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What Is Apple Bottom Jeans Design? Identifying the Style

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The 2000s had some trends that remain unbeaten to date. From the flip-phone to branded t-shirts, those were the years that will forever be remembered. Of course, some trends have disappeared, and some are still with us, like the apple-bottom jeans, which have made a comeback. But what are apple bottom jeans, and where does it get that name from?

What Are Apple Bottom Jeans?

Apple bottom jeans are women's jeans that were trendy in the 2000s meant to accentuate female curves and outline them clearly. The name "apple bottom jeans" might be suggestive of that. The jeans were also meant to be popular and affordable as jeans tend to be expensive.

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A trio, including Nelly, a famous pop artist, in the 2000s started the brand. While we still dance to Nelly's jams, the jeans have never left the streets. You can see the apple bottom jeans in many song videos and movies, creating a strong trend. Stars like Fergie and Ashanti have worn the jeans before; those were the biggest stars at the time.

You are right if you think you have heard "apple bottom jeans" in a song. While most people think it is just a song, apple-bottom jeans are a fashion line. The song just popularised the brand.

How to Identify Apple Bottom Jeans

So, what features of the apple bottom jeans can you use to identify the pants?

1) Apple Bottoms

There are some apple-bottom jeans that have a more direct correlation to the name. For example, you can find pockets lined with embroidered apples on the backside. The design choice makes the curves look more defined when wearing jeans with apple-shaped pockets on the back.

While the apples are a more direct way to identify the jeans, they are there to make the curvy figure appear bold and well-defined.

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The designers of the jeans knew how shapes play around with the illusion of what a body looks like. For example, vertical lines make the body look slimmer; horizontal lines make the body look larger, and curved shapes give the body a rounder feel. So if you have curves in the bum, it will look rounder.

Apple bottom jeans were marketed a lot with leather boots. But do you know what else that fashion choice does? It makes the body look more curvaceous since the pair gets narrower as it heads toward the feet.

2) Tight Fitting Pants

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Moreover, the tight fit brings out the full hips and makes the bum look more like an inverted apple, hence the term apple bottom jeans. The results are intentional. Otherwise, the jeans would look like baggy sweatpants.

You can match hoodies with apple bottom jeans and still have a curvaceous figure.

3) Jeans Legs (Boot Cut and Straight)

Pairing apple-bottom jeans with boots is a genius marketing strategy, especially if the boots have attached fur. In addition, when wearing jeans with boots, the body seems more curvaceous than wearing sandals or sneakers.

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To achieve a curvy look without wearing boots, some apple-bottom jeans have wider legs at the bottoms, which makes the body look curvaceous. These designs are intentionally meant to make the body look like the girls in the song "Low" by Flo Rida ft. T Pain.

Not all apple-bottom jeans are wider at the bottom. Some jeans have a normal opening at the bottom but have other general features of apple bottom jeans.

Final Thoughts

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Apple bottom jeans are the most revolutionary women's jeans over the past couple of decades. From top celebrities to normal women wearing jeans in the streets, bums are attractively large thanks to these jeans. Now you can look good while being productive.

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