what side do men wear watches?

what side do men wear watches?

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So, on what side do men wear watches?

It is a universally accepted norm for men to wear watches on their left wrist.

Now, for anyone curious as to why men wear their watches on their left wrist there are actually solid reasons for it! It is not something randomly accepted by the world without any rhyme or reason.

We will discuss the reasons why a watch is usually worn on the left wrist. 

Non- Dominant Hand

The biggest and perhaps the main reason why watches are worn on the left wrist is that most people are right-handed and perform major works using this hand, in order to avoid damage and any problems to the wristwatch, they are worn on the left wrist.

Most people use their right hand to write, while writing your wrist should be free to move easily with no restrictions, if you wear a watch on the right hand while writing, it will cause an added weight along with causing you discomfort if the metal strap bites into your skin.

The watch can also get damaged as it will get moved along the same surface again and again causing scratches to the glass. 

If you are right-handed then you will use your right hand for most work and wearing the watch on the left will

what side should Left-Handed People wear watch?

Now the obvious reason for wearing watches on the left wrist is that the right hand is usually the dominant hand which most people use to perform the majority of tasks but the exception arises in the case of people who are left-handed or whose dominant hand is left-handed.

Would it be acceptable for them to wear the watch on their right wrist as it is their non-dominant hand?

The thing is a lot of left-handed people do wear their watches on the right hand in order to avoid any obstruction or unnecessary discomfort while studying but also to protect the watch from too many scratches, wear and tear.

Though, there still exist a lot of left-handed people who wear watches on the left wrist because they feel that differing from the universally accepted norm of wearing watches on the left wrist will make them stand out or appear odd or different to other people. 

Design of the Watch 

If we consider the standard design of any regular watch, we will notice most of the functions and tools are built in a way that is comfortable to be used while worn on the left wrist.

For example, the crown of the watch is on the right side which makes it very easily accessible to people wearing it on their left wrist.

A watch on the left wrist avoids too much movement or scope of breaking if worn on the left wrist as you can easily see the time while your right hand is already occupied and busy in some kind of work.

If we consider smartwatches, these are designed to function properly and in a proper manner when worn on the left wrist because the heartbeat reading and monitoring are done more efficiently when worn on the left wrist rather than the right wrist. 

Though there are options available for left-handed people as well. Many brands make watches especially for wearing on the right hand, so if you prefer it that way you have options.

the bottom line:

Watches are worn on the left wrist and socially accepted and even structured and designed to suit the left wrist because the majority of the people use their right hand as the dominant one and doing so protects the watch from too many jerks or movement leading to damage.

Though, this does not imply that watches cannot be worn on the right wrist! It is an individual’s choice to make based on what is more comfortable to them and no one can judge them or call them out for it, especially in the case of left-handed people who will have a more difficult time with watches on their left wrist. 

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