jeans and sneakers, and be ready for a good time. Unfortunately, while a black hoodie is a must-have, you want to wash it with gentle products to prevent fading.

3. Grey Hoodie

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Grey is one of those colors that complements your skin tone and works with other outfit colors. It is also the best option if black is not for your liking since it seldom fades. Like the two colors above, you can wear your grey hoodies in many settings, including at home, on a casual day at work, or just chilling with friends.

Opt for a zip-up hoodie for more formal settings, while a pullover hoodie is ideal for all casual settings. You can pair the former with a tee or shirt and layer the latter with a denim jacket or oversized shirt for your best looks. As a neutral color, grey will work well with all sorts of pants, from chinos to jeans, and you will also be spoilt for color choices. In most cases, a grey hoodie will work best with more casual shoes.

4. Dark Green Hoodie

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More than the skin tone, you also want to consider your hair color when choosing garments. For example, while a hoodie has a hood, you will not always be covering your hair because, in most cases, especially in hot weather, the hood is more of an accessory than something you wear. So, when the hood hangs behind your neck, it will affect how your hair is perceived, which is why you want to choose the most complementing color.

Dark green is good for your skin tone and hair color. In addition, it is not a common hoodie color, unlike our three recommendations above. You will look classy and unique in a dark green hoodie, making it the best choice to wear in public places.

One thing about dark green is that it is the safe color for those who want to experiment with bolder or more eye-catching colors but aren't quite ready to jump all in. So, when you get your hoodie, pair it with more colorful clothing, such as mint green, red, yellow, and blue pants. In most cases, you will look best in more formal shoes, if not white sneakers.

5. White or Off-White Hoodie

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In most cultures, white is technically known as the absence of color. However, in the fashion world, white makes the best choice for experimenting with other colors. So, when you get a white or off-white hoodie, you can pair it with all colors of garments and shoes without hassle. But still, there are many ways you could go wrong with white, especially when you overdo the color combos for your entire outfit.

So, you can wear a white or off-white hoodie with blue, green, or even black jeans. Alternatively, you can choose brightly colored chinos, with white or off-white and red as top candidates. White hoodies will not limit your shoe selections; you can wear them with sneakers, Chelsea boots, oxfords, and more.

The only problem with a white hoodie is how easy to stain it is. And when a white hoodie stains, it shows. So, wear your white hoodie when not dealing with things that spill or leave marks.

6. Purple Hoodie

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Purple is the color of class and, in most cases, royalty. So, grab a purple hoodie and wear it with dark-colored trousers and your choice of black shoes. But, of course, there are many shades of purple you could go for, and each will dictate how well you can pair it with your trousers, tees, and shoes.

Unlike the colors above, a purple hoodie might be too dramatic for an office setting, but that's not to say you can't wear it. If you do, choose a heavy shade of purple and pair it with a bright or neutral shirt, dark trousers, and leather shoes. On the other hand, to look casual and unique, you can get a light purple hoodie and pair it with olive green, rose quartz, or even yellow pants plus white sneakers.

7. Brown Hoodie

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Brownish tones work for most people, so you should get a brownish hoodie. Brown is one of the best neutral colors in the fashion industry, and luckily, there are many ways you could rock your mid-layer look with a zip-up or pullover brown hoodie.

If you want a casual look, wear your brown hoodie beneath a trench coat, denim jacket, or blazer, then pair the combo with beige chinos. This powerful ensemble will look great with suede loafers, but you could also wear Chelsea boots or white-themed sneakers.

8. Mustard Yellow Hoodie

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Hoodies are no longer just comfortable clothing. As a fashion guy, you know the best hoodies make a statement today, and a great color is one way you can stand out. Mustard yellow is ideal for all skin tones, and you could wear it on happy summer or fall days or to brighten gloomy winter days.

Wear a mustard yellow hoodie with blue or black jeans or beige, navy blue, grey, or white chinos or joggers. When looking for the best trousers, avoid bold primary colors like red and green, as these might not pair very well with the bold mustard color.

9. Charcoal Hoodie

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Suppose you love black and grey. Unfortunately, you can only have so many of those hoodie colors, so we recommend charcoal for a change. Charcoal is more of a back-and-grey combination, making it a great hoodie color to pair with your best formal or casual outfits.

You could wear the hoodie with navy blue, black, or dark green pants and black or brown leather shoes for a formal look. To look casual, you could wear your hoodie with any pants, including yellow, red, orange, or even pink, when you feel more daring.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Colors for Hoodies

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So, there you have it. Our recommendations above will help you refill your closet with hoodies, but we barely scratched the surface. There are many hoodie colors out there, and if you are a guy who wants a lot of hoodies, there are many color options we have not mentioned. So, here are a few factors to consider when choosing your colors so you can find more options:

  1. When choosing a hoodie color, ensure it complements your skin tone.
  2. When selecting a hoodie color, consider where you will wear it. For instance, some neutral colors are ideal for formal settings, while bolder ad brighter colors are suitable for casual settings.
  3. Consider what you want to wear your hoodie with. So, what types of shoes and trousers do you have? Will the hoodie color pair well with the pant and shoe colors?
  4. Do you want a pullover or a zip-up hoodie? When choosing colors, understand that the hoodie design also affects how you wear or layer it. A zip-up hoodie is ideal for your mid-layering, and you can wear it to formal places, while a pullover hoodie is more casual, so you don't have to worry a lot about the colors.
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