Are Nike Blazers Comfortable? (All You Need to Know)

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Many individuals look at the fairly tight toe box and ask, “are Nike Blazers comfortable?” If given ample time to break in, they are cozy. However, if you have wide feet, you can find the Nike Blazer uncomfortable due to its narrow toe box.


The Nike Blazers were first made available in 1973 as a basketball shoe. This shoe marked Nike’s debut as a manufacturer of basketball sneakers while the company was still known as Blue Ribbon Sports. These shoes have been prevalent in various markets, including skateboarding and high-end fashion.

The Nike Blazer made its way into high fashion by partnering with streetwear companies like Comme Des Garçons, Supreme, and Off-White.

The Nike Blazers’ storied past is a big part of what makes them unique. Since it was created more than 50 years ago, wearing a shoe with a vintage style makes it instantly recognizable.

Three Easy Methods for Breaking in Nike Blazers

Nike Blazers contain leather and a synthetic upper, making them robust enough to scratch and bruise the back of the ankles when they are new. However, we do not advise bending or “crushing” Nike Blazers since they can have creases, unlike more durable shoes like Vans.

Here are three suggestions for quickly breaking in Nike Blazers:

1. Frequently Pair Them with Thick Socks

While it’s okay to wear your new Nike Blazers outside right away, it is a good idea to give your feet time to adjust to the shoes and vice versa. It is advisable to wear your new Nike Blazers in your home as often as you can before wearing them outside for an entire day.

Rocking white Blazers with white thick socks

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Wearing your Nike sneakers indoors helps with;

  1. You give the shoes some room to expand as they adapt to the particular shape of your foot.
  2. If your feet begin to hurt, you may remove the sneakers immediately.
  3. You may even put on thick socks to preserve your feet’s skin while stretching the sneakers even further.

The Nike Blazers properly break in more comfortably due to the thick socks increasing the distance between the shoe material and your skin.

2. Loosen Nike Blazers With Shoe Stretchers

You can install shoe stretchers for an easy break-in when not donning your Nike Blazers. For those who don’t know, a shoe stretcher is a foot-shaped device placed inside the shoes to gently “stretch” the upper material, in this respect, the leather and synthetic upper, while storing shoes.

A wooden shoe stretcher

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The shoe stretcher is unique since it can extend the length and breadth of shoes. We advise using them because plastic shoe stretchers do not easily shatter like wooden ones. In addition, plastic stretchers do not harm leather and synthetic materials because they are rust-proof.

The best aspect is how simple it is to use a shoe extender. Stretch the shoe’s breadth by turning the metal handle in a clockwise direction and its length by turning the wheel knob in a clockwise direction.

3. Unlace the Shoes When Putting Them on

Many wearers gripe about the shoe’s narrow opening despite selecting the proper size. Some customers complained that the space was so thin that it took them at least two minutes to put their Nike Blazers on.

Instead of shoving your foot into the shoe, move the tongue forward and loosen the laces on the top three pairs of eyelets. Loosening the laces will give you more room for your foot.

By stretching and loosening the upper material during this stage, you may more easily fit both of your feet within the Nike Blazers and hasten the breaking-in process as you wear them with mom jeans.

In light of this, the Nike Blazer mid-77 isn’t for you if you are always rushing; hence the Converse Chuck 70s would be a better option.

Advantages of Wearing Nike Blazers

After you have gone through the uncomfortable break-in period of your Nike shoes, you get to benefit from these shoes as;

a) They Cater to All Types of Outfits

Nike Blazers are a great option whether you’re trying for a high-fashion appearance or need to get some work done.

They come in various colors, styles, and price ranges and may be dressed up or down to suit your personality. They look well with multiple outfits, including jeans, leather shorts, and activewear. The best aspect is that they look good and are functional.

They can be the focal point of your ensemble, even if they aren’t meant to be showpieces. You can wear the Nike Blazers with jeans, a stylish t-shirt, comparable longer socks, and a vibrant pair of sports shorts.

b) They Are True to Size

You’ve likely heard that Nike Blazers run true to size, whether you’re a shoe enthusiast or just starting your search for a new pair. This assertion may surprise you, but it’s largely accurate.

