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white jeans outfit men- how to style white jeans

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How should white jeans fit

The most important aspect of any piece of clothing is probably the way it fits and suits your physique.

White jeans like any other type of jeans should neither be too tight nor should it be too loose. The jeans should be tapered down but should also be comfortable.

If you are on the heavier side you should avoid wearing jeans which fits tightly as they make you look bulkier but on the other hand you should also avoid wearing jeans which are too loose which again also makes you appear bulkier. What you should do is find jeans which are tapered towards the bottom but are not skin tight. The best fit options in this scenario would be a slim fit or the tapered fit and avoid skinny fit and relaxed fit.

In case you have athletic or slim built, most of the advice listed above would be still applicable but one exception is that you can also try out skinny fit. Let me be clear it is not the best option for most people and I advise most people to stick with slim fit or tapered fit but for people who are skinny or have muscular but slim legs, the skinny fit would actually be a better option.

Now that we have fit out of the way lets discuss the length of the jeans. In general, I advise people to keep the length of your jeans to end at your ankle but this could vary a little based on personal preference or style. But in no case, the length should be shorter than an inch above your ankle and it should also not be long enough to collect at the ankle.

who can wear white jeans

Well, there is never a simple answer to this kind of question for any piece of clothing, and it goes the same for white jeans too.

Firstly I don't think body type makes any difference in terms of styling white jeans, so no matter what kind of physique you have you can easily rock it.

Now from an age point of view, There is no clear cut division but in general it is more suitable for the young men. So I would say if you are around 45 or under you are good to go. This doesn't mean in any way that older man cant style white jeans but in general case, it is difficult for them to incorporate this in their style but if you are an older man and want to try it out then why not

Where can you wear white jeans

Similar to most other jeans, white jeans falls under the casual wear category.

So obviously it can be worn in any casual occasion but it can also be worn with a button down and loafers for a semi-formal look.

I don't think it is the best option for an extremely formal setting but you can easily get away with it in semi-formal or even some formal events as well.

How to style white jeans

Let us directly jump to the outfits

White jeans with a t-shirt

Round neck or V-neck: 

Pair the white denim with a simple crew neck or v-neck t-shirt for a simple yet clean look. Style them with sneakers and you can also throw in some accessories such as a watch, bracelet/necklace or a baseball hat.

Polo t-shirt:

Another great outfit is to pair the jeans with a polo t-shirt. This outfit is again really simple but can easily be dressed up as well. It can be worn both casually and in a semi-formal manner as well. You can style it with sneakers or loafers and pair some accessories too.

T-shirt layered with a shirt/ jacket:

Another great outfit can be constructed by pairing jeans with a t-shirt and layering with a jacket or a shirt. For footwear the best option would be sneakers, you can complete the outfit with some accessories like a watch and sunglasses.

White jeans with a shirt

Denim shirt:

It is one of the easiest yet stylish outfits that can be made using white jeans. It can be worn casually and can be dressed up too, pair the outfit with sneakers or loafer

Casual or dress shirt:

White jeans can also be worn with pretty much any casual or dress shirt.

shirt layered with pullover/sweater:

Pair the jeans with a shirt and layer with a pullover for a classic outfit.

shirt layered with blazer:

This is a very simple way to dress up the jeans, put n a shirt and layer with a blazer or jacket.

White jeans and pullover/sweatshirt:

Another great outfit to make using the white jeans is to pair it with a pullover or sweatshirt. The pullover is more of a classic look while the sweatshirt falls under the streetwear category both these outfits are easy to pull off and are extremely stylish.

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