what to wear with Gucci slides

what to wear with Gucci slides?

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what to wear with Gucci slides?

Gucci is a brand known for its high-end designer products which are extremely popular among all fashion lovers but sometimes it can get difficult to incorporate these pieces in outfits.

Gucci is one of the biggest luxury fashion brands in the world, famous for its shoes, bags, and belts. The slides are a recent addition to its lineup. If you are confused about whether to go for it or not, click here to clear your confusion. 

In this article, we will how you can wear the Gucci styles, what outfits work best with them and how to style them properly.

When to consider wearing slides?

Feeling too lazy to tie your shoelaces? Slip into a pair of slides.

Slides are good for a laid-back everyday style or for a summer style. Conventionally, Slides are ill-suited for water, but nowadays waterproof slides are available. So, they can be paired up with beachwear too. 

All slides or flip flops are meant to be worn at home, at max they can be worn for some casual trip nearby, and under no circumstances should slides be ever worn to any event that is even remotely formal.

It is generally not a good idea to wear slides or flip flops to restaurants or for casual day outs but since the launch of slides like the Gucci slides and Yeezy slides, people especially those who are into street style have started using them as an alternative to sneakers.

 SO, Slides can be worn with any casual summer outfit but they shouldn't be worn with anything formal and you should also avoid wearing them in winters. 

What can you wear with Gucci Slides?

Normally Gucci slides come with green and red stripes. generally on black, white, or off-white colors. They may or may not have the interlocking G logo on display.

Construct your style while keeping these in mind.


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Shorts are the best choice to go with slides. For a Comfy, laid-back, everyday style to go around the city or hang out with friends, wear a pair of pastel-colored chino shorts or khaki shorts with a light-colored shirt or a matching tee. 

Avoid black shorts if you have black slides. The pastel colors will accentuate the black ones pretty well.

Go for a printed tee if you want to add a bit of funk to it. Polo tees also look good if you want that field trip look. Top it off with a cap if that is your style.

If on the beach, pair your slides with Hawaiian or floral print shirts. Preferably bright colors but not too loud. You can rock this look even on a summer day for a casual outing. The ocean is not needed as an excuse to wear those Hawaiian shirts. Go for white slides if you are buying them for a beach trip. Since Hawaiian shirts are colorful, try avoiding the red-green stripes on white, but no strict rule on that.


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For a casual yet structured look, slides can be paired up with jeans. Go for jeans hemmed at the ankle. Navy jeans and acid-washed jeans can never go wrong. Wear them with casual shirts or tees to complete the look. Black jeans might look too dull or formal to go with those slides. So, try skipping them. When choosing shirts, try white or light pastel-colored shirts. For, tees, solid bright colors are what you are looking for.

Avoid overshirts or any kind of jacket with slides. It gives an imbalanced impression (Too much on the top while too little at the bottom). 

If you plan on wearing your slides with jeans, go for the red-green striped ones. They will add a flair of color to the otherwise single-colored jeans.


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Pair up slides with khaki chinos and pastel shirts for a road trip. It goes well when you want to look good while being comfortable. After being cooped in the car for a long time, you still look your best for a photo session.

If you go for white chinos, avoid the white slides and go for the off-white or black ones. The same goes for the khaki chinos. While styling them, avoid the off-white slides. 

The bottom line:

Gucci slides look with any casual outfit. You can wear them in many different ways and they are a great addition to any wardrobe. With the help of this article, you will be able to style your Gucci slides without any problem.

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