why is cartier so expensive

Why is Cartier so Expensive?

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So, Why is Cartier so Expensive?

Beautiful jewelry is nothing short of art itself. Precious metals and stones set into gorgeous designs, anyone would want to own these. However, actually buying these is a completely different story.

Jewelry is a luxury product as it is. But Cartier is a premium product in even this niche market. Not just anyone can afford it. Cartier price tags are not for the faint of heart.

A visit to its stores can burn quite the hole into your pocket, even if you are extremely wealthy.

It is not a place of mindless spending, tempting as it may be. So why is it that the firm has such huge figures printed on its price tags? Here are a few facts that offer an explanation.  

Why is Cartier so Expensive?

Brand Value

In 1904, King George VII of Great Britain gave Cartier the Royal Warrant after the company produced stunning pieces for his coronation in 1902.

This meant that Cartier was now the official seller of jewels for the crown. Cartier continued to serve the crown for a long time after that. The company thus has a long history of relations with actual royalty. And a brand whose initial target audience was literal kings and queens maintains prices fit for them as well. And the company has maintained a stellar reputation over the years. 

In 2021, the company had an enormous valuation of $12.2 billion. It has reserved a place for itself year after year in the Forbes list of the world’s most valuable brands. All of this adds to the prices of its products.


Cartier does not compromise on the lavishness of its products. Many of its gorgeous pieces are made from a variety of gold, like yellow, pink, and white.

They even use platinum in some of their more famous bracelets. The company uses the most beautiful diamonds available at its disposal. Some bracelets are even studded with rare gems like sapphires.

This also means that the products have a high value at the time of resale. For example, a Cartier vintage bracelet from the 1970s would sell at its price back then times two. You could gain an even greater profit than the company itself got on the product!


The fact that Cartier is a premium jewelry brand means that it has had no shortage of high-end customers. Popular faces like Kate Middleton, Dua Lipa, and Angelina Jolie have been spotted sporting the products of the luxury brand.

Other than that, the brand also enjoys immense popularity among different niches. For example, the very well-known Cartier love bracelets are in high demand among couples. Even celeb couples like Frank and Nancy Sinatra have not been immune to the beauty of this masterpiece of jeweler craftsmanship. 

In fact, Cartier products are some of the most searched pieces of jewelry on the internet. And the most counterfeited ones too.


Cartier has never been behind in innovation. The company has launched new designs year after year, keeping in line with the latest trends.  

Be it Cartier’s love bracelets or the Trinity de Cartier ring or the Panthere de Cartier ring, the company knows well how to capture the attention of potential customers. These glimmering pieces are the pinnacle of the industry.

The company has regularly come up with simply stunning pieces of jewelry that are eye-catching in their perfection. These designs are unique and far better than anything else on the market. Surely, it is reasonable for them to cost more as well in that case. 

Multitude of Products

Cartier has made a name for itself across the jewelry industry. But the company has not limited itself to just one product.

Firstly, the company makes unisexual products, which means that it caters to the wants of both sexes. Rings, bracelets, necklaces- the business has dabbled in every nook and corner of the industry.

Cartier has even launched breathtakingly beautiful watches that are indeed a beauty to behold. It has also recently started expanding itself into the market of bags, leather goods, fragrances, etc.


Cartier has made itself a luxury brand by marketing itself as an elite brand. The company has a comprehensive advertising strategy which includes ads in publications like Vogue.

It also maintains an active presence on all its social media accounts, including Instagram. Its advertisements are effortlessly eye-catching. For instance, the Winter Tale advert featured two baby jaguars, playing around with the signature red boxes of Cartier, in the land of clouds. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Trust us, the actual visuals are even more beautiful to watch. 

Clearly, Cartier spends large amounts on its marketing and branding strategies. Not that all that spending has not paid off. But these costs are reflected in the prices of its products.

Status Symbol

A Cartier product is undoubtedly something to flex about. those who end up investing in one of its marvelous creations, don’t shy from showing it off as much as possible. Cartier is a big name. The company has a massive international following.

Owning its pieces is a globally recognized symbol of wealth and success. Nothing screams luxury and lavishness like a Cartier product. Of course, a premium has to be paid for getting a part of that pristine image. 

How to Afford Cartier?

It might hurt to read this, but the only way to afford Cartier is to save for it. Cartier is an extremely high-end brand. It does not hold sales or offer discounts, so there is no point in waiting around for it. There is a reason that the company enjoys such high income and profits and that does not come from catering to the wants of the less privileged.

Secondly, if you find a seller offering Cartier at low prices, it is probably a fake. Do not fall prey to these scammers. In fact, the problem got so severe that Cartier now stamps each of its authentic pieces with a unique number and keeps a record of those.

If you want a real Cartier product, you will have to save up for it or there are a few stores that offer financing options as well but It’s not a wise idea to finance jewelry.

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