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Have you ever sought to understand the importance of haircut numbers? Haircut numbers contribute to the success of the final haircut results. A buzz cut is one of the most famous male short haircuts and has different numbers. Gaining insight into the number of hair cut permits you to prevent misunderstanding and confusion while explaining to your barber the buzz haircut style you desire. Check our guide for a 1-inch buzz cut for more insight.

What Is a Classic Buzz Cut?

What is a classic buzz cut?

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You can define a classic buzz cut as a hairstyle where you clip your hair on the head at the same length utilizing an electric clipper. As a result, a uniform look is created. Other types of buzz cut include ivy league cut, crew cut, butch cut, high fade buzz cut, high and tight, low fade buzz cut, taper buzz cut, tight buzz cut, and mid fade buzz cut.

A crew cut is a buzz cut that appears shorter on the sides while the top is a little longer. A batch cut is shorter on the sides, but the head top clipped evenly. The mid fade buzz cut is similar to low skin fade, but the blend starts at a width of two fingers higher than low skin fade. Finally, the ivy league haircut is shorter on the side, but the head top has longer hair.

1 inch buzz cut

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Remember that buzz cut variations, including fades, buzz cuts, butch cut, taper cut, crew cut, and high and tight, look great. However, they are more challenging to style on your own. You need a qualified barber. You now understand about a buzz haircut. Let us talk about the various buzz cut.

To attain different various different buzz cut lengths, all you need is to adjust the setting of the hair clipper set. The numbers range from 0 to 8; the lower the number, the shorter the hair length. You increase the length of the hair clipper to get a longer hair length.

Hair clipper size number 0 provides a very short buzz cut, while number 8 gives the longest buzz cut lengths. Therefore, different hair clipper sizes give different buzz cuts depending on your taste.

About Buzz Hair Cut Style

Buzz Hair Cut Style

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Buzz cut or induction cut originated with the development of manual clippers in the nineteenth century and later electric hair clippers. The army inspired the traditional buzz-cut hairstyle because they prefer maintaining their hairstyle short. To the military, buzz hairstyle is a function decision over fashion.

Military recruits kept the induction cut hairstyle due to its easy maintenance and cleanliness. It assists them in seeing more clearly and cooling down faster. Research shows that less hair keeps the body cool.

Despite the buzz hairstyle remaining popular recently, most people do not know that it has existed for the last hundred years. The buzz cut has come in various forms, which always trend. Most Holly wood celebrities wear the style. As a result, the hairstyle has maintained its popularity.

1-Inch Buzz Haircut Lengths

The buzz haircut is the least common among the top trending buzz-cut hairstyles. The reason why it is not as common as other buzz cuts are that it is too long for one to trim. The buzz haircut is achieved using the number 8 hair clipper. The barber leaves the hair one inch long while a lower number of clippers are used to trim the sides.

Trimming down the hair length to 1-inch results in a fuzzball appearance unless the barber tappers the back and the sides down. The styles are appropriate for various types of buzz cuts, including butch cuts, crew cuts, and high and tight. The styles ensure that the top hair is trimmed to one inch while the back and the sides remain shorter.

The buzz cuts allow you to style the top hair. Trimming the back and the sides shorter make the style challenging compared to other styles. It is easy to taper the back and the sides using clipper guards. But a barber can provide a more professional look.

How to Attain a 1-Inch Buzz Hair Cut Style

Clipper guard lengths

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For a haircut to qualify as a buzz cut, your hair around the head must be of the same length. However, the buzz cut is not similar in shape and length. So, you must know the hair clipper set, haircut numbers, and the exact name of the buzz cut.

Let’s look at the few steps to follow to attain a 1-inch buzz haircut style.

1. Gather all the necessary tool

Gather all the necessary tool

You must purchase a quality clipper for the best results. A pair can cost between 30 to fifty US dollars. However, if you will be cutting your hair at home, invest in a professional clipper worth 100 to 120 US dollars. A quality clipper will give the best result.

2. Clean your hair

Clean your hair

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For best results, cleaning and drying your hair is critical. A greasy and flat hair is challenging to cut; therefore, ensure that you are working on clean hair. For the most satisfactory results, ensure that you use the best hair shampoo.

When your hair is thoroughly rinsed, get two mirrors, one in front and the other behind, to view the back and front of your head and completely dry your hair.

Dry your hair

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3. Cover yourself with a barber cape or towel

Cover the yourself with a Barber Capes or towel

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Use a barber cape or towel to cover your shoulders and protect the clothing from dirt. It further protects you from getting wet after washing your hair.

4. Cut off your hair with scissors if it is too long

Cut off your hair with scissors if it is too long

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If your hair is long, cut it off with scissors to get short hair before buzz cut. You need a hair clipper with a right guard attached. You will use the number 8 clippers and 2 and 1 guards for the back and sides to attain tapered sides or fade haircut.

5. Determine the direction of your hair growth

Determine the direction of your hair growth

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Every person’s hair grows in a different direction. To determine the direction of your hair growth, pass your fingers through the hair. Areas with more force against the fingers are the hair growth direction.

6. Buzz the top of the head evenly

Buzz the top of the head evenly

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Choose the length of the guard, which is number 8. Start cutting the top of your head for a shorter length. If you are cutting your hair, use the mirrors to view what you are doing.

7. Use the number 2 guard to cut the hair on the sides

Use the number 2 guard to cut the hair on the sides

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When cutting your hair, work around the edges slowly and carefully to sustain an even cut. Take care when cutting around the ears. Use an upward motion to attain the best results. The back and the sides are kept shorter because the hair appears puffier on the sides after growing.

8. Taper the edges of the cut

Taper the edges of the cut

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Use guard number 1 at the edges of the haircut and start cutting from the sideburns. Taper the back from the bottom to the ear -level. You should pull the ears inwards.

9. Polish the cut

Cut the neckline and sideburns to ensure it is even. The straight line will make the cut appear professional.

Polish the cut

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10. Assess the cut

Utilize a mirror to evaluate the haircut. Ensure the cut appears professional. If not even, repeat trimming to make it even and professional.

1 inch buzz haircut

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Styling and Maintaining Your 1-Inch Buzz Haircut

Styling and Maintaining your buzz cut

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It is critical to maintain the clipper and the blades. Eliminate any hair from tools. Pack the tools in a case. Oil the clipper and blade.

After using the clipper for some time, it may begin to pull the hair and cut unevenly. You may decide to replace the blades or sharpen them. Always unplug the clipper from the socket after cutting the hair.

You may want to style your hair for an attractive look. Use wax or hair gel and apply a small amount to the head. Distribute it through the head using your fingers.

Advantages of Buzz Haircut

A buzz cut has various advantages hence its popularity. It provides a daring and bold appearance, low maintenance, and remains practical. Furthermore, it permits an individual to show their facial features because it is short.

Advantages of Buzz haircut

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On top of that, it works for every hair texture and hair type, including thin hair, thick hair, straight hair, and curly hair, among others. It can fit any gender and appear great on them. It is a perfect hairstyle for summer. You can do buzz-cut styles at home easily without any assistance. All you need are the rights tools.


In conclusion, a buzz cut is one of the most famous short haircuts for males and females and has different numbers. Gaining insight into the number of hair cut permits you to prevent misunderstanding and confusion while explaining to your barber the buzz haircut style that you desire. Buzz haircut is famous because of its many advantages.

People prefer a low-maintenance haircut that is easy to style and cut. You can achieve a clean shave at home to achieve an excellent buzz haircut. Buzz hair cut looks fantastic on both genders, hence its preference by many. However, you have to know the clipper sizes which is appropriate for you.

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