why are dumbbells so expensive

Why are Dumbbells so Expensive?

by Kevin Tunstall
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Fitness is a primary concern for everyone in today’s world. It affects not only your life expectancy but also several other prospects.

Your health is a very important factor, especially in a world like ours that has an abundance of diseases. Even a minor health scare can cause major problems in your routine. 

It comes as no surprise that more and more people are opting for going to the gym to maintain a good level of fitness. But when the gyms were closed due to a global pandemic, people had to resort to creating workout spaces inside the four walls of their own homes. It was then that people realized how much the most popular equipment- dumbbells, cost. 

A good quality single dumbbell can cost you as much as $150! What makes them so expensive? Let us explain.

why are dumbbels so expensive?


Dumbbells are made from cast iron and stainless steel. Sometimes, they might be coated with rubber.

These materials are not excessively costly but they aren’t cheap either. Good quality iron and steel can be pricier than what we expect.

This is why it is expensive to produce dumbbells in the first place. 

Moreover, the amount you will be paying largely depends on the type of dumbbells you are buying. For example, a simple cast iron set of dumbbells will cost you far less than a great set of adjustable ones. 


Being a piece of gym equipment, dumbbells have to be made with a lot of attention being directed towards the quality.

As there is a probability of them falling, they have to be made so as to not be fragile. But at the same time, they have to follow safety protocols.

The making of the handles takes a lot of precision to make the piece strong and durable. The handles must not break under any circumstances and the manufacturer has to ensure this.

Proper finishing has to be done to remove any sharp edges. Corrosion also has to be prevented through some sort of coating. All these expenses add up.

One Time Purchase

Given that dumbbells are usually a one-time purchase, customers are most willing to shell out more money for them.

People are able to pay more as long as they are assured about the quality of their purchase. Good dumbbells are known for their durability. If looked after properly they can serve you for decades. This also means that companies have to price them more as they cannot rely on repeat orders. 

Plus, this field is not particularly known for its innovations. Rarely is any equipment updated.

Thus, your purchase is likely to stay relevant and useful for a long time. This justifies their higher pricing a bit.

Smaller Production Numbers

Given that producers are well aware of the market demand and the seasonal demand, dumbbells are produced in limited numbers only, especially for heavier weights.

Plus, these are also the ones that require more quality checks than their lighter counterparts. Because of this, each individual piece ends up costing a lot.

Storage Costs

Due to their bulkiness, dumbbells are a very difficult item to store.

Sellers have to invest a lot in warehouse space to store this equipment as they occupy a large space. This adds to the overall expenses on the producer’s end.

Shipping Costs

Dumbbells are a very heavy item by nature. This takes a toll on the vehicles that deliver the product.

The vehicles also consume more gas due to the weight of the shipment. This is why the shipping of dumbbells costs quite a lot.

The further you live from the warehouse, the higher the delivery charges get. An additional charge here can be if the product is being imported from another country which is a common practice.

In this case, tariffs add to the final price of the piece. 

High Demand

Dumbbells are a popular piece of workout equipment and enjoy high demand. A good example is the holiday season.

As people tend to gain motivation to work on their fitness around these days, dumbbells have a higher ask than normal around these times.

This happened during the lockdown. As gyms were closed, people were forced to buy equipment to work out within the confines of their houses.

Thus, there was a significant spike in their demand. This caused prices to soar. 


The sudden increase in demand was unexpected. Limited supply meant that a shortage was created.

Furthermore, some suppliers hoarded equipment in the hopes of manipulating the market further. This is why prices increased a lot during the lockdown. 

Lack of Consumer Knowledge

As consumers are not very aware of the pricing of gym equipment, sellers often exploit them.

Manufacturers are aware of the willingness of the consumer to pay more for a quality product and thus often charge them more than the marked price.

People also end up buying whole sets instead of individual weights, which is a very unnecessary expense.

Another problem is resellers. Whenever there is a shortage in the market, some exploiters buy dumbbells and hoard them. Then they resale those at a price far more than their actual cost. This is a big problem in the market. Customers need to be protected from such scammers.

the bottom line:

Dumbells are one of the most important pieces of equipment for any gym. And it is something you shouldn’t cheap out on.

Good dumbbells are expensive due to various reasons that we have discussed above.

One way to save a little money on dumbells is to get an adjustable one so that you don’t have to spend on multiple pairs.

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