what jeans do rappers wear

what jeans do rappers wear?

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There’s no denying that you can’t just throw on a pair of jeans and expect to look like a rap star but taking some inspiration from them would definitely improve your style.

Rappers have the ability to express themselves through fashion, which is one reason why this question is so popular.

Rap is one of the most popular music genres in the US and all over the world. As rappers’ fashion sense has evolved, many rappers have developed a distinct style and a lot of them have become modern style icons.

For the hip-hop generation, a pair of jeans is a necessity. The right pair of jeans will make or break your appearance. In fact, a pair of jeans is so important that rappers have been known to wear their jeans as jewelry. And it’s not just rappers who love a good pair of jeans. From celebrities to everyday guys, everybody loves a good pair of jeans.

There are plenty of hip-hop references in popular culture and fashion, but this post takes a closer look at the real-world style of hip-hop stars like Eminem, Jay-Z, Diddy, and others. And we will tell what jeans rappers wear.

Rappers usually have their own unique style which can be determined by looking at their clothes and their music. The styles are often very similar because they are usually based around the same kind of fabrics, styles, colors, and patterns.

Here are some of the popular styles of jeans that rappers commonly wear :

skinny jeans:

this is the latest trend in hip hop, street style, and fashion in general. Most of the rappers are wearing skinny jeans these days. 

These are the tight jeans that hug your legs and they have been in style for quite a few years now and they don’t seem to be going anywhere at least for a few years.

These could be a good option for men who have skinny or athletic legs but men who have large builds should avoid going for this fit.

Baggy jeans:

These are the jeans that come to your mind when we talk about rap or hip hop. The oversized baggy jeans have been part of hip hop and street style for years and it is still not out of style.

In contrast to skinny jeans, these jeans have a lot of room for your legs. these are also suited for street-style outfits and are almost impossible to dress up.

If you are into street style or hip hop then you should definitely have one of these in your wardrobe.

Ripped Jeans:

Another style of jeans that is popular among rappers is ripped jeans. It is not a fit or type of jeans but just an attribute of jeans. So you can get ripped jeans in any fit or style like skinny fit or baggy fit.

The level of distress also varies a lot, you can find jeans with just a little scuff and then there are also jeans that have large holes in them.

If you have never had ripped jeans before then you should start with some low distress jeans, you can go with slit knees as well as these are easier to style and once you have that then you can move to high distress ones if you like.


You cant talk about jeans or denim without talking about levis. Levis and jeans have become synonymous and undoubtedly they make some of the best jeans in the world.

Levis is a favorite of both celebrities and the common man because of its timeless designs and high-quality construction. 

almost all rappers have worn some levis jeans at some point, the vintage levis jeans are especially popular among rappers and the hip-hop community.

You can get levis jeans in different designs and types, so doesn’t matter if you are into a skinny fit or baggy jeans you can find them all at levis. 

G-star Raw

G-star is a dutch denim company known for its rugged, raw designs. It is another popular choice among rappers.

Well to keep it short this company is co-owned by Pharell Williams which shows its connection with the rap and hip hop community.

They regularly collab with many rappers from around the world and many famous rappers including 21 savage, jayz, Pharell Williams, etc are regularly spotted wearing g-star jeans.

If you are still not convinced then you should go and check out g-star’s latest campaign with tagline hardcore denim featuring the one and only Snoop Dogg.

saint laurent

If you want to go for the most popular brand of jeans among rappers in the world then you can’t go wrong with Saint Laurent. They are the jeans that have been worn by rappers from the 80s to the present.

They have been worn by the most famous rappers from the past few decades including Drake, Kanye West, and Eminem.

YSl or Yves Saint Laurent is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry and it is one of the most popular brands in the hip hop community. 

They have amazing designs and great fit the only thing that might bother you about these is the price which is definitely on the higher side but considering that Saint Laurent is a luxury brand that is expected.


Talking of luxury brands, Gucci is another favorite among rappers. Gucci is one of the biggest luxury fashion brands in the world and rappers like all things flashy and jeans are no exception.

Gucci has some of the best and most unique jeans designs which is something all rappers love, and that is why most popular rappers are regularly spotted wearing some Gucci jeans.

Drake, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Lil uzi vert, and many other popular rappers have been spotted wearing Gucci jeans on multiple occasions.

louis vuitton

Another big luxury fashion brand that is extremely popular among rappers and celebrities is Louis Vuitton.

LV needs no introduction, it is one of the most expensive and recognizable brands in the world and it is known for its high-end designs.

Louis Vuitton is one the favorite brands of all rappers and you can easily spot the most famous rap artists wearing some LV pieces.

Rappers like Lil baby, 21 savages, and drake are spotted wearing LV jeans quite often. 
If you have got the money then you should definitely consider copping one of Louis Vuitton’s designer jeans.


Amiri is one of the most popular luxury fashion brands currently and they have some of the most unique and extreme jeans designs.

It is the current favorite of the Streetwear and hip hop community and you can find most rappers wearing Amiri jeans every now and then.

Their jeans are some of the most expensive jeans out there but they also have some of the best designs which are definitely worth trying out.

calvin klein

Calvin Klein is one of the most popular fashion brands and they are liked by celebrities and common man alike.

They have classic timeless designs and a great fit which makes them the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

This is another brand that most rappers or celebrities have worn at some point and you can find rappers like asap rocky, Khalid, and many others are regularly spotted wearing their jeans.

The bottom line:

In this article, we shared with you some of the most popular styles and brands of jeans that famous rappers wear.

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