Use the Nike Fit app to get your ideal fit if you need help choosing what size to buy. However, before making a choice, Consider trying them on first.

If you have wide feet, you can size larger to achieve a better fit. Although Nike Blazers are made to offer less cushion than Nike Air Force 1, they nevertheless give enough comfort for footwear.

They are simpler to put on and take off. A pair of Nike Blazers is also available in various colors. You should favor a compact model if you have narrow feet.

c) They Are Breathable

Nike Blazers are among the most well-liked shoes available since they are made to be both fashionable and comfy. You may choose the ideal pair of Nike shoes to match your style among their many distinct designs and hues.

Although Nike Blazers are popular, consider a few factors before purchasing a pair. Make sure that the size you choose fits your feet properly.

A lady wearing a pair of blazers

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If you have broad feet, you might need assistance putting the shoe on. You can also order half a size bigger than the usual size. The shoe’s material is an additional factor to take into account.

If you wear Nike Blazers for an extended period, think about a more robust material. For instance, leather frequently has more outstanding durability than suede. Furthermore, its cleaning is more superficial.

Finally, think about hand-cleaning your shoes. Hand cleaning is safer compared to using the washing machine. Sneaker wipes are another option for removing grime and germs.

d) Traction

Nike Blazers provide excellent traction for walking and daily wear. The rubber outsole is quite essential. The vulcanized rubber sole with the herringbone tread pattern and no markings offers excellent grip.

Rubber outsole aids in maintaining the foot’s position and stops the foot from slipping across the sneaker’s surface. Daily slippage while walking is reduced due to their incredible traction.

e) Cushioning

The Zoom Air cushioning system in the Nike Blazer SB’s design comprises a padded collar and insoles that make them a decent option for walking.

A cushioned pair of Nike Blazers

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Disadvantages of Donning Nike Blazers

a) Discoloration

A significant problem with Nike Blazers is that these shoes are darker than they appear on their website.

Even though the Nike Blazers’ style and color are great, some buyers have voiced dissatisfaction about receiving tongues that are pink or peachy in hue rather than white like the ones seen online.

b) Flat Soles

Another significant flaw of the Nike Blazer is its flat soles. Nike Blazers have a flat sole, poor arch support, and no heel cushioning.

Wearing flat-soled shoes will cause your stride to become less steady since they do not provide a secure basis for walking on. As a result, your spine, hips, pelvis, knees, and pelvis will all attempt to adapt, creating a change in your skeletal system’s alignment.

Not all Nike Blazers provide the proper arch support. Consequently, some offer minimal arch support, which may lead to heel discomfort.

c) Restricted Ventilation

While certain Nike Blazers feature breathability as a benefit, several shoes in this price range lack enough ventilation. For instance, the Nike SB Blazer shoe only contains two ventilation holes. Since they are no breathable components, your feet stay heated and sweat.

d) Exposed Foam Tongue

The fact that the visible foam tongue might only be for some is a severe disadvantage. This variant has a tongue with exposed foam on one side that mimics the appearance of a classic Nike Blazer.

Nike Blazer Mid '77 with an exposed foam tongue

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The exposed foam is unquestionably a matter of taste, so if you don’t like the way an exposed foam looks, it might not be for you. Additionally, if you wear these outside while it’s raining or during exercise when your top boot is getting a lot of abrasions, the exposed foam may not hold up as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the Nike Blazer work for walking?

These sneakers are excellent for daily usage and walking and may be easily worn in the gym. For instance, if you want a shoe for wearing to work and then to the gym to do weights, this is a great model to consider.

2. How do Nike Blazers fit compared to Converse?

The materials used and their appearance are the primary distinctions between Nike Blazers and other shoes. The leather uppers of the Vintage edition are smoother than that of the standard Blazer Mid 77, which has a more stiff leather texture.

The Vintage model is intended to more closely resemble the Nikes from the 1970s, which also affects how they seem.

Final Words

The Nike Blazer is one of the most comfortable shoes you can wear with cargo pants, whether walking or standing. However, before you buy them, try them on and check whether the style or size is right for you. Choose the Blazers and wear them daily if you’re at ease.

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