why are airpods so expensive

Why are AirPods So Expensive?

by Kevin Tunstall
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so, why are AirPods so expensive?

If there is one thing Apple products are known for, it’s being notoriously expensive.

It takes courage to walk into the territory of the rich, or what some might call an apple store. Beware! Price ranges of hundreds of dollars abound. 

Airpods are only the latest product of the innovation giant. Apple certainly did think differently with this one.

What is this device and why did we write an entire article on it, you ask? Let us answer you.

What are AirPods?

Don’t know what AirPods are? Think earphones but better. Take your best pair and increase its efficiency 10 times. Apple did to earphones with AirPods what Otto Rohwedder did to a loaf of bread by slicing it. That is, making it much easier to use. All it did was free earphones from the constraints of wires.

The AirPods are no ordinary piece of equipment. They can be an audiophile’s best friend. They can be your perfect escape from your surroundings.

Apple wasn’t the first one to make wireless earphones they have been around for years but apple made the experience seamless. And like everything apple does wireless earphones became mainstream after AirPods.

Just one little problem. All this will cost you north of $159.

why is airpods so expensive?

It’s Apple

A simple fact is that Apple charges its customers for being Apple.

If you are already a part of the ecosystem, the high prices should come as no surprise to you.

The brand has built a stellar reputation over decades and is the biggest name in global tech. Overhead has to be paid for the brand reputation alone.

This also means that AirPods are highly compatible with other products of the company. Shout out to all you iPhone users out there. You can look forward to a seamless, uninterrupted connection with your pods. 


The most prominent feature that distinguishes AirPods is their wireless connection.

So you do not have to roam around bound to your phone with a wire that will break off at the earliest possible chance.

While several other similar devices have since popped up, they still remain at the forefront of the race.

You are being asked to pay quite a lot for a pair of listening devices but not without reason.

Airpods guarantee a clean audio quality with reduced echo. They are an easy pick over most earphones available in the market today.

Plus, Apple is known for regularly introducing newer, improved versions of its devices. This means endless new features. No one competes with Apple as Apple does!

Quality Build 

Apple products are unrivaled in their quality. They do not compromise on their materials and design.

Innovative designs, durable build, and long battery life are just the beginning of their brilliance. 

Status Symbol

With numerous sightings of celebrities wearing AirPods, it’s safe to say that they have made a place for themselves in the trending list.

Their users include the likes of Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom. And it’s not like people are unaware of how costly the product is.

If someone is spotted with a pair of these, you know they have enough cash to spare.

Apple is more of a luxury brand and probably the only one in the tech space which puts apple in a unique position.

Only apple can sell monitor stands for $1000 because of its unique positioning in the market.

Marketing & Popularity

Apple products are not launched overnight. Massive events and expos are organized, celebrities are hired to endorse the item and expensive advertisements are produced.

It is anything but a quiet affair. These factors undoubtedly add to the costs.

Additionally, the dedicated following of Apple ensures a high demand for any product. And higher demand means a definite surge in prices. 

Best in the Space

Airpods are reliable and offer numerous advantages over their competitors. They last longer than most of them.

Their sound output is indubitably superior. They are convenient in their storage and connectivity. They are compatible with almost all devices, Apple or not.

They also come with a wireless charging case and the more expensive AirPods Pro provides even more features like active noise cancellation.

There are many other products in the market that are really good at one thing sound quality, build, noise cancellation, or connectivity but there is no other product that comes close to AirPods in terms of providing a well-rounded package without any major issue.

the bottom line:

It is certainly not easy to take out a hundred and fifty dollars for a pair of earphones. But not to worry. Apple does give out occasional discounts and offers for our humble wallets. Have patience and wait for the right opportunity. You might find a chance to afford a legitimate pair of AirPods.

Airpods are undoubtedly very expensive but there are some valid reasoning behind its price and if look at the experience that it provides it almost justifies its price.

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