what to wear with navy chinos

what to wear with navy chino?

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In this article, we will tell you what you should wear with your navy chinos.

We will tell you the different colors that go well with the navy chinos and will also share the different outfits you can construct with them.

What colors goes with navy chinos?

Navy chinos are one of the most versatile pairs of pants you can own. It can easily be paired with pretty much any outfit.

You can pair it up with any neutral color black, white, brown, olive, etc without thinking twice.

What you should avoid is pairing them with bright colors, like orange or yellow, and instead go for more subtle and muted colors like brown and mustard.

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How to style your navy Chinos: 8 stylish Outfits

Chinos are trousers that are made from a 100% cotton twill fabric. While it was originally designed for military usage and was intended to be simple, sturdy, and comfortable for soldiers to wear; it still serves the same purpose.

Navy chinos are the perfect option for any summertime look. These pants are so versatile, and you can wear them in so many ways! From casual to dressy, the options are endless. They can even go with the summery vibes of a striped t-shirt and a straw fedora.

So what should you wear with a pair of navy chinos? Let’s take a look at a few different looks.

I will be sharing a few points to keep in mind that will help you experiment with colors, accessories, and how to balance them. So let’s get started with these styles for which you probably have everything but it’s time to wear it right.

Casual look 1: Navy chinos with a white t-shirt, a light blue denim jacket, and a pair of tan boots

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You may think there’s nothing new here, I have all of those things and I have been wearing them for so long. The trick is to tuck in your t-shirt rather than letting it hang loose; wear a belt. What it does is that it lets your frame get highlighted, especially your legs while giving the colors room to breathe on their own. The tan boots add on contrast to the monochrome scheme and are easy on the eyes. The denim jacket gives your shoulders the girth and balances the heaviness of the boots.  

Casual look 2: Navy chinos with a navy polo t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers

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Another look you have been wearing for so long right? Here’s what’s new; instead of wearing a regular low ankle pair of sneakers try pairing the two with a pair of high ankle sneakers. Try a pair of white converse if you are feeling funky and yes don’t forget to tuck your t-shit. Don’t be shy to wear the same colored top wear and bottom wear, it helps highlight your full body and since it is a dark color it goes with all body types.

Casual look 3: Navy chinos with a grey sweatshirt and a pair of black casual shoes

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Yes I know, another basic look you guys have been wearing but it’s time to do it right. While everyone loves oversized sweatshirts; try one in your actual size or if needed one size larger than your own if you love that loose look. Make sure you fold the rim of the sweatshirt inside. This helps ease the looseness towards the bottom of the sweatshirt. Pair these with a pair of casual shoes don’t wear a boxy one to balance the look. 

Casual look 4: Navy chinos with a light grey shirt, tan double-breasted short jacket, and a pair of tan shoes

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This is one of my favorite casual looks for the winter. Winters are a great time to layer and experiment with different looks; the right type and amount of layering can do wonders with the right accessories. While we want to stay warm and look cool we don’t want to look like a sack of clothes. So simply wear a light grey shirt and wear a tan jacket on top of it. And in a grey muffler tuck in inside your jacket for a clean look. Throw on a beanie to add in a little funk, most importantly be comfortable.   

Formal look 1: Navy chinos with a light blue shirt and a pair of tan oxfords

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Once again it’s time to go back to the classic formal look. A formal shirt and a pair of chinos go well with one another, but try a monochromatic combination for a change. Let the colors speak for themselves while they complement each other. Wear an analog watch in silver or maybe white, fold your sleeves a little, style your hair in a clean look. Finish off with a pair of tanned oxfords. 

Formal look 2: Navy chinos with a light blue shirt, a light grey blazer, and a pair of tan loafers

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Another classic formal look you can’t go wrong with, however, you need to know how to play with your colors. Sounds quite similar to what we had just gone through right? Well, that’s the beauty of this look; all you need to do is add in a few tweaks. Change your shoes from oxfords to a pair of tan loafers; throw on a light grey jacket. Add on a blue tie but make sure it’s a shade of blue that isn’t too light or too dark. We want the blues to complement each other and yet stand out as single entities. Accessorize with a pair of black sunglasses; aviators are the safest to go with all sorts of face structures. You may even add on a pocket square if you are feeling fancy.  

Formal look 3: Navy chinos with a black sweater and a pair of black formal shoes

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A classic yet underrated look; the right kind of sweater can do wonders for you. Wear a solid light knitted sweater and while you may think tucking in a sweater is a big no, try it. It is going to change the way you look at sweaters from then onwards. And while black and navy blue are both dark colors the black sweater on top and the black shoes at the bottom are balancing each other. You don’t want people to think you are wearing a giant bodysuit. Wear a belt; let it be the element that adds on a little crispness to the whole look.  

Formal look 4: Navy chinos with a white shirt, a navy blue blazer, a puffed sleeveless jacket, and a pair of tan oxfords

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And just when you thought the formal blazer look couldn’t get cooler, comes my favorite formal look for the winters. Let the bottoms remain the same navy blue chinos and tan oxfords. Change the shirt and to a white one and the blazer to a navy blue. Add a puffer jacket but make sure it’s shorter than your blazer length and sleeveless; we want the layers to show and highlight them all. Lastly, add on a navy blue beanie, it instantly transforms this high-end formal look into a casual one. 

The key to styling your chinos is balancing your look with the right colors and accessories. With this, you are all set to rock your wardrobe without spending any extra money. So go ahead and style right and don’t forget to have fun.

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