why is creed perfume so expensive

Why is Creed Perfume so Expensive?

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So, Why is Creed Perfume so Expensive?

Any reasonable person would acknowledge the importance of smelling good when making an impression on someone.

No one wants to be known for being the person who stinks of body odor of the one who reeks of cheap perfume. This is why it is necessary to find a good scent for yourself.

Creed is one of the most well-known names in the men’s colognes section. But if you actually go to buy one, you’ll find that even the smallest, cheapest of their bottles cost north of $200, let alone one of the more premium bottles like Aventus. Why is the perfume brand so highly-priced? Here is an explanation. 

Why is Creed Perfume so Expensive?

Brand Value

Creed is a historically prestigious perfume brand. The company rose to fame as a high-end boutique for the best scents that money can afford after 1950.

The scents are available in only a few stores owned by the company itself and a few other select shops.

The company always said that it aimed to cater to popular faces and the higher section of society. Initially, the products were meant for literal royals. The net worth of the firm ranges in billions of dollars.

Creed has retained its pristine image throughout the previous decades. The final price definitely includes a brand premium. 


The brand has carefully carved an exclusive image for itself. They have deliberately from most store shelves. The company has always aimed to make itself an exclusive product that is not available to the masses.

This has allowed them to make themselves a premium brand that only caters to the more elite section of society.

The bottles come at exorbitant prices and cannot be found in the hands of just anyone. And it is only fair that a product that exclusively comes at a higher cost than the rest.


The brand ensures to pick out exotic ingredients from only the best sources, even if it means getting ingredients from remote places. The team travels all over the globe to find the most appealing natural scents.

They source rare ingredients like rose essences (from Bulgaria, Turkey, and Morocco), Tuberose from India, Vetiver from Haiti, Bourbon Vanilla, Italian Jasmine, Florentine Iris, and Parma Violets. Very rarely is any synthetic material used and even then it is of the highest quality. The scents are mostly made from natural oils that lend them a certain concentration and a very enigmatic fragrance.

Thus, the business has been able to develop many exclusive, unique scents that appeal to many perfume connoisseurs and even the regular person. These ingredients do not come cheap and the brand has to charge according to them. 


Creed is known for valuing quality over quantity. They have maintained a limited collection with pride.

Each bottle is ensured to be of the highest quality that guarantees consumer satisfaction. Each bottle is nothing short of perfection in terms of its grade.

There are no shortcuts in the production process, which can be quite long and tedious. The immense amount of hard work and attention to detail is rewarded through its hefty price tags.

Crafted with Care 

The scents are handcrafted through traditional infusion techniques. The process is extremely time-consuming and tough to carry out perfectly.

Each ingredient is individually weighed, mixed, and soaked by hand. The company has been working for a very long time. It has trained its own workforce and does not rely on outsiders for the manufacturing of its scents. The technical processes involved are a well-kept secret. 


The production process has been maintained the same way since the days of the early days of the firm. Each scent has a background of inspiration, it has its own story.

The production process of these scents is nothing short of actual magic. An army of extremely skilled workers is employed to ensure that the production techniques are executed flawlessly.

The scents are very durable as an outcome of this painstakingly long process. Even the bottles are pieces of art.

Every Bottle is Unique 

The company offers a large variety ranging from cool to warm, floral to juicy, spicy to sweet.

But perhaps the greatest thing about Creed perfumes is that no two scents are the same. Each different fragrance is sufficiently distinguishable from the other. If a certain bottle has a tinge of a woody scent, the other would be citrusy in its scent.

It is unlikely that you would cross paths with someone wearing the same perfume. This makes every bottle unique and worth the high price that is charged for it.


In the olden times, Creed colognes were worn by royalty including the likes of King George III. Now it is worn by popular figures including George Clooney, Richard Gere, Prince Charles, Pierce Brosnan, and Jay Z- the list goes on and on.

The company has built itself a very loyal fan base over the years. It is worn by people who are the faces of wealth and success. This is why the scents and their bottles are associated with a certain status in society.


Creed has marketed itself as a very mysterious brand. There is no advertising, no celebrity endorsements, and no campaigns for the launch of a new collection.

No one is being paid for promoting this firm. The brand was not even available to commoners until 1970. However, this is not to say that people are not aware of the brand.

On the contrary, this has lent the company a very closed-off image that only makes people want it more. The thrill of exploring something exquisite makes the brand even more popular.

How to Afford a Bottle?

While Creed perfumes undoubtedly are worth the pretty penny that they cost, it is practically impossible for us to spare such an amount for a cologne. And the official brand does not host sales or endorse discounts. So, what to do?

There are some other brands on the market that offer cheaper alternatives to the popular company. They are not a very great match to the original, but they get the work done and don’t cost you a fortune. However, if you really want to afford a Creed bottle, saving up would be your best bet.

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